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Delta Airline Offers Compensation to Stranded Passengers

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Delta Airlines is offering travel vouchers worth 200 dollars to their passengers who were affected by severe cancellation and delays recently. However, the case of travelers flying out of Europe is different. In this case, they may need to spend three times more, as customers flying out of Europe are covered by European Union consumer rules.

As per the rule, customers can claim between 250 and 600 Euros, or 374 to 665 dollars, as compensation in the event of flight delay or cancellation. For flights longer than 2,175 miles, passengers whose flights were delayed for more than 3 hours or cancelled can claim the top bracket of 665 dollars in compensation for the inconveniences.

Most of the Delta flights from EU exceed the flying distance of 2,175 miles. For instance, flying distance from Paris to Boston is about 3,400 miles and that from London to New York is about 3,500 miles.

“It is our intent obviously to comply with any rules,” said a Delta spokesperson. “We would be handling those [EU compensations] as those customers would call in,” she added.

Under the rules of EU, the compensation should be paid in cash, and not in travel vouchers. In addition, the airlines company will not have to make the payment under extraordinary conditions, such as bad weather, military or political unrest, terrorism or security issues in the airport, etc. However, there are no indications of extraordinary situations at the time of Delta disruption.

Delta is the second biggest airline in US and they cancelled about 1,775 of their 6,000 flights recently due to a technical glitch in their computer systems caused due to a power outage in their Atlanta headquarters.

“We continued today to steadily recover from the events of earlier this week that grounded our system, and are working hard to achieve a normal operation by midday tomorrow,” said Dave Holtz from Delta’s Operations and Customer Center.

Delta is now offering 200 dollars in travel vouchers to all their passengers whose flights were delayed over three hours or cancelled. They also added that these customers are also entitled for a refund for the flight ticket price.

Few Tips to Effectively Redeem your Reward Points

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We all love to earn miles and we know many ways through which we can accumulate the miles and earn a free trip. However, after accumulating enough miles, you may be wondering how to make the most of these rewards. Below are a few effective and expert techniques, which will help you to redeem miles for free travel.

International First Class

Generally, you might have to pay thousands of dollars if you want to fly in international first class. However, if you have enough reward points you can fly in an international first class for free.

A travel blogger, Ariana Arghandewal stated, “I recently booked a vacation to Asia for myself and four family members, using a combination of points and miles. We traveled to Singapore, Bali, and Hong Kong in mixture of business and first class. The airfare alone would have set us back $12,000 per person. Instead, we redeemed just around 125,000 miles per person. We stayed at some of the best hotels in each city and received elite benefits like club lounge access and amazing room upgrades.”

Award Tickets

This is another way to make the most of your miles. Many trip hackers suggest booking award tickets either immediately or at the very last minute. Grant Thomas, a BoardingArea blog, explains: “When it is time to search and book your award ticket, you have the greatest chance of success if you book way in the future (10–12 months before your flight) or last minute (one to two weeks before your flight). This does not work 100% of the time or during holiday travel, but it works pretty consistently.”

Most experts support the above statement, but they encourage redeemers to look for saver-level award seats as they can be purchased using less reward points.


Jonathan Sacks, a blogger use this amazing hack to earn Avios, which is the British Airways Club Currency. Earning Avio and redeeming them can earn you reward flight for short but pricey trips. “While everyone wants to redeem miles for exotic destinations, it can be hard to find those awards. For only 4500 Avios, you can fly on any Oneworld Alliance flight of up to 650 miles, Sacks, says.

You can earn Avio either by purchasing airline’s co-branded card or by transferring the points from other reward credit cards.

How to Redeem Citi ThankYou Points for Maximum Value

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In the latest monthly evaluation of TPG, Citi ThankYou points are listed at 1.6 cents per point. Citi has introduced many offers to improve the program, but it is still behind Chase Ultimate Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, and American Express Membership Rewards. However, there are many ways to sell Citi Thank You points, and some of the most efficient redemption options are explained below.


Citi allow users to redeem their points through many retail merchandise, but like the case of many of the merchandise redemption options, this is the worst one among the options. Nevertheless, Citi offers a unique ability to order things from Best Buy and collect them instantly at a local Best Buy store. This is very convenient, but you will get only less than a cent for each point you use this way.

