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Some New Credit Cards You May Want To Try Out

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AmEx SimplyCash

The credit card business is a competitive one, and you have issuers releasing new products all the time so they can get new customers. With every new card, your old account stops being the best in terms of features and terms. These don’t get offered to new customers, but if you still have one, it makes sense to add newer cards with more competitive benefits. Several new cards have sprung out this year, with additional rewards and benefits.

AmEx SimplyCash Plus

This is a small business card with 5% cashback when you spend at office supply stores, and 3% cashback when spending on one of the eight mentioned categories, including restaurants and gas stations. For new cardholders, there is a $200 statement credit when they spend $3,000 inside three months of account opening. This also comes with no-interest APR introductory financing, and there is no annual fee for the card.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Chase has a standard Freedom credit card that has been around for many years, and it has a 5% cashback on up $1,500 spent in each quarter, with shifting bonus categories, plus a 1% cashback on other categories. The Freedom Unlimited card comes as an addition to the standard card, and gives 1.5% percent cashback on all purchases.

If you are a new cardholder, you get $150 bonus when you spend $500 inside three months of opening the account, plus a bonus of $25 if you add an authorized cardholder in the same period and they make a purchase. New applicants also get 15 months of financing without interest charged, for both new purchases and balance transfers, for a 1.5% balance transfer fee. The card has no annual fee.

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SimplyCash Plus

Barclaycard’s JetBlue And JetBlue Plus

JetBlue just changed partners from AmEx to Barclaycard, and just brought out a few new credit cards. The standard JetBlue brings 10,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 inside 90 days of opening the account. It is also possible to get thrice the points as dollars spent on JetBlue purchases, twice what you spend at restaurants and grocery stores, and as many points when you spend elsewhere.

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Earn More Rewards With American Express Hilton HHonors Card

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American Express Hilton HHonors

American Express’s Hilton HHonors card is the best choice among all the Hilton credit cards available. It stands out from other cards in a lot of different ways. Besides, if you love to stay in Hilton hotels, this card would the best option.

Key Features

For each dollar you spend, the card gives you seven Hilton HHonors points on participating Hilton HHonors resorts and hotels. Moreover, you get five points for each dollar spent at restaurants, gas stations, or supermarkets. All other purchases earn you three points for each dollar spent.

There is no annual fee associated with the credit card. Also, the card can earn you 50,000 Hilton HHonors bonus points, if you spend $750 on purchases within the first three months of account opening.

At Hilton hotels and resorts worldwide, you can redeem your points for award nights starting as low as 5,000 points for one night in category-1 property, to 70,000 points for a night in category 10 property.

The points can also be redeemed for merchandise in the Hilton HHonors shopping malls, for car rentals, and room upgrades. For a $100 gift card, you can redeem 50,000 points. Moreover, the Hilton HHonors allows you to earn and redeem points for miles with 60 airline loyalty programs. As long as you earn or redeem points every 12 months, you can earn unlimited points and they won’t expire.

The Card’s Other Benefits

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AmEx Points Rewards

Starting with Blue, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, the Hilton HHonors Program gives you elite statuses. Each level includes additional hotel perks and a set amount of hotel stays or nights.

For instance, if you spend $20,000 with the card within a calendar year, you earn Gold status, which includes room upgrades, a 25% bonus points, and Wi-Fi in your room. It takes 20 to 40 stays within a calendar year to reach Gold status for non-HHonors cardholders. Besides that, if you have used your card to pay the entire travel fare, it gives you travel benefits such as Baggage Insurance Plan which covers stolen, lost, or damaged baggage.

British Airways Will Offer In-Flight Internet From 2017

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British Airways Deal

Passengers flying British Airways (BA) will get to use internet-based services like Skype, FaceTime, and Netflix starting 2017. Parent company IAG recently signed with Chicago-based Gogo, which will help the airline add Wi-Fi to its long haul flights.

Gogo is famous as one of the leading broadband internet services providers on flights. The company will set up its own next-gen Wi-Fi system by the name of 2Ku, on 118 BA airplanes. The organization has said that the satellite technology makes use of 2 flat panel antennas to bring network speeds reaching 70 Mbps on board.

