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Tips For Selling Free Airline Miles

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Airline Miles For Free

How To Use Airline Miles

Air travel is becoming the first preference for people of all ages. The reason is simple. It saves a lot of time. However, there are people who avoid travelling by air because they fear that it is quite expensive. It is true that air travel fares are higher than other transport options. However, many airline companies try to attract new customers by offering free airline miles.

What is free airline mile?

Free airline miles are offered to people by airline companies. When you book your airline ticket, you get a few airline miles for free. These free miles will be accumulated over time. When there are enough miles to cover a trip, you can claim these miles from the airline companies.

That means you would be able to travel with your free miles in short time if you were a frequent traveler. But if you are a casual airline passenger, you would have to wait for years until your free miles suffice for a full journey. Nevertheless, you would not lose your free miles. Most services allow customers to convert their free miles to cash or other benefits. You can even sell AA miles.

Sell AA miles

It is possible for you now to sell your airline miles. Selling miles means utilizing it for various other purposes, for instance, to subscribe to magazines, to covert to cash, etc. Nonetheless, airline companies do not always encourage you to sell AA miles because they want you to use the miles for travelling.

Sell AA Miles

Sell Your Airline Miles

Owing to this, it is hard to find any airline miles brokers in the market. Well, if you do not have any plan to retain your miles and want to utilize them for your other needs, you can sell them through a broker. There are online brokers that allow you to sell AA miles. You just have to find one and then register with them.

After finding a reliable broker to sell your airline miles, give them the details about your miles. The broker will help you connect to others who are looking for airline miles. Once you have found a true buyer for your miles, proceed with the transaction.

Although airline miles are considered as gift or offer, they are as helpful as liquid asset. You can use them for a number of purposes. Check the available options today!

More Value With Each Purchase Using Air Miles

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Sell Air Miles

Cash In Air Miles

Travel is not as cheap as it used to be a decade back. For people who absolutely rely on it, especially frequent travelers, affordable travel options are always a good find. Flyers are the ones who get to avail the most of these, owing to the rise of airline mile programs in many countries around the world. You do not need to spend too much on airfare as long as you are smart about the tickets you choose, and meticulous when booking in advance. Also, this affords great value in other purchases which you normally make.

Unless you sell air miles, what you have can be used to buy products from certain vendors. This provision flows through many credit unions or card companies that also offer air miles for later use for travel to many different destinations. Airline miles programs are supported in most countries, and these can be used not only for flight tickets, but also towards accommodations, rentals, and so.

It is not hard to find companies, which offer air miles per purchase. A veritable load of credit card options these days consist of the option, with the customer getting more miles with each payment they make using the card. The mileages credited to a personal account and can be stored for later use as well.

Air Miles Per Purchase

Use Your Air Miles

You can sell air miles after waiting for the balance to reach a certain amount, getting substantial cash for trading in the rewards points. If you decide not to sell air miles, these can be used towards your next flight ticket, or even a vacation, if you are patient. You will need to check first with the airline to see if they accept these miles as payments for flights. If they do not accept this mode of payment or have no flights to your intended destination, you will have to look elsewhere for that perfect ticket.

Gift season is the best time to have a stockpile of airline miles n your account. Unless you sell air miles instead, you can use these to buy a variety of products at promotional prices from specified vendors. You would otherwise have bought these at regular price. By spending your card points instead, you can make the best use of unspent benefits. There are bound to be several options wherein you can redeem these rewards.

Things To Do With Your Rewards And Points

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Reward Points

Sell Reward Points

Been racking up too many points on your credit card lately? Afraid it may go to waste if you don’t trade for gifts that you don’t really need right now? Wondering about the smartest way to use your points and come out ahead? If your answer is a Yes to any of that, you are at the right place. Here, we will help you know more about how reward points can be best used.

It goes without saying that you can get all kinds of free stuff using credit card bonuses. You can even trade in points for cash, provided you have the minimum required points for such a transaction. Or you can get gift cards, get a vacation, and do what not. In the confusing variety of things you can spend them on, credit card points are a lot like cash.

Points for cash

Cash back is the straightest way of benefitting from your accumulated points. Credit cards mostly offer a 1 point = 1 cent conversion rate, which makes it simpler to calculate how much you will get on trading in. Also, there is no currency quite like cash, which can be spent almost anywhere, and on anything. If you have airline miles heaped up and no plans of flying anywhere, trade them in at points for cash broker sites.

