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Trade In Your Reward Points For Cash

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Sell Reward Points

Selling Card Rewards

These days you have many companies, which go an inordinately long way to promote products. One of the ways they do this is by offering credit card rewards. Even the credit card company offers the same; as long as you use the card they have issued you. This way they get to boost their own business, because the customer has incentive to make use of the car instead of paying in cash.

But when it gets time to collect on those points, many people discover belatedly that these can only be redeemed for minimal benefits. While there are many companies that offer genuine rewards, many of them do not intend to let the consumer benefit from the points they have rightfully earned. If you are lucky, you get cash backs, or gift cards to a popular retail store or outlet.

Then there are co-branded credit cards, issued by companies that have a tie up with a particular store in this regard. The customer can reap added benefits by visiting these stores to avail purchases at cut prices. Still there is a limit to the benefits, and also, you would need a minimum number of points for them to be of use. Sometimes, it can take years just to reach that number. This is one of the reasons why you see so many people trying to sell reward points.

Reward Point Catalog

Credit Card Rewards

As long as you are getting a card just to use the reward points, one thing to do is check the reward point catalog of the company. If there is a particular gift item you have an eye on, you will be clear on how many points will bring it in your grasp. If the catalog doesn’t have anything you want, you are better of finding a good way to sell reward points online.

If you had not known that could be done, you do now. There are quite a few broker sites, which offer good returns on your airline or credit card rewards, such as YYZ Miles. They handle all of the headache of finding a buyer and fixing a good rate. This makes online the best place to sell reward points. You simply fill out a form and specify the type of points you are selling, and how many of them you are willing to let go of. Leave an email or phone number so they can get back to you. When they do, you can sell reward points to the highest bidder.

Things You Need To Know Before Selling Free Airline Miles

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Sell My Miles

Selling Free Miles

If you were booking your air tickets through American Express credit card, you would have accumulated certain points in the process. You can use the same for a variety of purposes; like booking air tickets, movies, or for paying hotel rents, or subscription charges of magazines, newspaper, etc. If you prefer selling these miles to using them for any of the aforementioned purposes, there are brokers who can help you sell the same as well.

Where can I sell my miles?

American Express gift cards and free miles are accepted in most of the places where the credit card itself is accepted, which means you can use them in quite a number of places. However, it is important that you know how much balance you have before heading to a merchant. Contact the American Express credit card customer support to get details about your available balance.

How to sell my miles

If you plan to sell your free airline miles gathered through booking air tickets using your American Express credit card, ensure that you contact the right person. Finding out a person who is really in need of free miles in exchange of money is not very easy. Only a person who is frequently associated with transacting free miles can identify a genuinely interested buyer for free miles. Get in touch with a broker instead and instruct them to ‘sell my miles’.

Free Airline Miles

Money For Free Miles

Don’t hurry to use your free gifts

There are several ways to use your gift cards. So there is no need to hurry in order to use the free miles or the points in your account. By planning out a bit, you can ensure that your gift cards are used properly. Before spending the free miles, try to get a rough picture about the current market value for the miles.

When you sign into your American Express online account, you would find sections where you can check your gift card balance and free miles. Check the points you have and contact a broker who can help you sell them for the top dollar.

Through effective bargain, you can sell your free miles to interested buyers at attractive price. Search for advises and guidelines on selling miles online. When you do the search, use the keyword ‘how do I sell my miles,’ and you will get the relevant details on the same.

Selling Your Airline Miles For Cash

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Usable Airline Miles

What Are Airline Miles Worth

Making use of your airline vouchers may not seem tricky if you are a frequent flyer. But if you are not, the first thing you start watching is when the miles will expire. Past that point they are useless, which means you have a definite time frame to benefit from the rewards you are holding, regardless how you ended up with them.

There are many scenarios, at the end of which you can walk away with usable airline miles, such as if you had to give up your seat or missed a flight because airline messed something up. In any case, this allows for future travel at reduced or no cost. The appeal of this is enough to put most people’s minds off the question: “Where can I sell my airline miles?” Many don’t even know they can do this. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are serious on profiting from airline mileage.

Why Sell My Airline Miles?

First of all, you should use them because you don’t want to carry them into expiry. It is well and good if you don’t have so many miles that failing to use them is an obvious waste. But if you have racked up a pile which could cover a trip over the state line, why not use it to book tickets?