The first airplane with this feature will be in 2017, although a big part of the installation will only be completed by 2019. BA is already claiming this will be the fastest internet provided on long flights.

Word is that the company spent over £30m ($43.43m) on the deal, which brings the expense per flight to around £250,000. Basic services can be gotten for free, but customers may have to pay extra for premium services and connections. Meanwhile, IAGH also has other partners such as Iberia and Aer Lingus installing the 2Ku on their flights.

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In Flight Internet

Chief executive Willie Walsh said about the development, “We believe this will be the best Wi-Fi on international flights anywhere. This will be exactly as if you are connected to Wi-Fi in your house. We’ll be able to have everybody on board using multiple devices and we’re going to get speeds that are similar to you being at home.”

Walsh added that the company recognizes how frustrating faulty Wi-Fi can be for passengers. The new technology guarantees consistent connectivity. IAG isn’t the sole airline to have set up a deal with Gogo. There is also Delta Air Lines, which has a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic, as well as a few other airlines, which have signed a similar deal with the in-flight internet services provider.

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How To Earn Maximum Chase Rewards Points

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Sell Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Chase Ultimate Reward Points

People just love Chase Ultimate Rewards Points and there are a lot of reasons for it. These reward points can be easily transferred to hotel or flyer programs, such as Marriot, Hyatt, IHG, Amtrak, Ritz Carlton, Korean Air, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, etc., that give the best deal to you. Besides that, Chase points are very easy to earn and there are many ways to earn them.

People can earn Chase reward points by making referrals, using their card for everyday spending and online shopping, etc. They also make for a great initial sign up bonus. There is also another way called churning, wherein people can earn huge sign up bonuses again and again, by applying for the same credit card every two years.

How To Keep Earning Rewards Points

This can be done by applying for every credit card that will earn you ultimate reward points. At present, Chase offers two business cards: Ink Cash and Ink Plus, as well as two personal cards: Chase Sapphire and Chase Freedom. Applying for them can earn you a sign up bonus, plus rewards for spending a certain amount in the first three months.

Sell Chase Points

Earn Chase Rewards Points

It would also be wise to sign up for the card when the sign up bonus is higher than normal. You can also earn category bonus on all the Chase credit cards. So it would be great if you can pay your internet, cell phone, and cable TV services bills using the auto pay services with Chase cards.

Chase also offers the opportunity to refer your friends and earn points in return from time to time. You earn 500 points when you send a referral link to your friend and they apply for the card. You have an option to refer up to 10 friends and earn 50,000 bonus points.

Chase has its own online shopping portal as well, and you can earn Chase Ultimate reward points by shopping on these websites. You can also sell Chase points online, with the help of a reliable third party agent, such as YYZ Miles.

How Good Is The Chase Freedom Unlimited SM

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Chase Freedom Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited SM is making changes to flat-rate cash back rules for redemption. Right now, it lets you get flat 1.5% cash back for every purchase, and redeem through travel for the same value, or move your rewards to other similar cards that offer more valuable redemptions.

When it comes to versatility, Chase Freedom Unlimited SM ranks at the top. If you want a card to go along with the Chase Freedom® and the Chase Sapphire Preferred®, this is definitely worth a try.


  • Higher rewards rate.
  • No annual fees.
  • Zero percent intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months. After that, APR varies from 14.24-23.24%. There will be a balance transfer fee of 5% of transferred amount, with a $5 minimum.
  • You can redeem for any amount of cash, anytime.

There is also a bonus offer after you have spent your first $500 inside the first three months of opening the account. This is a clear-cut cash-back card without caps on rewards earnings, and a pretty impressive sign-up bonus. When uses with a Chase Freedom card, its lets you earn more, by:

  • Splitting your spending between the two: Chase Freedom® gets you 5% cash back in quarterly rotating categories and 1% on all else. Get the Chase Freedom for bonus category purchases, and the Unlimited SM on other spending, and you would be well covered. There is also the option to move rewards between accounts.
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    Chase Freedom Unlimited

  • Transferring to Chase Sapphire Preferred, which lets you earn mostly on mostly on your Chase Freedom Unlimited SM, and redeem with Chase Sapphire Preferred. This way you are left with more redemption options, and when using Chase’s travel portal, there is a value of 1.25 cents per point. There is also the possibility of getting more value when moving points across loyalty programs with a 1:1 value ratio.

