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Making The Best Of Hotel Reward Points

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Sell Starwoods Points

Hotel Loyally Rewards

The perks of using a hotel loyalty program can be far more valuable than anything the airlines can offer. People often overlook the benefits they can avail on the ground. Not only does this not drain you as often, but you actually get to enjoy yourself more. Here are some golden rules to apply to that end.

  • Get comfortable. This in itself is the main object of all your efforts. Sign up online to get free perks like free in-room Wi-Fi, mobile check-in and discounts, and freebies like bar credit. With a hotel, it is easier to earn elite status than while flying with an airline. Also, this makes more sense because people actually spend more time in their hotel than in the air.
  • Stick to a chain. There are heaps of benefits from staying under a company’s umbrella, such as free nights, room upgrades, late checkout and breakfast. Chains with properties around the world offer plenty of choices were awards go. Meanwhile the smaller chains work extra hard to earn and keep your loyalty.
  • Choose your cards carefully. The travel rewards credit card is one of the most important decisions you will make in light of the reward points you stand to earn. The ones you can use at multiple hotel chains are invariably the best. It is definitely a bonus if the points are transferrable to partners at full value. Co-branded aren’t usually worth as much, but there are certain benefits you would appreciate, like free night’s stay each year.
    Sell Citi Thank You Points

    Credit Card Rewards

  • Spend your points. Most points become useless after 12 months of earning them, which is one of the reasons you should make the most out of what you have inside that time. Booking early in high season is a good thing, and so is being on the lookout for promotions as they roll out. Register as soon as you hear about it, and to keep track of special deals, follow blogs. Just make sure the points don’t go to waste, because that’s not a good feeling.

If you have been too busy to spend your points and they are about to expire next month, it is often a smart thing to sell them to someone who needs an extra few. YYZ Miles can help you sell Starwoods points and other loyalty rewards, as well as airline miles. We are to go-to for a great buyer and an awesome deal. Fill out the form in the seller page to get started.

Earn Free Reward Points On Your Vacation Trips

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Sell Points

Free Reward Program

Vacation trips are too expensive these days. But if you are really looking forward to a vacation in a new destination with lots of fun and luxury, there are a few ways you can cut short on the expenditure. These days, most people cash in on their hotel points. They find it as one of the best ways to smooth out their worries about the vacation trip expenses. Here are two of the best skiing destinations you can choose for your vacation and the hotels where you can stay and earn points during the trips.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek has been one of the best skiing destinations in America. It is said that the there are more than 25 lifts and 1,800 acres of skiing terrain at Beaver Creek. There are various ways for you to enjoy your time there. You can experience the slopes through horse-drawn sleigh, ski bike, snowmobile, and dog sled.

When it comes to choosing the hotel for your stay, try to be a bit choosy. Always try to go for a hotel that gives you free points on spending. The 190-room Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort gives you amazing number of Hyatt Gold Password Points per night during the months of March and April. The rates here start at $649.

An alternative option is the 180-room Tier 5 hotel Ritz-Carlton. It is located between Arrowhead and Beaver Creek. Basic rate per night starts at $799, but if you already have got Ritz-Carlton Reward points, you can book your room for 70,000 points per night.

Park City, Utah

Sell American Express Points

Hotel Reward Points

Considered as one of the largest ski area in the US, the Park City has more than 7,300 acres of skiable area. There are more than 300 trails, terrain parks, super pipe, natural half piles, etc. According to the people who have visited this place, Park City is perfect for all levels of skiing.

There are numerous attractive hotels located in and around the Park City. The Waldorf Astoria Park City hotel is quite popular because it has got its own gondola. Every dollar you spend at this hotel fetches you HHonors Points. The normal rates here start at $609 per night.

By joining a free reward points program that gives you freebies on your hotel stay, you can easily cut down your hotel stay expenses. You can also sell points if you don’t want to use them, just like you sell American Express points.

Credit Card Reward Programs – Tips For Novices

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Sell My Miles

Credit Card Rewards

It is hard to find one without a credit card these days. In fact, credit card has become quite essential for people just like a mobile phone or a vehicle. People use credit cards because of the obvious benefits they offer like usefulness, safety, reliability, etc. Well, some people like credit cards because of the free rewards they offer.

Credit card based reward programs are becoming more popular and acceptable these days. It is easier to sell miles or points you get through credit card spending. There are plenty of websites to help you sell your points and rewards.

Free Benefits Offered By Credit Card Services

Credit card based services offer numerous deals like free products, cash backs, travel deals, etc. You will get these benefits based on your spending activities. The more you spend, the more rewards await you.