Discounted gifts or needed items

Points For Cash

Sell Credit Card Points

The next best thing to get with your credit card points is a gift card. Assuming that you would use to buy things you needed, or even gifts, this option affords great returns. One good way to boost your grabbing prospects is to get a gift car when the company is offering a rewards sale. If you are not going to use it, a gift card is useless. If you do get one, it is always better to do so when there is discount. Every point you have will be worth more than the actual cash back equivalent. But take care not to splurge, because that is easier to do than with hard cash.

If you are looking to trade in your credit card points for cash, use an option that provides top dollar returns. Why waste them on a paltry sum, when you could find a broker site that offers good money for your rewards? Check in at a broker site and get good business on your well-earned points.

How To Convert Free Miles And Points Received Through Capital One Reward Program

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Cash Your Miles

Cash For Miles

By being a little conscious about the rewards you are offered each time when you make a purchase or use flyer programs, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits such as points and free miles. There are quite a number of programs that offer free miles to their customers. If you are not someone who travels very often, you can cash your miles and use it for some other purposes.

Capital One Reward Program is one of such programs that are becoming popular among the people today. The best part is that the accumulated points or free miles you get through this program can be used in a variety of ways.

How to redeem the points through Capital One Reward Program

Redeeming the points you have got through the Capital One Reward Program is quite simple. All you need to do is to visit your Capital One Reward account and work out the following steps.

Open your web browser and load the login page of your Capital One Reward program. You should remember your login credentials for the same. If you forgot the same, use the Forgot Password link to retrieve the password and get access to the account. After signing into the account, go straight to the rewards page. You should be able to see your accumulated miles or points there.

Convert Free Miles

Convert Miles To Cash

If miles are convertible to cash, you should see options to cash your miles as well. Read the information provided in the rewards page. If you do not find any option to utilize your points or miles, go to the Help section and read through the Frequently Asked Questions section. If that does not help either, consider contacting the customer support desk and clarify your concerns.

Different ways to convert free miles and points

Many Capital One Reward Programs allow their customers to use their accumulated points and miles in a variety of ways. This includes options to cash your miles, donate your miles, use the miles and points for online shopping, or to purchase gift cards. If you are a frequent user of the program, you can set up automatic cash back payments when a certain points or miles are reached.

Capital One Reward Program is an effective way to lighten your financial crisis. So, do not waste any opportunity to make use of these programs and cash your miles.

Tax Deduction On Donation Of Free Airline Miles

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Donation Of Airline Miles

Convert Miles To Cash

When you book your air tickets through flyer programs, you get certain free miles. If you are someone who uses these flyer programs quite often, the free miles are accumulated over time. You can convert these miles to cash or donate it to charities. Being said that, many of us are concerned about the rate of tax deduction on donated airline miles. The question is, can one get tax deduction on his donated airline miles? This article will shed some light on this.

Donating the unused miles to charities is a good way to support them because it does not burden you financially. You are utilizing your unused benefits for a good cause. The charitable agencies can covert these unused miles to cash later on or help their inhabitants. Many charitable trusts use the free miles for the medical treatments for their children or elderly.

Tax deduction on donated airline miles

Each country has different criteria for tax deduction on donations made to charities. In America, the donations made to charities are tax-deductable. However, it is not applicable to the free airline miles you donate. In the opinion of law experts, one does not have true ownership over his/her accumulated air miles in contrast to the money or things they have.

Miles To Cash

Free Airline Miles

The airline miles are offered to a customer as a perk. They are meant to appreciate them for choosing the particular flyer program and to encourage them to use the same in future. Technically speaking, it is a loyalty program and the customer cannot claim complete ownership over it because the provider of these benefits can withdraw them at any time. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any tax deduction on donations you make using your free miles.

A recent blog post from the International Red Cross indicates that companies or persons cannot claim any tax deduction on their donation of airline miles to charities. IRS further defines donation of airline miles as gifts.

You can also covert your airline miles to cash and donate the amount to the charities. This is a good option when for those planning to help several charity organizations. The bottom line, free airline miles are gifted to you. It is your choice to make use of it; either by converting these miles to cash or donating it for a good cause.

