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Why It Is Better To Sell Your Miles For Cash

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YYZ Miles

Sell Air Miles

Frequent flyers have one form of effective currency that they cannot escape from – loyalty miles. Now this may not be actual cash, but in many instances, it can be almost as good. How it works is that the airline rewards you for the tickets you buy from them, with points or miles that can be used to buy free stuff including flight tickets, hotel stay and car rentals.

How It’s All Changing

All of this used to be clear-cut until a few years back, when most companies switched their rewarding basis to dollars spent, from miles travelled. This means someone earning frequent flier miles today is not getting their fair due, based on the traveling they are doing. If, for instance, you bought a cheap ticket for long distances, you would not get the same number of points as you would have, say, five years ago.

Delta Air Lines is one of the companies, which has made this change to their existing rewards program. If for some reason you didn’t want to sell your miles before this, then now there is actually less reason to stay loyal. Unless you are planning to use these miles for your next flight, there are plenty of people searching for ways to top up their mileage and fly to a vacation spot. Why not dump your rewards and earn cash?

Sell Skymiles

Sell Airline Miles

How To Sell Skymiles

Unless the buyer is a relative, friend, or even acquaintance, you will need to use the services of a mileage broker to find them. A service such as YYZ Miles can line up a buyer within the week, and you can earn cash for letting go of your flier miles. When you sell your miles this way, the broker has you transfer your points to their account, after which you get payment delivered in the mode that works best for you.

This is simple, fast and easy. All you have to do is fill in your mileage details at the seller page, and YYZ Miles will call you or email when a buyer has been found. Then you need to transfer your miles to the account they specify, and wait for them to pay you after the transaction has gone through successfully. This is one of the easiest ways to sell skymiles online. Better use it before the reward points expire.

How To Spend Your Expiring Airline Miles

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Expiring Airline Miles

Trade Airline Miles

Internet can be your friend in many ways, one of them being that it allows you to find best deals on many things, including air travel. One thing about getting cheap flight tickets from anywhere and everywhere, is that your accounts accrue reward miles, which can pay for a lot of stuff. But you likely wouldn’t have them in sufficient numbers to count for a free flight.

The first thought to pop into your head would be, ‘should I sell my airline miles or redeem them?’ There is a veritable slew of options open in the latter regard, but which deal is good enough? It is imperative to pick one before your miles expire. Unless you are okay with them going to waste, much as the time spent reading this post if that is the case. Assuming neither is, here is a rundown of how to spend expiring airline miles.

Get A Magazine Subscription

Personally, I would sell my airline miles for cash instead. But in fairness to the subhead, your airline miles can be used to subscribe to your favorite magazine. Around 400 to 500 miles can get a decent national magazine for a year, and rates can fall above or below that range. It is a good way to use a low mileage balance if you are not looking to cash in with a broker site such as YYZ Miles.

Get Hotel Points

Sell My Airline Miles

Sell Air Miles

Some people care more about hotel stay than free flights, and for them there are loyalty programs, which allow swapping airline miles. Hilton’s HH program, for instance, takes 5,000 AA miles for about twice the number of HH rewards points, although the rates have changed. Point is, you can have mileage converted and pay for hotel stay with their loyalty points, which may hold other benefits.

Donate Them

Many charities accept airline miles as donations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This would serve as a constructive contribution to society while making sure you are not letting your rewards go to waste. With some airlines, it is as easy as picking the donation option they have in their menu.

Still, barring the option to donate, there is no better way to benefit from your air miles than selling them. If you are still wondering, ‘how do I Sell my airline miles?’, head to the YYZ Miles seller page, and follow simple instructions to get started.

Why Do People Want To Sell Rewards Points?

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Sell Your Points

Free Reward Points

Almost all credit card companies and airline programs offer free reward points through various programs in order to encourage their customers to use their services more frequently. The free points are accumulated in the customer’s account each time he or she uses the company’s services. These points can be used to book flight tickets, for monthly magazine or newspaper subscriptions, or pay rents. You can also sell chase ultimate rewards points for cash.

Normally, the providers of reward programs do authorize their customers to use the points for only a few certain purposes. However, there are so many broker websites these days, that you can sell your rewards points quite easily. Through these agents, you can sell your points for cash to interested buyers.

Options To Use Reward Points

It is simple to use these free points for specific purposes such as making online purchases, paying e-bills, etc., and the providers encourage that quite a bit. However, they don’t appreciate customers to sell chase ultimate rewards points, though that is entirely legal. These free points are your own asset and you can use them in whatever way you want.

