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You Can Now Transfer Thank You Points To Citi Partners

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Transfer Thank You Points

Citi is letting user move their ThankYou points to any of their partners, although with certain limitations. This has been on since March, and customers holding Citi ThankYou® Premier Card, Citi Prestige, and Citi Chairman have been eligible to transfer their points to airline partners. Also, it is possible to combine points between different accounts.

As it stands, you can now get a Citi credit card that earns ThankYou Points; then go get a Premier, Prestige, or Chairman card; then combine these to transfer the ThankYou Points to the airline partner. So you would still earn the base points, while being able to have them in an account with the best Frequent Flyer options.

It is also possible to move Citi Thank You Points to the Hilton HHonors loyalty program, on the where the conversion gets you 1,500 HHonors points for every 1,000 ThankYou Points. This can be done online or over the phone, and for zero fees. The only catch is that you need 1,000 Citi Thank You Points to be able to transfer, and that is also the smallest transferrable increment.

Compared to the transfer program from Chase, it is still not as appealing. With Ultimate Rewards, you can transfer on a 1:1 ratio. Chase also gives a good mix of travel and hotel options when it comes to redeeming. Then there is also the fact that you can transfer points to popular domestic carriers, which lots of people want to be able to do.

Sell Citi Thank You Points

Transfer Citi Points

All said, it is good to have more choices on spending Citi points. If you are an experienced travel hacker, there is a horde of ways to squeeze out the value by choosing partners carefully. And at the end of day if you have a balance in one of these accounts that looks like it’s useless in the near term, you could just sell to YYZ Miles for a neat payout.

Don’t strain yourself to spend outside your habit; value is not found that way. YYZ Miles is your premium mileage broker online, promising attractive cash returns on whatever reward points you are holding at the moment. Fill out the form on our offer page and we will get you a deal you won’t forget anytime soon. Someone wants those points just as much as you want to let go of them, and we will get in touch if there is a match to your bid. Transactions are safe, and we uphold your confidentiality because that ensures repeat business for us.

Know The Leading Providers Of Reward Programs

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You can see tough competition in any business these days. There are numerous players and there is nothing like monopoly in the economy. So the businesses are trying out all their tricks to win new customers. For a business, both winning new customers and retaining existing customers are real challenges. Reward programs are one of the methods they use to retain their existing customers.

Reward programs are free points or miles offered by businesses to their customers on successful completion of orders. The recipients of miles or points can use them for paying off subscription charges, online payments, booking a flight ticket, etc. People are also observed with selling their points to interested buyers for cash. Below are some leading providers of reward points.

Boloco’s Boloco Card

The U.S. based restaurant chain, Boloco, offers points based loyalty program for its customers. You get a Boloco card when you visit their restaurant for the first time. After that, every time you visit the restaurant and spend $50, you get free points for that. However, the free points by Boloco do not have any resale value and therefore you cannot sell them like selling United miles or so.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club offers both free miles and tier points. The free miles can be used to book Virgin Atlantic flights. Although the company does not encourage it, you can sell your free miles from the club just like selling United miles. The miles and points from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club are grouped into two categories – Club Silver and Club Gold. The Club Gold miles and points have more resale value.

Amazon Prime

Club Gold Miles

United Miles For Cash

If you are an Amazon Prime user and spend at least $99 a year, you get a two-day shopping with no minimum purchase restrictions on Many customers think that Amazon prime offer is more valuable than the free points offered by the reward programs. The customers get enough value for their money. The Amazon Prime offer has helped the e-seller to increase its customer base.

American Express Free Reward Programs

The key advantage with American Express free reward programs is that their points can be sold to anyone, because there is great demand for American Express points always. Moreover, the points have good resale value, and you can earn more this way.

Tips For Evaluating Credit Cards For Getting More Benefits

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Sell American Express Points

Credit Card Reward Programs

Everyone uses credit cards today. It has become a necessary utility. In addition to safer transactions, the use of credit cards provides you with some free reward points as well.

The credit card provider offers these free points as gifts. They do it to retain customers and it helps them attract new customers as well. Obviously, those who use credit card services often will get more reward points.

How These Points Are Offered

There is no fixed criteria for providing any reward points. The service providers are free to change the volume of the reward points as per their wish. Moreover, it varies from bank to bank as well.

Generally, the credit card based reward points are given out to customers on the following pattern:

  • Premier card (the highest range of cards) will get you 2 points on spending $8.
  • Platinum card will get you 2 points on the payment of $10.
  • Gold card will get you 1 point against the payment of $8.
  • Classic card or the basic type of credit card will get you 1 point against the payment of $10.
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    Types Of Reward Points

Note that each bank will have entirely different criteria for giving out the points. The above is just a model of how most providers do it. It is very important to learn how your prospective credit card service provider offers free points. Visiting their website or talking with the customer support representative will help you get a clear picture about it.

There are different types of reward schemes; cash back rewards, frequent flyer rewards, zero interest purchases, fuel point rewards, mobile phone usage reward, shopping rewards, etc., are a few on the list. There are varying criteria for each reward program as well.

Tips To Spend Less On Holiday Purchase And Earn Reward Points

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Discounts On Holiday Purchase

Everyone is busy shopping these days. And holiday season is all about shopping and gifting, right? Well, if you haven’t managed to save enough money to spend on this holiday season though, do not worry. There are some quick ways to earn some free money.

Make Use Of Free Reward Points

Do you use any flyer program or credit card? If yes, you would definitely have a collection of free reward points. You can redeem these points during this Christmas season for purchasing gifts or other various financial needs. In addition to these, there are a number of gift purchase programs launched during the holiday season. You can get attractive discounts when you purchase things through these gift/discount programs.

You can also sell the free reward points you have for some extra money. There are many, who sell Starwood points and so through resale websites. The only thing to remember here is to use a reliable resale website to sell miles.

Save Money On Holiday Purchases

Sell Starwood Points

Use Points For Christmas Gifts

When you go shopping during the holiday season, always remember to utilize the different offers available. For this, you would need to be aware of the discounts or reward programs available in the market. Do not wait until the last day to buy gifts either. Buy them before the sale ends, because the price of gift items will be higher during the peak days.

Stock Up Things For The Next Year

After New Year, all the holiday themed items will be sold at exclusive discounts because the sellers just want to clear out the stocks. They may even offer some extra points on purchases. If you have enough reward points in your account, use them up to purchase holiday themed items. This way, you can not only use up the reward points but also earn some, in addition to getting things at exclusive discounts.

The holiday season is not a time to worry about spending. It is a time to spread love and happiness. So head out, and do your part. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

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