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Delta Is Stepping Down Their Frequency Program Because They Are Better

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Frequent Flyer Miles

Many of us believe some airlines act as if being a ‘better’ airline qualifies them to offer a lousy FF program. Guess what – Delta admits to this. According to the airline company, it is better than its competitors, and that is why the SkyMiles plan has fallen in terms of what it offers customers.

It is gotten to a point where many business travelers have started calling their rewards SkyPesos. Delta just raised the bar on how many Delta miles you need to claim prime international business class awards. This is almost an announcement that they are phasing out complimentary upgrades to first class, even for the most loyal customers it has got in the tier. What Delta is saying goes against what the travel industry believes – that being better means you will be giving out more rewards to the most loyal customers.

  • Operational reliability
  • Favorable schedules
  • Fair pricing
  • A rewarding frequency program
  • Better in-flight product

This is something most FF customers would back, although there would be understandable differences in prioritizing these points. The mileage changes with the amount of reconsidering someone does, and all that figures into choosing the carrier they wish to fly with.

If you gauge them impartially, Delta is still somewhere in the middle. Just the quality of its in-flight product is enough to set it back the behind the best airline in the world. What is most repulsive about them right now though, is the frequency program. Of course, Delta miles doesn’t agree with that.

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Airline Miles

Management has more than once mentioned how the airline is far ahead of other domestic carriers where key operational metrics are concerned. And apparently, they are awesome when it comes to time efficiency. Moreover, they are better at handling checked bags, and preventing cases of denied boarding.

To stay fair, you have to say Delta works. If you book a flight, the assumption that it will run on time is a sensible one at this point in time. In addition, your baggage will arrive with you, as the airline claims. Objectively, it has passed the competition in these areas. But in others, it still has a long way to go.

The fares are not much better than what competition offers, and a bit of planning would get you far better deals with the latter. Last weekend the company launched a domestic price hike despite simultaneous boasts about record profits.

Learn About The Usability Of Airline Miles

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Airlines around the world have created a lot of business for themselves by awarding frequent customers with points or airline miles. This works by letting a person save up miles, which he or she can someday use to purchase a ticket or redeem gifts, hotel stay, car rentals, etc. The common way is to award miles based on the distance of a given flight.

Earning points is a useful thing, but only if you can exchange it for the travel that you want. Many of the big carriers have zone-based redemption rules. This means the region you are flying to or from, will decide the number of miles you need to book a ward ticket.

New York to London would cost the same as San Diego to Istanbul although it is only half as far. This is because the origins and destinations are in the same respective zones. Cost-based redemption is the other option, so the ticket price will decide how many miles you need for an award ticket.

When redeeming for an expensive flight in business or first class, the zone-based option works in your favor. If you are in coach and cannot be too flexible, or want more than one ticket on the same flight, then revenue-based award programs are better.

Also important is which airline network the airline is part of. There are three: OneWorld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance. Each network has coverage gaps you should know of, at least in your own route of travel. American Airlines for instance, is part of OneWorld Alliance, which means customers can get Qatar Airways awards. Extensive travel through the Middle East may be a good reason to consider flying American.

Some Programs Have Strange Rules

Sell Delta Miles

Frequent Flyer Miles

Delta does not let you change award tickets in the 72 hours before departure, not without losing all the miles you used for it in the first place. This is just one example where you need to know exactly what the carrier program lets you have.

Delta bans first class international redemption if you try doing them on a partner airline. American does not let you freely change award ticket dates, unless you keep the destination and origin the same. Also, no stopovers allowed.

United lets you have free stopovers, but the miles charged are charges when you are getting an award ticket on a partner airline.

If you are at an impasse because a rule like this is topping you from flying to your favorite spot for a vacation, why not trade in those airline miles and make a tidy profit? YYZ Miles helps you do this easily.

Google Introduces Android Pay Feature – Users Can Earn Reward Points Till 29th February

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Google Services

If you are someone who really cares about free reward points, you must know about earning points through Android Pay. Android Pay is an NFC (Near Field Communication) payment option. Although it is handy and more easy to use than credit cards, it is still not used by many. Owing to this, Google is offering attractive rewards to customers who use this feature.

According to some studies, the reason why many are not using the Android Pay feature is the difficulty in setting it up. But once it up and running correctly, you would find it really amazing and easy to handle.

The New Incentive

Google, the developer of Android and many associated services, is up with its latest ‘Tap 10’ promotion option. It allows users to get free reward points whenever they use the Android Pay feature. The amount of points you get is subject to the terms and conditions.

Not all users would get the same amount of points for the same payment they make through this feature though. Occasionally, you would find yourself with no points at all. It all depends on the decision of Google.