Why Sell Reward Points

Sell Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Sell Reward Points

Many people seem to like the idea of selling their rewards points. One of the reasons is they get higher value for points when exchanged. When reward points are used for making direct purchases, as recommended by the providers of the reward programs, the value one gets for the points is less. It is not possible to bargain in such scenarios as well. On the other hand, you can use your bargaining skills with prospective buyers when you sell chase ultimate rewards points. There are people who need big number of points for various reasons. They are ready to pay any amount to buy points.

How To Sell Reward Points

Selling the points gives you ample chances to make some extra money in times of need. However, when you plan to sell rewards points, you need to get in touch with a reliable broker website. A good rewards points broker would bring you prospective buyers in no time. You just have to sign up with them, tell them how much free points you are willing to part with, and the amount you are looking forward to accept in return.

Redeeming Vs Selling Airline Miles

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Sell Miles

Use Air Miles

For a person with a busy travel schedule that involves a lot of flying, one of the things that keep adding up besides the fatigue, is airline miles. Someone fitting this description is unlikely to have immediate plans for redeeming the reward points, and more prone to view them as wasted currency, after a fashion. One attractive option for those tired souls, is finding the highest paying mileage brokerage website.

Of course, there are other ways to redeem air miles. You could spend them on a lot of things such as hotel stay, car rentals, gift cards, etc. However, these things come for cheaper when you are paying in cash. Essentially, they cost more miles after conversion when that is your mode of payment. This is a pitfall everyone wants to avoid.

If you go for selling airline miles instead then you could use that cash, or stow it in the bank. This significantly broadens your options, because nothing spends like real money. Airline miles will never get so big as to enable spending them everywhere. You could not always catch a cab and pay with airline rewards.

Redeem Air Miles

Selling Airline Miles

YYZ Miles helps you sell miles, credit card points, and other rewards, to someone who needs them and is ready to pay. For the guy with the points, doing that makes more sense than holding on and waiting for a flight they could use. If they were already making frequent flights, which these miles did not cover, the miles are going to waste. If you decided to sell miles online, this would be perfectly legal, despite airline companies frowning on it. However the sale goes, you are guaranteed payment through a secure method of choice.

When you sell miles to a broker such as YYZ Miles, they transfer these points to the buyer’s airline account. You get notified after the transaction goes through. This is safe and rewarding, the latter primarily because you walk away richer for letting go of something you had no use for. The typical payout is also higher when you do business with YYZ Miles. The airline on the other hand would have bought your miles for a sorry rate, or charged for transferring to a relative, colleague or friend. On the satisfaction front, a seller can feel better that someone else is benefitting from their generous decision to dump mileage.

All You Need To Know About Gaining And Selling Free Points

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Sell American Express Points

How To Sell Airline Points

People often give up the idea of traveling by air because of the huge cost flight tickets incurs. But not many know that it is possible to travel by airline without paying any money at all. This can be done using free mileage points.

Most people believe that free miles are provided by airline companies only. It is true to some extent, but not always. One does not necessarily have to use an airline program to get free miles. There are many other sources, from which you can get a hold of some free mileage points. This includes credit card bonuses, airline dining schemes, shopping festivals, social media, test drives, and online surveys.

The best part is that you do not necessarily have to use the free points gathered from these services for air travel. These mileage points can be used for various other purposes, such as paying the annual subscription of magazines or newspapers, booking hotel rooms, etc. It is also possible to go for selling free points in return for money.

Various sources for collecting free airline miles

There are multiple sources for collecting airline miles. One of biggest providers of airline miles airline programs are credit card companies. Most credit card companies allow their customers to get a few points upon using their services. These credit card bonuses are accumulated in your account, which can be redeemed at any time.

Normally, you would require several mileage points to book an airline ticket. However, there are many other services that can be opted for with a few points. Else, you can sell American Express points and get some cash in return.

Get Free Points

Free American Express Points

How to sell points

The free points offered by credit card companies are more valuable than the same offered by airline services. It is said the free points from popular credit card providers such as American Express gets more value when exchanged. But, you need to be vigilant when selling free points. The key point to remember is to know the exact market rate for your points; otherwise, you can end up selling them for loss.