How To Sell My Airline Miles?

Sell My Airline Miles

Selling Airline Miles

If you have been stuck with airline miles you will not be using before they expire, there is little sense in holding on to them. Most airline programs allow you to sell these rewards back to them, but you usually would not get a good enough bargain. A popular alternative is to use a broker site, which can place a buyer looking to get their hands on your miles. Mileage brokers are more likely to get you a good price for the miles you are selling.

Where To Sell My Airline Miles?

Try out YYZ Miles, if you are looking to cash in your free air miles for top dollar. They are definitely worth more than the airline would pay you for them, and few businesses understand this. With YYZ Miles, you can sell your credit card, hotel card, and airline rewards for the best price. And one good thing out of this is that you know it will help someone else top off their mileage, maybe even catch their next vacation.

Tips For Redeeming And Selling Free Miles

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Sell Miles

How To Sell Miles

Do you often worry about meeting expenses of your travel, hotel stay, car renting, etc? If so, there is a simple way to meet these expenses without spending any money from your wallet. Wondering how? Just pay the bills from the accumulated points in your Capital One Frequent Flyer Miles.

Capital One Frequent Flyer Miles

Many people have used Capital One Frequent Flyer program for booking air tickets. When you book your tickets through this program, you would get free flyer miles. These free miles stay in your account as long as your account is linked with a valid credit card. They can be later used for various purposes such as paying subscription charges of newspaper or magazines, paying car rentals, paying hotel stay bills, or paying bus fare or air tickets. If you do not plan to use your miles, you can also sell miles to anyone who is looking for them in return for money.

How to redeem free air miles

Redeeming free miles accumulated in the Capital One Frequent Flyer Program is very simple. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to be prepared to use your miles when you get a chance. Remember that if you try to sell miles all of a sudden, especially during blackout period, you wouldn’t be able to do so.

Free Flyer Miles

Sell Miles For Money

If you do not want to sell miles or use it for any other purposes but to meet your air travel expenses, be advised to schedule your travel in advance. The earlier you plan, the more the benefits will be. Normally, Capital One Frequent Flyer program would allow you to use the miles throughout year, although it does not allow you to use it during the blackout period.

It is not easy to determine the rate of free air miles that each customer has, because it mostly depends on the type of credit card one uses. Normally, you would get 1-2 miles per dollar spent.

Well, you have got some idea about your free air miles and how to use them effectively. If you want to sell miles instead, say when in need of some extra cash, get in touch with a trusted broker like YYZ Miles, and check how you can make the most out of your free miles.

How To Trade In Your Airline Miles For Cash

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Sell My Rewards

Sell Reward Points Online

One thing that makes people feel good is earning cash from selling their rewards online. While there are plenty of instances where it is easier and more appealing to spend these on flights, gift cards, rentals, hotel accommodation, etc. many people simply cannot find the energy or need for that kind of stuff. And if you have been there, no grass looks greener than cashing in these points somewhere. Following are questions many people need answered in this regard.

Can I sell my rewards?

Yes, you can. If you have it as a coupon, you can even sell it to buyers outside the airline program. These days there are mileage broker services, which can find a buyer for you, and set up secure transactions.

Why would I sell my rewards this way?

While airline programs offer a way to get rid of those extra miles, they do not pay much per mile. When you go with a broker site on the same deal the rates you get are almost always higher, meaning you earn more on the mile. Also for some, it is better knowing that someone else is probably topping off mileage towards their next ticket. If you are not big on that, the attractive rates should be enough to lean you in favor of this option.

How would I sell my rewards this way?

Reward Points

Sell Your Reward Points

Head to the YYZ Miles offer page and choose the sell option. Fill in the form and specify what type of rewards you are selling. Also, mention how many miles you are looking to sell. Other important parts are the airline name and expiry date for the miles. Give your asking price and wait for the broker to get in touch with you.

When a buyer comes up with a matching price to the one you have given, the broker will mediate the transfer and payment. You need only wait for the latter to go through and get quite a few bucks richer on the other side of it. I would gladly sell my rewards using this broker the next time I rack some up.

YYZ Miles offers some of the best rates on airline and credit card mileage. Also assured is the safe transfer of your reward points to a secure account, as well as payment using the method that works best for you. These people can make your sale an easy and rewarding one; visit the offer page before those miles expire.