How To Make The Best Of Low Airline Mileage

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Miles To Cash

Sell Airline Miles

Airline miles are a good thing for people who are mostly busy flying around the place. The system affords them a chance to easily travel distances and rake up airline miles, which will eventually pay for one of these flights. But what about people who fly very rarely, and receive miles from their credit card, which they cannot make full use of? Such customers still have the option to convert miles to cash, or put simply, sell them.

Many times, you can get stuck with mileage points which are extremely hard to redeem. These miles come with an expiration date too, which makes it possible only to spend them within a certain period. Free travel is not always worth the trouble of finding a ticket in conditions you do not appreciate. This makes the miles to cash option a favorite among many occasional flyers. Why leave points lying around and let them expire when you can easily use them to benefit?

Miles to cash redemption

YYZ Miles

Get Cash For Miles

Each service works differently, but the one thing they have in common is that they all pay. But not equally well, so you need to check out all options well before doing business with a particular broker site. It is not just airline points that such sites pay for, but also hotel and club points. Find on that provides brokerage services according to your need, which involve lining up a buyer that needs the points you are looking to sell. For the other party, this may finally mean a much-awaited vacation to their dream spot, because their rewards score is a few points short what the ticket costs. The points you sell will let them cover that requirement, while you get to walk away richer from the transaction.

If your mileage balance is too low to buy a ticket, why keep them on until expiry? Sell your reward points for top dollar, instead of letting it go to waste because you do not plan to fly soon. Avail unmatched miles to cash deals at YYZ Miles; we can take those useless points off your hands for an attractive price. And manage everything from placing a buyer, to carrying out the transaction of your points securely. This is the best way to redeem your points, so head to our offer page and fill out your mileage details.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Rewards Card

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Cash For Miles

Airline Miles Rewards

Rewards cards come in many different types and with as various offerings. How they work is by letting you accumulate points from a purchase, which can be converted into merchandise, gift cards, cash back, or airline miles. The last one can be traded in with an airline or broker site so you get cash for miles.

Almost every credit card you get these days has the rewards option as part of the service package. This is one of those things, which make choosing all that harder, especially if you are paying too close attention to the fine points. The marketplace sometimes is nothing but confusing, but you need to remember a few basic factors and never let go of them. One is the annual fees, interest rates and such – how much should you pay just to have the card?

One convenient aspect of getting a credit card is that this can be done online. But do not go applying in all the places that call out to you with an email. While this might seem tempting, you cannot be sure that the particular card will be worth what you pay for it. Something like an airline miles card, for instance, is almost useless to a person that does not fly much. He or she would accumulate significant points for purchases, and be forced to try to get cash for miles online.

Airline Miles Card

Airline Mile Offers

If your card gives points but not enough easy ways to redeem them, you are dragging dead weight in at least one sense. Also, these rewards should be generous compared to other card options, especially if you are dishing out a healthy sum as annual fees. Most importantly, you need to have the offerings aligned with your personal interests. Such as if you are curtailing your expenses seriously for the time being, in which case it is good if the card lets you use points to shop at the store you regularly visit. Do not go and blindly pick something that lets you spend cash for miles, which are not much use if you are an occasional flyer.

Cash back might be a good deal, if you do not want to go out in search of an option that will get you cash for miles. But consumers usually do not avail this option, because this means you have to spend a lot to accumulate cash in useful quantities. Shopping points cards are usually the most common choice among people who don’t fly much.

How Airline Mile Credit Cards Work

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Cash For Airline Miles

Sell Airline Miles

One major factor in choosing a credit card these days is the rewards you stand to gain from using it. There is plenty of confusion among people looking to get a new card. One of the most popular options is an airline mile card. How such a card works is, you get a mile for each dollar spent using the card. Your mileage store keeps building with every purchase. These are companies that cash for airline miles, but most of them just stick with the total distance.

Every major airline company offers a mile reward card under an attractive program. As a customer, you can accrue miles over a certain period and cash them in at once for a tidy sum. If you choose to travel instead, you will probably get a ticket off season. Because you are taking that seat for free, it makes sense that the airline won’t give you the best one. And you would likely be leaving on a Tuesday or a Thursday, when travel isn’t very heavy, so there are bound to be seats available for mile redeemers. However, as long as you are flexible, you can make the best of the benefits.