In addition to credit card providers, there are a few other reliable sources through which you can get free points. This include online shopping sites, online survey programs, test drive offered by reputed car manufacturers, and social networking sites. The points earned from most of these sources can be sold for cash. However, you need to find a reliable resale service for the same.

Know The Various Ways Of Selling Airline Miles

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Sell AA Miles

Selling Free Miles

As you know, majority of the airline services offer flyer programs these days. Each time you use these programs, you get free miles accumulated in your account, which you can either used to book airline tickets with the provider itself or to pay for other utility services or subscription programs. Of late, it has been observed that there are quite a number of outlets where you can sell AA miles as well. The free miles in your flyer account can be a big relief for you when in need of some extra cash.

About selling airline miles

A recent study indicates that many people fail to utilize their free miles before they expire because they don’t know that they can use their free miles for various purposes other than booking airline tickets. Obviously, you must have earned a lot of free miles in order to book an airline ticket. However, if you do not have that much free mile in your account, you can use them for subscribing to any of your favorite magazines, newspapers, etc. It is also possible for you to sell AA miles. Here is how.

How to sell AA miles?

It is quite true that the providers of airline miles do not encourage their customers to sell their miles. They want their customers to use their free miles for booking the airline tickets. However, if you are not a frequent traveler and would rather use your free miles for some other reasons, there is nothing illegal in it. You can sell AA miles through any reliable online broker services. Below are some of the common services through which you can sell your miles.

Sell Your Miles

Free Airline Miles

Coupon brokers

Coupon brokers are people who work as mediators between the airline mile sellers and airline mile buyers. If you plan to sell your miles, find out a reliable coupon broker in your area and share your contact details with them. The broker would then find out a genuine buyer for your miles.

Online brokering sites

Selling miles has become quite easy because of the influx of hundreds of online broker agencies. Sign up an account with any of these sites and advertise about your free miles. The buyers will come to you.

The most import thing to remember while selling airline miles is to have a clear idea about the current market value of your miles. Also, contact a reputed and reliable broker, like YYZ Miles, when you plan on selling your airline miles.

How A Broker Site Can Help You Sell AA Miles At A Profit

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Sell American Airline Miles

Sell Airline Miles

“Why would you sell American Airline miles online?” I have heard this dozens of times coming from friends and family, because many of them actually think this is not legal. Then what about the thousands of people doing this every day around the country? These people want to either buy or sell American Airline miles for a bargain, and they manage it just fine with the help of trusted broker sites, such as YYZ Miles.

Why would you sell American Airline Miles in the first place?

Because you don’t have any use for them. If you did, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post. So for some reason – you do not fly a lot, you are done with flying, or there are too few points to count towards a ticket – you want to let go of those rewards, but at a profit. Selling them is the rational conclusion.

What the airline wants you to do

YYZ Miles

Sell Airline Points

AA and other airlines don’t like you buying or selling their miles to anyone else. The reason is simple. When you adhere to the miles program regulations and transact with them instead, they can serve you a lousy deal. Which you would take because you don’t have anyone else who will buy or sell AA miles for a more attractive price; or so you thought. And you end up either short selling or overpaying, when you could be cutting a better deal elsewhere.

The cent per mile returns you can get by finding a buyer will always beat what the airline offers. By the same token, someone could be letting go of their miles for a lot cheaper than the airline does. As long as transaction pulls through the right way, there is no way the airline is going to find out you are transacting with a total stranger.

If you decide to sell AA miles this way, broker sites such as YYZ Miles can find a buyer and get back to you. When a person lines up to buy, you can use one of several transfer methods, depending on what works best for you. All you would need to do is give them the details about your points, and a number or email they can get back to you on. As for the buyer, it is likely someone looking to top off for their next holiday. There is always someone looking to buy miles, so you are covered.

How To Let Go Of Your Airline Miles For A Profit

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Sell AA Miles

Trading Airline Miles

Airline frequent flyer programs give rewards to users for the flight tickets they purchase. For every mile they fly, they get mileage returns that can be used to buy a variety of stuff, including another airline ticket. Many people wait for their mileage balance to stack up so that they have enough use it for whatever they had in mind. But this isn’t necessary, because earning miles isn’t the only way to get them, and you don’t need to sell AA miles back to the airline.

These days you can buy and sell AA miles online, by finding a person willing to transact in the digital currency. While buying these points from the airline is an option, the cost of it pushes people away. Depending on the airline, you would get different rates for the mile, but the lowest you can usually bring it to when buying, is 2.5 cents per mile. This is sensible when you are just a few miles shy of being able to buy a ticket, but not otherwise.