As credit card rewards and miles are given out to the customers as they spend, you need to be quite careful while choosing a credit card. Although most credit cards offer free rewards, any of them won’t suit your actual needs. By choosing a credit card that is more suitable for your spending activities, you can multiply on the benefits.

Select A Credit Card That Offers More Benefits

Sell Miles

Reward Points And Miles

With every credit card, you will get some benefits. Some offer free gas while others give gift vouchers, air miles, or hotel rewards. Hence, before choosing a particular card, ask the provider about the benefits they are offering and evaluate whether you are able to make use of the rewards.

For instance, some credit cards would offer free hotel reward points. You will get more benefits from those points only if you stay in any of the affiliate hotels. If you rarely go out or stay in hotels, these rewards may not be useful for you.

The Market Value Of The Rewards

You can sell your points or miles for cash through online portals. However, the rate of rewards depends on the provider. Choose a credit card provider whose reward points have got more resale value so when you sell your points, you get what you really deserve.

Getting The Most Out Of Airline Credit Cards

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Sell Citi Thank You Points

Airline Reward Points

For a smart traveler, it is always a good idea to be able to get valuable travel rewards without paying an annual fee for the source of these. Because over time, every customer comes to realize that annual fees aren’t a small expense. While for the big spender this may not bring the same cost per point, others who hold multiple credit card accounts would definitely notice that award travel isn’t as lucrative when you consider this factor.

The best credit cards come with a great offer that is never diminished in appeal – low annual fees, or even waived fees for the first year. The smart way to look at this is that you get costs cut in half over two years. That is usually long enough for the terms to change, or for you to find a better card and cancel this one.

One option couples and families can minimize their annual fees is by sharing cards. Most airline credit cards offer a freebie to the primary holder, and there is no need to keep more than one if you travel together all the time, or frequently enough.

Another way to get fees waived is by asking. Call the card issuer and see if they will do it. Though there is no guarantee, what is the harm in trying? You may get additional reward points or miles instead, which may add up to almost as much as the annual fees which didn’t get waived.

Sell AmEx Points

Sell Your Points Online

The Chase Sapphire is one card whose benefits justify the $95 annual fee. Award-travel buffs prefer it for the waived annual fee for the first year, and the fact that there are no foreign transaction fees involved. Sign up bonus is 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points at present, when the new cardholder has spent $4,000 within the first three months of opening the account. Bring in another authorized user and you get 5,000 points bonus.

The Citi ThankYou Premier Card isn’t bad either. With partners like Virgin America, they bring valuable benefits to customers, and annual fees are waived here too, with no foreign transaction fees.

The problem is always when you have points stacked up and no way good way left to spend. When you get there, it is a good idea to let go of those rewards for a tidy profit. Whether to sell AmEx points or sell Citi Thank You points, YYZ Miles can help you find the perfect buyer and the perfect deal.

United’s Latest Survey Has Some Weird Questions For You

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Sell United Miles

United Mileage Plus

If you have ever thought customer satisfaction surveys are the worst part of being a customer, you are not alone. Plenty of people have to sit through annoying questions they would rather not respond to.

United Airlines seems to be upping the ante on making weird enquiries, by recently asking customers it surveyed, among other things, whether they owned a gerbil. This was from the Opinion Miles Club, which lets United Mileage Plus members earn 300 award miles for completing a 40-minute long survey.

United customer Andrew Nier said he received an invitation to a “professional” survey that would focus on his life and work experiences, and while he did see himself giving out nominal information about workplace, coworkers and dream vacation, he didn’t expect the following questions to come up.

  • Do you currently work as a plumbing insulator?
  • Have you posted a bail for anyone in the last 30 days?
  • Do you own a gerbil?
  • Have you purchased at least 7 lb of lobster in the past week?

Are The Rewards Worth It?

Putting up with the strangeness of these surveys sure pays off in the form of award miles. Then comes the point where you redeem them, and not everyone has the skill there to always come out on top.

An average customer wouldn’t have the time or wherewithal to find the best possible ways to use those miles. More often than not, the usefulness of these rewards falls short of expectations.

Sell Miles

United Airlines

If you decide to be patient, there is this other thing – sooner or later, reward miles and points expire. Right before that is about to happen, you start hunting for ways to spend them well, but most rewards have very few spending options that aren’t a rip-off.

If you are all about extending their availability, it is possible by spending through a credit card linked to the program. That can keep your account active. Although, you would be paying substantial annual fees after the first year.

When you think about it, selling your useless reward points online is the best thing to do with them, which isn’t hard either. These days it is also the most lucrative option you can go with.