Despite the aforementioned types of uncertainties, Android Pay is a feature that is worth trying out. If not reward points, you would get other benefits like freebies. They include free songs for downloads, free Chromecast, etc.

Earn Reward Points

Free Reward Points

Unlike credit cards, there are no charges for using the Android Pay feature. Moreover, you wouldn’t be charged any extra bucks on your purchases through this service. It acts just like a smaller bank. There are options to link your physical Google wallet card with the Android Pay service. Hence, setting up it is not a big deal at all.

As Google is one of the leading software developers and the one behind the Android operating system itself, most of the vendors are ready to accept payments via the Android Pay feature.

This promotion by Google will continue until 29 February. United States citizens will be the first to try out this feature and earn free reward points. However, the rewards you earn from this service are valid only until 31st of March. So, if you earn any points, make sure to redeem them by March.

Cash Back Rewards And Reward Points

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Credit Card Reward System

There are hundreds of different types of reward points/miles programs. Some would let you earn points through shopping while others would when you travel. The benefits you get may vary depending on the provider of the reward points program. Normally, the rewards are given out to the customers in four different forms: cash back rewards, travel rewards, shopping rewards, and free points/miles.

Cash Back Rewards

You would get cash back rewards as bonuses when you do shopping with your credit card. Whether you get cash back or points on shopping depends on your credit card provider. The more you use the credit card for your shopping, the more the cash back rewards will be.

Cash Back Or Reward Points?

Recently, some credit card providers have started to provide their customers with the freedom to choose between cash back and reward points over shopping. If it is the rewards that look more appealing to you, you can choose to accumulate your rewards. However, it is very important to keep a close eye on your rewards and their validity. You are expected to utilize them before they expire.

There are a variety of options to utilize your reward points. You can use them when booking airline tickets or for online shopping. It is also possible to sell your points for cash. But you should do it with the help of a reliable agent.

Sell American Express Points

Credit Card Cash Back System

If you cannot keep track of your reward points or if you find the entire process complicated, go for the cash back option, as it is easier to handle. However, note that cash back benefits are not equal to reward points. Often, it is lesser than the latter.

Well, although the reward points are more valuable than cash back benefits, there are some risks associated with them. The most common challenge that most people face with them is their validity. Often, people fail to keep track of their validity. When they go for redeeming the points, they may see that the points have already expired.

Reward based credit cards are available now for all age groups, but each reward system has its own rules. Hence, it is quite important to understand the underlying rules first before picking one.

A Brief Look At The Citi Thank You Points Programs

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Sell Reward Miles

Almost all credit card companies offer free reward points these days. However, if you take a look at the value of the points offered by many of them, you would soon realize that Citi Thank You points have got higher value in the resale market.

Citi Thank You points earned through the user of most Citi Cards have a value of one cent per point. The best part is that it is very easy to sell Citi Thank You points in market because of their popularity and common acceptance.

Redeeming City Thank You Points

You can redeem your Citi Thank You points for a variety of purposes or for other forms for rewards such as paying the travelling costs, buying gift cards, debt payments, cash back, merchandise, etc.

The value of your Citi Thank You points can vary depending on the type of card you use. Citi offers numerous types of credit cards. Citi ThankYou Preferred Card is the basic type of card that attracts reward points. You will get 20,000 bonus points when you get this card. Furthermore, when you use it at entertainment and restaurants, you will get 2x points. On spending each dollar for any other purpose, you will earn 1 point.

Citi ThankYou Premier Card

Citi ThankYou Premier Cards offer 3xpoints on travel and gas. You can earn 2x points at the restaurants and entertainment. You get one point against each dollar spent on all other transactions.

Citi Prestige Card

Citi Prestige Card gives 3x points on travel, hotels and airfare. You can earn up to 2x points on the spending at entertainments and restaurants. Like all other Citi cards, it gives you one point against every dollar spent on all other transactions.

Sell Citi Thank You Points

Citi Thank You Points

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card For Students

It offers 2 x points on the spending at restaurants and entertainment and one point against each dollar spend on all other transactions.

Citi AT&T Access Card

It offers 2 points against online purchases at travel websites and retail sites and one point against each dollar spent on all other purchases.

In addition to the aforementioned types of reward points, Citi Card holders can earn extra points through a number of other ways such as setting up bill payment in each state cycle, setting up direct deposit in each statement, registering for checking accounts, etc. The free reward you get depends on how much you spend each month and the type of card you have.

The New Freedom App Allows Easier Points Earning And Redemption

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Chase’s New App

Chase just made it easier for customers to earn and redeem points, with the launch of their Chase Freedom® mobile app. Customers now have added convenience when it comes to store purchases, and can also more easily choose bonus categories in the program.