There are no minimum redemptions, which means this card lets you get cash back in any amount, even 1 cent. There is the Chase Freedom which doesn’t let you do that, and that is probably the worst thing about the card.

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Difference Between The American Express Gold Card And The Premier Rewards Gold Card

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American Express is offering two similar looking cards for its customers: American Express Gold Card and Premier Rewards Gold Card. However, there is a huge difference between the two and you should choose one of the either based on what your actual needs are.

The most evident difference is the annual fee. It is slightly higher for the Premier Rewards Gold Card. The annual fee for American Express is Gold Card nil for the first year, and $160 afterwards. For Premier Rewards Gold Card, it is nil for the first year, but later on it is $195 per annum.

There is no fee for foreign transactions on both the cards. Also, both American Express Gold and Premier Rewards card members get preferred seating at select concerts and events.

The rewards rate varies a bit for the American Express Gold and Premium Rewards card though. For the former, it is 1 point for every dollar spent, 2 points on flight bookings, and 2 points at restaurants. At the same time, the Premier Rewards Gold Card gives 1 point for every dollar spent, which remains the same, but offers 3 points on flight tickets and 2 points at restaurants, gas stations, and supermarkets.

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Redeem AmEx Points

So for an extra $35 per year, the Premier Rewards Gold Card from AmEx offers higher rewards, which is not that bad – especially, if you were a frequent traveler. In addition, the Premier Rewards Gold Card has a greater sign up bonus, and if you spend $2000 on purchases in the first three months, the first incentive would be 2500 points.

So what’s the verdict? Well for everyone, it depends on rewards and the annual fee. And for some, paying an extra $35 fee would be worth it if they get more reward points and a huge sign up bonus. And you can sell American Express points for cash too.

Using British Airways Reward Miles To Best Effect

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The ways airlines do business don’t usually make sense right off the bat. Carriers sometimes charge you more for a one-way ticket than a round-trip, which usually doesn’t make any sense. Most airline companies also charge a lot less by way of FF miles as well as lower fees for their award tickets on partner airlines, than on their own airlines.

Take British Airways for instance. The carrier charges big on the transatlantic award flights, unless you use its rewards points on a partner airline such as Air Berlin or Aer Lingus. You could be spending 29,500 Avios and $317 for a one-way ticket from Miami to Dusseldorf on British Airways, along with a connection in London. If you are spending the same points on Air Berlin, you get a non-stop fight to Germany without having spent as many points or dollars.

It is possible to leverage the quirks in this program to wrangle the best value out of the available deals. Avios is among the easiest FF rewards that you can collect, because a lot of the times Chase comes up with a sin-up bonus of 100,000 miles on their BA card. British Airways is also partners with American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest. In addition, they let you put those miles in a family-friendly mileage account.

Sell British Airway Points

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Admittedly, British Airways’ website isn’t the easiest to get a hang of, but once you do, it can be really useful. This is one of the ways to squeeze more juice out of your American AAdvantage miles. An Executive Club account can be had for free, so sign up for that, and then log in, hit Spending Avios, followed by Book A Reward Flight. The flight search that comes up is pretty straightforward, although it is not much for multi-leg trip planning. If the itinerary doesn’t show up online, you may need to book the trip by call. There is a chance you will get the booking fee waived, so ask for it.

Where To Use Avios

Avios can be really valuable when you are booking a domestic flight on American Airlines, because the latter uses a zone system for pricing, instead of distance. Then there is also the option of selling them online for a profit. YYZ Miles can help you find the best deals to sell British Airway points online. Head to our seller page, fill out information about the rewards points you are holding, and we will get back with a cool deal.

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