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Few Things you Should Know about Airline Miles

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Flyer miles are a great way to save a lot of money while travelling. However, using airline miles is not that easy and it may seem complicated in the beginning. Let us unravel the mystery behind airline miles and learn how to use them.

If you are a frequent flyer, this is the perfect occasion to learn more about airline miles and make the most of it. While plenty of hacking may be necessary to earn optimal points, many of us can easily accumulate few points and use them without much effort. So, let us step in to the world of airline miles and learn about it.

Airline Miles

If you are new to the world of airline miles, you might be wondering what are airline miles. Airline miles, which are also referred as frequent flyer miles or travel points, are actually a part of a loyalty program offered either by an airlines company or by a credit card service provider. Generally, the distances you fly in an airline or the amount you spend using your credit card are responsible for the accumulation of miles.

The accumulated miles can be later used to buy flight tickets. However, the term “miles” actually refers to the distance you have flown and it does not indicate the miles you can fly. In simple words, you are not eligible for travelling 2734 miles, even if you have 2734 miles in your account.

Signing up for an airline service or a credit card, which offer the best reward miles are the two ways through which you can earn maximum points. Credit cards are of two types, some of them are specific for an airline, whereas the others are suitable for all. Many airlines offer frequent flying program, and by signing up for one, you can earn enough flying miles to cover your next trip.

Interestingly, you don’t necessarily have to use your airline miles for a flight booking. You can also use the reward miles for different things such as hotel bookings, subscription of a newspaper or magazine, or even sell miles for some extra cash. Get in touch with our experts to know how you can earn more airline miles, and how to make the most out of them, whether by booking a flight, or by selling air miles.

What are SPG Star Points, and How to Redeem Them

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Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc. offer Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) points to their loyal customers, which can be redeemed in many different ways such as for booking hotel rooms, flight tickets, or any subscription. Users can also transfer Starwood points to any frequent flyer programs.

The value of your reward points will depend on the type of redeeming method you use. In case of Starwood rewards points, these are among the most valued ones when used for hotel rooms booking.

Get More with Starwood Points

The Starwood Preferred Guest program is offered in three levels: Preferred Guest, Gold Preferred Guest, and Platinum Preferred Guest. Users can reach the Gold status only after finishing ten eligible stays or 25 nights in a year. User will be awarded Platinum status only after finishing 25 eligible stays or 50 nights in a year. With Gold or Platinum membership, you can reap many added benefits.

If you are a Gold Preferred Guest, you can avail a 50% points bonus over the Standard Preferred Guest status, room changes, late checkouts, welcome gifts, and many more. If you are a Platinum Preferred Guest, you can get complimentary health club, better upgrades, and room availability guarantee if booked seventy-two hours prior to stay.

Sell Starwoods Points

There are many good redeeming options for Starwood rewards points, and these points are worth more than the standard one-cent deal. If you wish to get the best value for your reward points, you need to book hotel rooms at SPG allied properties. You can get value of up to 2.3 cents per point while booking hotel night stays. In addition, if you are booking rooms for weekdays, you can have best redemption value. The values for free nights are as follows:

  • Domestic weekday: 2.7 cents per reward point
  • Domestic weekend: 2.4 cents per reward point
  • International weekday: 2.2 cents per reward point
  • International weekend: 1.9 cents per reward point

This means that if you sell Starwoods points for free-nights option and use it to book for five consecutive nights at a hotel that falls in SPG category, you can have the fifth night stay for free.

How to Get Maximum Value for Your AmEx Membership Rewards

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Best value out of AmEx Membership Rewards can be achieved by transferring them to partners. Some hotels and airlines have deals that give maximum value for your rewards as compared to Uber, shopping sites, and others. Here are some options you can check out when you plan to sell AmEx points.

Singapore Suites in an A380

Singapore Airlines offers one of the best first-class experiences. Cost for the suites from US Central/East to Singapore is 110,000 miles, and from West Coast to Singapore is 112,500 miles. You can transfer your reward points to Singapore Airlines and then use the miles with Star Alliance partners. This can be best benefited in Domestic USA travel, USA to Hawaii, USA to Europe, USA to the Middle East, and USA to Central/South Africa.