Fill out your information to sign up with YYZ Miles. We need a contact number or email, and if you are planning to sell United miles or any other reward point, and how much of these you are looking to let go. We can find you a buyer within a month.

All You Need To Know About American Airlines AAdvantage Program

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Sell American Airlines Miles

American Airlines AAdvantage Program

For those of you who frequently use flights for traveling and are based in cities like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York, the American Airlines AAdvantage program will be of great use. This program has affiliated a number of flights servicing in these regions. They include American Eagle, American Airlines-marketed or code-share flights. If the flight that you choose belongs to the US Airways, then you have more benefits to bag.

As per the American Airlines AAdvantage program, every registered member will get free reward miles whenever he/she uses US Airways flights or the affiliated partner carriers. This program is part of the American Airline’s latest ‘one world’ frequent flyer network. The best part is that popular airlines companies like Qatar Airways and British Airways are also part of this program. So by being part of this program, you can earn and sell British Airway points as well.

The American Airlines AAdvantage program is also tied up with the City AAdvantage program by MasterCard. This gives ample opportunities to earn free miles while shopping. Furthermore, the American Airlines is tied up with a huge number of restaurants, retailers, car rental companies, cruise lines, hotel brands, etc. Apparently, joining this program is a good way to cut down the expenses on your travels.

Sell Miles

AAdvantage Benefits

There are also elite programs within the free miles program. This will help you collect points along with miles. For each mile you earn, you will receive a corresponding amount of points and eventually it will help you achieve the elite membership status.

Those who have the elite membership status can enjoy a lot of advantageous while flying on US Airways flights. This includes same-day upgrade benefits, priority security screenings, etc. Below are the specialties of American Airlines AAdvantage program.

  • It enables you to earn free miles from more than 1,000 affiliate companies.
  • The earned rewards can be used for multiple purposes such as hotel stays, air travel, etc.
  • If you are using the free miles for air travel, there is huge scope because they can be redeemed on all affiliate carriers with American Airlines AAdvantage program.

The main demerit with the AAdvantage program is that it only allows you to earn miles for one seat per flight.

The free miles you earned through American Airlines AAdvantage program can be sold through miles resale services. There are many services that enable you to sell British Airway points and US Airways miles.

4 Free Reward Programs Worth Signing Up

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Sell Chase Points

Free Reward Programs

These days, most people try to make sure that they get maximum reward points when they do shopping or spend money on hotel stay, dining, etc. And there are numerous programs that provide you with free reward points as well.

Getting free rewards is not difficult if you are member of the right free reward point programs. Here is a list of top free reward programs that you can use and earn money while spending.


Disney free reward program allows you to earn money while using Disney entertainment services. You can earn rewards while watching Disney movies at theaters or while purchasing Disney movies and CDs. This is the best reward programs for those of you who are big movie buffs.


Huggies, the popular brand that sells diapers, pull-up training pants, and wipes, offers free reward points when you purchase any of their products. Find the reward codes on the package, log into the Huggies Reward website, and sign up an account. You can find the option to enter the codes and retrieve the rewards.

Huggies free rewards can be used for purchasing free toys, magazine subscriptions, photos, formula, etc. You can even sell them online, just as you sell Chase points.

CVS Reward Program

Sell Miles

Cash Back On Purchase

CVS members can get 2% cash back on all of their purchases. However, to get these rewards, you must have an ExtraCare card. Ensure to swipe it each time you shop from the affiliated shops. In addition to the cash back rewards, you will receive coupons, offers, etc., based on your shopping. The more you shop, the more rewards you will receive.

Earth’s Best Reward Program

Earth’s Best reward program allows you to redeem or use the points you get with every Earth’s Best products purchase. The company offers more discounts or rewards when you use the points on Earth Best products. It is also possible to use the reward points for purchasing third party products or services. What to say more, you can even sell these rewards in exchange of cash.

There are hundreds of free reward programs out there. It is not possible to make use of all them. Before choosing a reward program, study about your shopping behavior. This way, you can sign up with the right reward programs, and earn more reward points.

Your Reward Points Are Never Completely Useless – Earn By Selling

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Sell Citi Thank You Points

Get More Reward Points

There is a supreme satisfaction to be gained from buying stuff with rewards, which at the end of the say is mostly about getting something for free. Few of us are pretentious enough to pass that up. And that is something credit card and airline companies normally capitalize on.

Use one of their cards or buy an airline ticket online, and you get awarded points which can be redeemed in the form of free groceries, gas, car rentals, hotel stay, and myriad other things people can find use for. But that is also what it comes down to, at least once the exhilaration of not having to pay wears off. You then start thinking whether and how easily your favorite items and services are available.