Airline Mile Card

Cashing In Airline Miles

So when considering a credit card, you have the airline card option besides the one from a bank. Depending on how often and far you travel, this should be an easy decision. If you don’t fly a lot, racking up mileage would mean either letting it go to waste, or taking cash for airline miles. Broker sites online can help with the latter. If you are a regular flyer and flexible when it comes to timing, the airline card is your best option. But consider the airline based on the locations they fly to. You do not want to be stuck with miles from an airline that flies to limited areas. When that’s the case, it is also harder to get cash for airline miles.

If you are loaded with useless miles, finding a mileage broker is the best move. You can get the best cash for airline miles deal this way, and meanwhile some lucky guy can use your points to cover their next flight ticket. The credit cards rewards program from the airline would no doubt charge a healthy commission for sale and transfers. With broker sites, this is too low to make a difference.

How To Make Use Of Your Airline Points

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Cash For Points

Sell Your Airline Points

These days, airlines have frequent flyer reward programs, which let you exchange travelled miles for rewards, usually flying tickets. That means if you have enough of these, you can take a flight for free. This is not the only thing you can do with your miles or points though. These can be bought, sold or transferred, just as you do with money.

Selling your airline miles

A free trip using your accumulated miles is a mean benefit to enjoy, but not everyone wants to use his or her miles this way. But someone else wants the points you are looking to dump, and you would no doubt want a profit. You can easily get cash for points using a broker; they will take care of the whole deal – finding a buyer, transferring your points to the buyer’s account, etc. You get the payment after the transaction pulls through, and you are that much richer from selling airline points you had no other use for.

What else you can do with your miles

Airlines let you transfer your points to other people such as family and friends, and even charities. However, the hitch is that the receiving party should have an account with the same airline.

The rewards program page will have a ‘Transfer Miles’ link where you can enter account information and details like how many miles to transfer, as well as information about the recipient’s account. Keep in mind, however, that there will be processing charges for each transfer, so you will lose some cash for points transferred each time.

Selling Airline Points

Sell Credit Care Points

You can buy miles too, if need a few to reach a certain number. This goal may be the value of your next planned ticket. The airline’s rewards program would allow you to buy directly, or you could get a discounted deal from a broker service that accepts cash for points.

A trusted broker site would act as the middleman in your dealings with the selling party, and you could also get discounted tickets from the site. Matching your per mile price with that of a seller is made a lot easier, and you only need to wait until an agreeable party enters the scene. After you pay the broker, the seller’s miles will be transferred to your airline account.

If you are looking to get cash for points through a fast and secure payout, check out one of the better sites such as YYZ Miles.

Tips For Converting Unused Airline Flyer Miles Into Magazine Subscriptions

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Cash For Miles

Airline Cash For Miles

The subscription charges of the international magazines like the Economist, Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, etc., are too high that people often prefer to stop subscribing them after a couple of years. Well, if you are planning to do so because of your financial limitations, you can try out an alternative there. That option is to convert your airline cash for miles to the subscription charge of many popular magazines and newspapers.

Today, most people book their airline tickets online. Each time a ticket is booked, you would receive certain points or cash for miles. However, people do not often remember about these points the next time they book a flight. As a result, these points remain unused.

You can use these unused points to pay the subscription charge of your favorite magazines. All you need to have is a computer with internet and your flyer account number. Here is how to go about it.


  • The total cash for miles you will have in store will depend on how often you use your flyer accounts to travel. If you are a frequent traveler, chances are high that you will have several unused airline miles. Get the account numbers of all your flyer accounts.
  • Now, check which of the magazines you prefer provide cash for miles exchange offers. Airline services such as Delta Sky Miles, American Airlines, and Northwest Workperks allow you to use their unused miles for the magazine subscriptions.
  • Search online for the airline flyer program that you often use. Now, get ready to trade your unused cash for miles for magazines.
  • You will find a list of magazines offered for subscription on the internet. Select your preferred magazine. Be sure to check if the magazine subscription is online or offline. If both are offered, you will have to specify the type of subscription you would love to have.
    Free Airline Miles

    Cash For Miles For Subscription

  • You may have to sign up an account with magazine. Sign up the account as per the directions. Enter your personal details as well as the airline flyer miles account details. Follow the directions carefully, fill in the columns and you are done.

Remember that your free airline miles are subject to expiration if kept unused. So, use them as early as possible. For more details about converting your airline miles into useful magazine subscriptions, contact your airline company’s customer support desk.

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