ANA Mileage Club

By using ANA, you can redeem points for flights from North America to Asia Zone I (China, Korea, Guam, Hong Kong,, Taiwan, and Philippines), from North America to Japan, and from North America to Asia Zone II (India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam). You will need to transfer 10,000 points to ANA for that.

If you are flying ANA partner airlines, then the best option would be to buy flight tickets from North America to Europe and from North America to Africa/Middle East (like Los Angeles to Johannesburg).

AirFrance or KLM

FlyingBlue on AirFrance holds special “Promo Awards” that give you 50% off on certain flights. You get best value when flying from USA to Europe, USA to Puerto Rico, USA to Hawaii, USA to Tahiti, Houston to Northern South America, and USA to Tel Aviv.

British Airways Avios

British Airways has some good redeeming offers for your reward points. You get a transfer ratio of 1.25:1 for your reward miles, which can be used to buy tickets from USA (East Coast) to Europe, USA (West Coast) to Hawaii, Domestic USA/North America short-haul, Boston to Dublin, Miami to the Caribbean, Miami to Lima, Peru, and New York to Berlin. Another great advantage of British Airways is that they don’t add any last minute booking fees.

The Best Airline Credit Cards in the Market

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It is always difficult to choose the right credit card, because each has its own pros and cons. Everyone will be happy to have a few extra miles or rewards each time they book a flight or purchase something. However, each credit card benefits particular purchases, and therefore, it is important to choose one that suits your actual needs. Here is a list of credit cards with great rewards you could consider when opting for one.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

This is the best option for you if you are looking for huge rewards. It has the best travel redemption options, even though it is not a co-branded airline card. You could get up to 20% discount while booking a flight using reward points, which is approximately equal to 1.25 cent for each point.

It also allows redemption facilities like transferring of points at the ratio of 1:1 to a frequent flier program. Moreover, Chase Sapphire Preferred card lets you collect 2 miles per dollar spent at restaurants and bars. You can even earn 50,000 points bonus for a purchase of $4,000 within the first 3 months.

AAdvantage Platinum Select Card

This card is best suited for domestic travelers. You could earn 2 miles for each dollar spent on American Airlines flight tickets, and half the rate for other purchases. It has the best signup bonus when compared with other cards, and you can redeem up to 10% miles and get up to 1,000 miles redeemed each year. However, you would be limited to American Airlines and other One World partner airlines only when you wish to sell miles for travel purposes.

United Mileage Plus Explorer Card

The spending requirement for earning bonus is comparatively low with United Mileage Plus Explorer Card. However, it offers bonuses on adding authorized user. Free checked bag along with priority boarding are some specialties of this card. Two annual entry passes to United Club is also available. You also get 10,000 bonus points for spending above $25,000 within a year. Redeeming miles for airline travels is limited to United or Star Alliance partners.

Selling and Transferring Airline Miles for Good

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Most of the airlines these days offer frequent flyer bonus programs, wherein the person can make use of the miles to get rewards, especially in the form of discounted flight tickets. If you have enough miles to pay for the flight ticket, it is good. You do not have to wait for the miles to build up to book flight tickets. You may sell, buy, or transfer your reward points and miles to bag in an alluring deal.

Selling Miles

If you do not wish to make use of the reward points, you can sell it to someone who needs the miles. Anyone can sell miles through a reliable online broker. For this, you just need to provide your contact information, number of miles you want to sell, name of the airline company, expiration date, and the expected price per mile. The mileage broker would then find a buyer for your airline miles, and the miles will get transferred to the account of the buyer. Once the transaction is finished, you will receive the payment.

If you are directly selling air miles to someone, you can cut out the broker fee. This is similar to a transfer, but the difference is that you will get money, or gifts for the transfer of miles. This is a good method to sell miles, but the method has many risks involved in it, especially if the person who bought the miles is unable to find the seat that they need. So better to go with an agent who is well-versed in the miles transfer business.

Airline companies allow users to offer the miles to friends, family, or charities, but only if the recipient has an account with the same airline services. To do this, you can click on the Transfer Miles button on the reward program page, and provide required data like account information, details of the buyer, and the number of miles you wish to transfer. Even though sharing miles is free, do not assume that the complete process is free. The airline agencies also charge a stipulated fee for transfers.

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