Many people unfortunately have no need for the free purchases and stays that reward points can avail them, and start feeling at a loss when these pile up and there is no way to spend them. Maybe there is no award ticket matching your preference or need, or the gift cards you are holding don’t cover the items on this month’s list of needed groceries. The longer this continues to be the case, the more strongly convinced you become that these reward points are useless.

Sell My Miles

Sell Reward Points

Why waste time and effort seeking an offer corresponding with your shopping interests (which may never appear by the way), when a simpler solution has always been on the table? Sell Citi Thank You points online, or any other form of card rewards for that matter, and you can still take home the money value. The best thing is that this changes with how badly a buyer needs the points you want to let go.

Someone out there is looking to top off their deficient mileage and get their hands on a vacation ticket, or avail some other offer that has been eluding them. Trading your points with such a party ensures that you both get what you want. You walk away with green cash, which has always been more widely usable, and the other guy gets their award ticket or upgrade without having to fly to earn it.

YYZ Miles is an expert business you can trust to find such people, and you wouldn’t believe how many of them there are at a given time. Fill out the form on the seller page to get started, and wait to be notified when a buyer lines up.

Earn Starwoods Points Through Starwood Preferred Guest Program

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Sell Starwoods Points

Starwood Preferred Guest Program

If you take a look at the most popular hotels and resorts across the world, you would realize that most of them are owned by a few groups like Aloft, Four Points, The Luxury Collection, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Meridian, Westin, W Hotels, Element Properties, and St. Regis. In fact, these groups have got more than 1,100 hotels in these countries. During your trips, you are likely to stay in any of these hotels.

Each time when you stay in these hotels, you can earn attractive offers and reward programs. All you need to do is to become a member of Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Program. All the aforementioned hotels are part of Starwood Hotel Resorts worldwide.

Becoming a member of SPG program is quite simple and hundred percent free. The registration is done through Starwood Hotels and Resorts website. You may be required to provide your personal information, email address, and mobile number while enrolling your name for the SPG program. After the account is created, you would receive a confirmation message.

Although you become a member of the SPG program immediately after signing up your account at the website, you will receive the membership card only after your first stay at any of the Starwood hotel chains anywhere in the world. You will start receiving the points from your first stay onwards.

Sell Miles

Starwoods Reward Program

In order to earn Starwoods points, you need to show your membership card when you book your rooms at a Starwood property. The number of points you will earn varies depending on the time/season you book your rooms. For instance, SPG program offers more points during special offer periods.

Visit Starwoods official website to learn more about it or talk to one of their customer support executives. SPG has a detailed FAQ database you can access online and clarify most of your questions regarding the points and their market value.

Sell Starwoods Points

If you want to sell Starwoods points, you can do it through any reliable resale website that helps you put your points for sale. YYZ Miles is a trusted name in that regard; so if you were looking to sell Starwoods points or any other reward points for that matter, get to our sell miles page, fill in your details, and let us bring prospective buyers to you.

Looking To Sell Miles For Cash

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Sell Miles

Earn Reward Points

Free miles and reward points are great ways to cut down on your expenditures. You can use them for several purposes – from booking flights to purchasing things online or buying gifts for your loved ones. Yet again, you should have the basic understanding of using miles to make the most of your free rewards.

As you know, there are several types of reward points and free miles. For instance, most credit card companies offer free reward points these days. When you use your credit card, you get some points and they are transferred to your account instantly. Similarly, there are frequent flyer programs. Each time you use a flight, you get some free miles into your frequent flyer account. When you have accumulated thousands of miles, you can redeem them to book a flight.

In addition to frequent flyer program and credit card based reward systems, there are many other ways to earn free points. Most of the online shopping sites offer rewards on purchases.

Services That Offer Reward Points

Sell Chase Ultimate Reward Points

Sell Miles For Cash

It is said that more than half of the people are ignoring the chances to get free rewards. By paying a little attention when spending your money, you can ensure to earn rewards. For instance, if you are a regular user of online shopping sites, you can earn free rewards each time you do the shopping. Ensure to purchase things from a site that offer reward points. Amazon, one of the biggest online shopping sites, offers free rewards and bonus points to its frequent users.

Once you know the different ways to enhance the chances to earn points, plan out your spending so that you don’t miss the same. Keep an eye on your free miles and reward points. Remember that all reward points and miles are subject to expiration. So, if you don’t use them in time, you are going to lose them for good.

Sell Miles

If you have got a lot of miles and points in different accounts, it is difficult to keep eye on them. It is possible nowadays to sell reward points and miles for cash as well. So you don’t have to lose on anything here. Just sign up with a reliable website and let them bring the best buyers for your miles.

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