How To Capitalize On A Gift Card If You Are Not Going To Use

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Sell Miles For Cash

Sell Rewards

Gift cards are a form of reward offered for making use of a company’s credit card. But many people have neither the chance nor inclination to make use of the gift cards they get. For instance, you could get a card to a theme park that is miles away from where you. What do you do when it starts to look like the card will go to waste?

Just as you can sell miles for cash, there is also the option to let go of your gift cards for a profit. If you get a card from a store you don’t need to buy from, or one that isn’t in easy driving distance, selling it is a good way to avoid waste. Cash you get in return can be spent on anything, while the card itself would throttle your options considerably. People who sell miles for cash rarely look back and see it as a bad move; the same holds true where gift cards are concerned.

Cash In Gift Cards

Sell Gift Cards

In fact, the two are similar in that you won’t get the face value of what you’re selling. When you sell miles for cash, there is only up to 90% of the worth that you will be compensated for. Still, this keeps it all from going to waste, because unlike cash, most gift cards come with an expiry date. Someone else can buy it from you and make good use of it. You need to ensure that you gain as much as you can from the sale.

Also important is the mode of payment, which can be any of Check, PayPal, Facebook Credits, Amazon Gift Card, or something else. Also, watch if choosing any of these options would cost you extra. PayPal may charge you for receiving a payment, for example. Go with the option you are aware of, and most comfortable with.

Besides that, it is good to stay updated of new deals from the site. Sign up for a newsletter and see if they are in search of the kind of card you have. Sometimes the rates can go really high, and as long as you can wait, it will be worth in if you get to cash in gift cards for more. You can even sell miles for cash on these broker sites – many accept all kinds of reward points.

Transactions With American Express Gift Cards – Guidelines For Beginners

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Sell American Express Points

American Express Gift Cards

When you use the American Express credit card, you get some points or gift cards. The best part is that they are accepted anywhere in the world where American Express is accepted, which means you can use them to pay at the restaurants, specialty shops, grocery shops, or wherever you like.

These days, the American Express points and gift cards are accepted for online shopping as well. That said, not everyone is aware of this. As a result, his or her points and gifts expire without benefiting anyone. If you have got some free points or gift cards either as gifts from your friends or relatives or by using your American Express card, here are some useful tips to make use of them.

Sell American Express Points

If you are not going to use your points or gift cards from American Express in any time soon, sell American Express points and get money in return. This way, you don’t waste your free points or cards.

Sign your gift card as soon as possible

The gift cards from American Express are identical. Anyone who gets your gift cards by chance can use it. So, make sure that you keep your gift cards unique by signing on the back.

Note down the serial number of your card

American Express Credit Card

Points From American Express

The serial number of your American Express card must be noted down. When you use your American Express gift cards or points for online purchases, you do not physically submit the cards to them but just numbers. Therefore, by noting down these numbers on a piece of paper and keeping them in your files, you do not have to worry even if your card is lost.

Have an idea about how much money you have in the gift card

It is very important to know how much money you have in your gift card from American Express. Never go shopping or sell American Express points without knowing this. For this, you can contact the American Express customer support desk and request them to process your card details. They may ask you to provide them with the serial number on the card and the CVV, so be ready with the details.

American Express gift cards and points are just like prepaid credit cards. They can be used for all your purchases. Bottom line; do not let your gift cards and points to expire. If you do not use it, sell American Express points to someone in exchange of money.

Cashing Off Your Airline Miles

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Frequent Flyer Miles

Reward Miles

It is often easier to buy stuff with a credit card than with cash. And safer, because you cannot always carry cash around and watch your pocket the whole time. Credit cards for their part are appealing to use because each time you do that, you get some sort of returns under the rewards program the credit card company is running.

Sometimes these rewards are cash back, which means you get some of the money you spent credited to your account once again. However, more commonly, companies offer returns in the form of gift cards and airline miles. Gift cards are only useful so long as you go out shopping and do not let them sit past expiry. Airline miles, meanwhile are next to useless to someone who has no plans to fly anywhere, or not enough points to book their next ticket.

If you are a small business owner

Business accounts can rack up airline miles from the purchases made out of them frequently. If you were using a corporate credit card that leaves you with American Airline miles, for instance, then you would look for a way to make get cash out of these. You can sell American Airline miles to a broker that accepts these points, or do the same for any other rewards points.