YYZ Miles

Sell Airline Miles

If you were looking to sell in bulk, a coupon broker is a better bet. A mileage broker stays as middleman for finding and selling to another person, who is looking to buy or sell AA miles or other reward points. You would be asked for particulars at the start, such as the type and number of reward points you want to let go. After the buyer sends in their payment, the booker facilitates a secure transfer from your account to theirs. This almost always goes well, and the airline will only see a simple transfer of miles from your account.

This method is especially useful if you have a sizeable mileage balance you don’t know what to do with. We just covered how it would go if you bought from an airline. The same would happen if you sold back to them, as in you would lose out on returns per mile. Selling to friends or family is a good option too, but what are the chances of finding a relative who wants to buy?

YYZ Miles can always find someone to take on your rewards so you get a good deal out of it. You can easily sell AA miles or other points this way. All you need to do is head out to the YYZ Miles offer page and fill out information about your miles. They will get back to you when a buyer is lined up with a matching price, and then you can seal the deal.

How To Get Free Reward Points While Using Credit Card

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Points For Cash

Free Reward Points

The free points that you get through airline programs and credit card companies are great relief for people who find it really hard to make the ends meet. Nonetheless, an average Joe will have great difficulties when it comes to finding the best reward program. Airline companies and credit card providers are the two biggest providers of free reward points. However, reports indicate credit cards are best way to earn reward points. Credit cards are used by most of the people these days to purchase products and services. On the other hand, the number of people who fly is rather few.

How to find the best reward credit card

Most of the credit card companies offer free reward points to their customers. If you want to get more rewards, you need to find a provider that offers more reward points. It is also important to check the resale value of the reward points by each credit card company in the market. So, if you have any plan of earning reward points through your credit card use, you have to choose a credit card that gives more rewards.

It is also important to ensure that the points by your credit card service have got more value in the market. If you do not know which credit card service to choose, compare a few services based on their free reward programs and check the market value of their reward points for cash when exchanged. You can ask your friends who are already earning reward points for suggestions on the best provider.

Utilize Free Reward Points

Sell Reward Points

What are the benefits of free reward points?

The free reward points given to you by credit card service or airline program can be used for various purposes such as booking flight ticket, paying out hotel rents, hiring cabs, paying subscription charges of magazines, and so. It is also possible to sell points for cash.

Things to remember while selling points

About 50% of people sell their points for cash. The reward points by reputed credit card companies are valued at a higher rate in the market, and you can get as much as 1 cent per point. Obviously, if you have got some free reward points, you can sell your points for cash and increase your bank balance.

There are multiple ways to utilize free reward points. If you are a frequent credit card user, get one that offers more reward points, and earn benefits for each time you swipe it.

Does Selling Miles Involve Any Risk?

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Miles For Cash

Sell Miles For Cash

A common concern for people, who have thousands of flyer miles in their account, is what to do with these free miles. They seem to have no idea about utilizing their miles other than for booking another airline ticket. And the funniest thing is that most providers would only encourage their customers to use their miles for booking air tickets.

Air miles providers do not encourage their customers to trade free miles for third party services or resell them in return for money. But free miles are the property of the customers, and they can use in whatever way possible. That said, selling miles for cash is not as simple as that. Though entirely legal, there are some elements of risks associated with it.

Risk associated with selling miles

First of all, selling the airline miles for cash is not recommended by the flyer programs. If you incur any lose from selling your miles, you would be the only person responsible for that. The flyer programs would not provide any assistance in any such scenario. Secondly, unless you are careful and vigilant while selling your miles online, you can be deceived by fraudulent buyers.

Another thing is that providers have all the rights to block your account or cancel all your free miles, in case they find you selling the miles for cash. In short, selling the miles involves some serious risks. Yet again, there are a few steps to sell airline miles without any risks allied. And a broker site can help in that quite well.

Tips For Selling Miles

Sign up for an account with a reputed resale website

There several resale websites through which you can sell your air miles. These websites act as mediator between you and a prospective buyer. All you need to do is to find out a reputed broker website, sign up for an account with them, and publish your offer. The broker site will make sure your offer gets the best deal.

Selling free miles for cash is one of the best ways to get some extra money when required. However, they have a validity as well, so it is better to contact the provider, check out the details of the reward miles, and then decide the price to make the most of them.

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