In-Store Redemption

Most rewards still need to be redeemed on the company’s website; unless you have a coupon code that lets you do the same with an online retailer or at a specific store. That means you need to plan beforehand, and even remember to redeem rewards before going to the store. The new mobile app lets you forego the effort and redeem right at the store.

If you had, for example, a cart full of things ready to be billed at target, and wanted to pay for some of that with your Chase Ultimate Rewards, the Freedom app can be helpful. It lets you use the points for a gift card at the store, which loads onto your phone. Show that at the counter and you can check out using the gift card, which is a big improvement over printing it out at home and carrying it to the store.

Bonus Category Activation

One thing that makes Chase Freedom popular is the fact that it has rotating bonus categories. It is possible to earn up to 5 % in rewards on up to $1,500 in combined spending per quarter. The categories here have included gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. But the customer needed to remember to activate their bonuses each quarter. Now, that is no longer the case – you can activate your bonus categories suing your phone.

Chase Is Making A Strong Technology Play

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Chase Freedom

Chase was among the first large banks which included an AppleWatch app under its mobile banking offerings, and to date the company has given out robust apps for budgeting. The Freedom app is apart from the main Chase banking app, which says they are willing to put out new technology that is useful to customers.

Then of course, there are times when all the points in the world won’t make a difference, simply because they are hard to keep track of. If you want to sell Chase points online, YYZ Miles can connect you with a high-paying buyer. Just head to our offer page and fill out the form you find there. We will call you with a deal you will wish you had made sooner.

Determining And Selling Stock Sell Points

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There are numerous types of points that can be sold for higher prices. British airway points, stock sell points, airline mines, etc., are some of the good examples of this. Nevertheless, how is it possible for one to determine how many points he has for sale their market value? In fact, this is one of the toughest questions that people in the points/miles business face every day.

In the case of stock selling, the price can go up and down at any time. If you see that the price is coming down, you must be ready to sell your points immediately. The basic principle here is – sell and sell fast. For those who have been in point resale industry for years, they know that it is a real challenge. Unlike other reward points and miles, the value of stock points is quite unfixed. Some people go to a step further. They would ensure that their stock capital is protected through insurance policy.

In the stock market, the value of stock and stock based points are relative. They may have a very tight pattern at some point of time and an entirely different pattern at other times. For instance, Accuride (ACW) had a tight pattern of value in the market, which was similar to CANSLIM and O’Neil. When people started to invest in more Accuride points, the price came down steady.

Sell British Airway Points

Cash In Rewards Points

Initially, the value stayed at the top level – $15.00 and the variation was about a few cents. But after the steady pattern for some time, the price came down to $13.79 and thousands of customers who secured the points at higher rate had to sell it for a lower rate.

Nevertheless, there are some ways you can sell your points without much loss. A good way is sell your points in scenarios where your stock looks down and the market environment is adverse. In such situations, it is good to sell your points even if the value is a few percent down. The point to remember is; it is not good to take chances in bad market environment.

Selling Points Into Strength

The selling the points into strength means selling them before the stock points turn to very in value. The variation can be either upward or downward. You sell them without taking chances.

Whether you want to retain or sell points, it is highly recommended to do the transaction of them through a reliable broker website.

5 Best Ways To Use Your AmEx Points

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Sell AmEx Points

Trade AmEx Points

You hear plenty of people talking about the benefits of the AmEx card. One of the things the Premier Rewards Gold Card has is the embedded microchip, and no foreign transaction fees. Some people also get a mailed offer of 50,000 Membership Rewards Points for spending $1,000 inside the first three months. AmEx MRP is pretty versatile when you are looking to spend. Here are 5 ways you can make the best out of your AmEx rewards.

Airline Miles

It is possible to transfer the points you earn to a partner airline. As much how much it is worth after transfer, you can get anywhere from 1 to 7 cents on the point. An international flight is one of the areas where rates tend to the higher limit. Trading for first class is a bargain. There are even airlines such as American and United, which are not partners, but still let you redeem for flights.

Gift Cards

AmEx will let you buy gift cards with your points, for brands like Gap, Staples, iTunes, and even Airbnb. The rate you get on spending 1 cent per point. You may not have racked up so many points as to make a plane trips, or may want to buy gifts with the balance you do have; in which case, gift cards are a good option. Around 50,000 bonus points would get you five $100 gift cards.


This is a cross-brand rewards program where you can earn points for shopping at AT&T, Macy’s, etc. Transferring 10,000 MRP for Plenti points would get you a 10-dollar discount at one of the participating retailers, which is one penny per point. This is a smart move for someone who isn’t gathering enough points to buy flight tickets or upgrades.