Accumulated Frequent Flyer miles

Frequent Flyer Miles

Cash Off Airline Miles

For frequent flyers that are looking to take time off the activity because they can and want to, accumulated points in their airline card can be a source of quick cash. You may even be unable to use your points due to some restriction or the other, and letting them lie for too long means they will expire. If you sell American Airline miles to a trusted broker such as YYZ Miles, you can get top dollar returns, and have the satisfaction of these points actually helping someone else to top off their own miles.

Business travelers are one breed that frequently lose sleep and put up with bad food because they are in the air. All they usually have to show for this is mile rewards in their airline cared. If you are in this category of individuals, why not sell American Airline miles online and make some money. YYZ Miles lets you sell American Airline miles and other mileage points for the highest rates you will ever find. Why hang on to them for no reason when you can just as easily cash them off for a profit? Call us now!

Using Your AmEx Rewards

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Sell AmEx Points

Airline Points

An AmEx card is a great way to carry and spend your cash securely. Few credit card companies outdo this in terms of features and provisions placed before the customer, which is why it is a highly popular option these days. But sometimes the returns can be hard to keep track of, such as if you opt for airline miles, or gift cards. Everyone knows that cashbacks are not worth nearly as much as the other is, except in that you get the most spendable currency.

Now a gift card is only as useful as your inclination and ability to use it right, two things that into everyone has. Sure, they are a type of prepaid credit card, but there is a limit to the different places and instances you can pay using these. You will need to know if a place accepts AmEx payments, and there are plenty of establishments that do – restaurants, grocery stores, specialty shops, and even online websites.

Reward Mileage Or Points

American Express Points

With airline miles, redeeming can be even trickier, in that everything you spend on should relate to air travel – flight tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodation, etc. Here too, what counts is your willingness and capacity to make proper use of the accumulated rewards. Without either, you might as well just sell AmEx points on a broker site, which when you come to it, is a neat way to cash off.

You can sell AmEx points as well as others from rewards programs, by making use of a broker site, which would line up a buyer for you. This ensures good returns when you trade in, and a good chance that someone gets the points they need to top off their next flight. If you are sitting on points that are next to useless because flying does not figure in your plans, selling them is the best thing to do. Only if you are really sure though.

The next thing to do is find a website that lets you sell AmEx points for a good price, and do not expect top-dollar during off-seasons. Time it right and you just might walk out with a great deal. Do not forget that the points will likely help a would-be flyer to arrange their next vacation. YYZ Miles is a great place to earn from trading in your reward mileage or points. Fill in a form and tell us what rewards you want to let go off, and we will get you the best deal for miles around; no pun intended.

Get The Best Price On Your Airline Miles

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Buying Airline Miles

Selling Airline Miles

Airline miles are a popular form of reimbursement from rewards programs these days. Credit cards from many companies come with this option, which you can avail with each expense – there is a spending threshold beyond which you are awarded a certain number of airline miles for each dollar spent.

Airline cards also offer mileage returns, which are credited to the person’s account. These can accumulate to the point of footing your next ticket, but you need to use them before expiration so they do not go to waste. And if you are not planning on flying, you should be seriously looking to sell airline miles for cash.

How This Works

Find a trusted mileage broker online, and submit a form containing information about the number of miles you want to let go of. You can choose to get cash or rewards points in exchange. This option is much better on returns than redeeming points with your airline program. Broker sites such as YYZ Miles let you easily sell airline miles for cash, for the best returns, and through secure methods.

Buying Miles

Buying Airline Miles

Exchanging Airline Miles

You can just as easily buy as sell airline miles for cash online, using broker sites. If you are in need of a few more points to top off your account, then this option is just what you need. You can save tons of money this way, as opposed to taking a paid flight just for the rewards. Airline program charge extortionately for each mile at around 3 cents, but why go out up with that when YYZ Miles can spare you most of that expense? Fill in a form and gain access to our superbly offers. Top up your mileage to get that vacation ticket you have had an eye on, and do this for cheap.

YYZ Miles is a professional service that assists flyers and credit card owners to buy and sell airline miles for cash. We strive to offer the most secure and fast transactions on your reward points and airline miles, and have a long line of satisfied customers who prefer bringing their business to us.

Your airline program may only offer paltry returns on rightfully earned points, but here, you stand to receive top dollar returns on every mile you have saved up. Neither does buying airline miles get any more profitable.

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