Sell American Express Points

Trade American Express Points


Shopping and travelling are pretty much the only things you can spend points on, or are they? Uber taxi rides can be paid for using MRP. There is a “pay with points” option right in the app.

Hotel Programs

Staying in a hotel for free is one of the perks of having a copious AmEx point balance. It is possible to transfer MRP to the Hilton HHonors, Starwood Preferred Guest, Best Western Rewards, or Choice Hotels. Hilton gives 1,500 Hilton HHonors Points for 1,000 MRP, although HH Points are only worth half a cent each, so that is nothing to be excited about. Starwood, meanwhile, only gives 333 Starpoints for 1,000 MRP, which is less than a cent per point.

These are 5 ways to make the most of your AmEx point, not including selling online, of course. To sell AmEx points online, visit the offer page on our website.

Chase Announces Their Bonus Categories For 2016

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Chase Bonus Redemption

Lots of people swear by the Chase Freedom card these days, and not without good reason. It brings a 5% cash back on certain kinds of ordinary spending categories. These rotate every three months, and members can get returns on up to $1,500 of spending. Chase just announced its new bonus categories for the New Year.

Bonus Categories In 2016

2016 has much the same categories as the past year, although there are some minor changes, which have been made.

  • Quarter 1 (Jan. 1 – March 31): Gas stations and local commuter transportation (not including parking, tolls or Amtrak)
  • Quarter 2 (April 1 – June 30): Grocery stores (not including Target and Wal-Mart) and more
  • Quarter 3 (July 1 – Sept. 30): Restaurants and more
  • Quarter 4 (Oct. 1 – Dec. 31): Holiday shopping

Chase Freedom has once more placed itself as the top choice when it comes to everyday spending. Even with the 1% cash back on non-bonus category spending, and on bonus category spending above $1,500 in a quarter, you can earn extra cash without straining yourself.

Although to be fair, the bonuses don’t come automatically. You need to op-in using the online account every quarter, and you will normally have until the 14th of the third month before you lose out on earnings for the current quarter. Chase applies the bonus retroactively. It is possible to get calendar reminders so you don’t forget.

Sell Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Chase Bonus Categories

Other Chase Freedom Offerings

Chase Freedom has the bonus cashback, but that is not the only thing drawing in customers. There is a $150 Bonus if you spend $500 on purchases inside the first three months from account opening. Adding an authorized user to the card and buying something with it in the first three months of membership, gets you an additional $25. Chase’s Ultimate Rewards site has a bonus mall where you can earn up to 10% cash back on eligible online purchases.

Many other cards have the same high rewards rate, but not the $0 annual fee that Chase Freedom comes with. There is also an introductory APR if you need to pay off a big purchase, at 0% Intro APR for 15 months on balance transfers. As long as you are not spending on the bonus categories, this card is one of the best to have in your wallet.

We have said this many times: if you are not big on redeeming your points, you should sell them online. Check out the YYZ Miles offer page for the best options.

Starwood Preferred Guest Members Have Been Earning Big

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Starwood Preferred Guest

You think you fly a lot? Then maybe you should check out the SPG infographic that shows the travel patterns of members in the past year. There was this one guy that the scored 30 million points! While a lot of it is probably from hotel stays, there had to9 be a significant amount of the credit card spending that happened.

Another SPG member racked up 677,000 points from Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight in Vegas, and option that offered as part of a ‘special experiences’ redemption.

Members of the rewards program have been skittish after the announcement that Marriott acquired Starwood. The former hasn’t announced what it plans to do with the program, but CEO Arne Sorenson says it is going to stay a solid value.

The program has been giving out just that this past year; one person earned over 800,000 points for booking meetings at a Starwood property. Sheraton New York Times Square is the Starwood hotel that people book for redemptions. The infographic shows that one SPG member booked 73 different hotels the past year alone.

Sell Starwoods Points

Starwood Points

Starwood has been partners with the Delta Air Lines in a program that awards every dollar spent on flights, with one member earning 247,560 points. This person actually spent $247,560 on flights alone, which is a lot of flying. Starwood has included almost 22,000 new rooms to the fold, because SPG customers obviously don’t mess around when it comes to earning points.

Many road warriors are just tired, though. It gets to a point where it is too much effort to watch the value (and do the numbers), especially if you don’t normally travel much. Your points may be the accidental remainder of a time when you were still that person, but points don’t spend everywhere. And that signals the need to sell off those points before they go obsolete. They are a form of currency after all.

If you are worried about not getting good sell rates, YYZ Miles is here to help. We can hook you up with a buyer who will match your asking price. No matter what rewards points you want to let go of, it is going to be a lot easier with us. Just fill in the form on our seller page, and we will get in touch with the best deal you have seen in ages. Hurry!

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