You can also sell Citi Thank You points for Best Buy gift cards at one cent per point, and it is a relatively good option. Shopping at Live Nation or Amazon is also not efficient, as they offer only a poor 0.8 cents per point.

ThankYou Travel Center

Prestige and non-Premier cardholders have the option to redeem points for travel from the ThankYou Travel Center at an economic rate of one cent per point. The flight tickets booked with Citi ThankYou points are treated as revenue fares, which means that you can also earn miles for flying.

Premier cardholders have the option to redeem points for travel at 1.25 cents per point, where Prestige card holders are allowed to redeem points at 1.6 cents per point for American Airlines, or at 1.33 cents for other hotel, air, car, or cruise bookings.

Gift Cards

Users who do not have Prestige or Premier cards can get 1 cent per point maximum value by redeeming for travel and store gift cards. Many restaurants, travel companies, and retail stores also offer gift cards for Citi ThankYou points that start at 2,500 points.

4 Easy Ways To Earn Airline Miles

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Many individuals have a misconception that travel rewards can be acquired only through traveling. However, credit card sign up bonuses and spending through credit cards is also a common technique used by points and miles enthusiasts to earn travel rewards.

Actually, you can earn travel rewards through a few simple and innovative techniques. With a little time and effort, you can get travel rewards even without applying for credit cards or leaving your home. Here are a few ways through which you can easily acquire travel rewards.

Buy Web Services

Networks Solutions is a big name in internet domain name registration and most of us might be indulged in business with these web services. American Airlines offers 1000 miles for the individuals who purchase web services from Network Solutions and the offer starts at just $20. However, a similar offer is available with US Airways also.

Buy, Sell, or Refinance a Property

Earlier, this offer was much more common, but now American Airlines has them all. The referrals for moving and refinancing were awarded with miles, which gradually add up to hundreds of thousands of reward miles. Individuals, who buy or sell houses through an agent referred by a relocation services company, will be rewarded with American Airlines miles. AA also provides the same offer with both Home Realty Services and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.


Investing is another innovative way to earn frequent flyer miles. American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air, are three of the major airline companies who have established an agreement with Fidelity. The individuals who open a non-retirement Fidelity brokerage account are eligible for approximately 50,000 miles.

Signing up for Satellite Television

Many of the major domestic airlines offer free miles to individuals for subscribing to satellite television providers such as DirecTV and Dish Network. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to earn travel rewards. American Airlines offers around 25,000 AAdvantage miles to the subscribers who sign up for new DirecTV packages. However, subscribers can receive the same offer with United Airlines too.

Individuals, who sign up for Dish Network, are rewarded with miles by the US Airways; whereas rapid reward points are offered by Southwest Airways for individuals, who sign up for Dish Network packages.

Best Ways to Make Maximum Use of Your Credit Card Points

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Credit card points are great ways to get free stuff, cashback, and even vacations. However, figuring out exactly how to make use of these points can be difficult. You could get confused whether to transfer them into other loyalty programs, convert the points into cash, book a vacation, buy gift cards, or get an actual item. So to help you out, here are some ways make maximum use of your reward points and find out which one is better for you.


Using your points for cashback is one of the simplest and flexible ways. Most credit card points offer 1 point = 1 cent conversion, so it is easy to know about the true value of each of your point. If you have a lot of miles and you don’t plan to travel any time soon, then turn your flier miles to gift card or cash. One drawback of turning miles to cash however is that you will have to reach a threshold value in case of some programs to draw your rewards for cash.

Gift Cards

Using your points on gift cards are a good option, if you are planning to give them as gifts or if you want to buy something. Gift cards are also of great value if you obtain them on your credit card company’s rewards sale. However, gift cards can make you spend more money than you intend to. Yet again, you can sell your gift card on a second-hand gift card site to get more returns on your rewards.

Merchandise Awards

You can use your rewards to buy goods and products, but it is not a very good option always, as you might be able to get same goods at discounted rates at some other website. Therefore, you better do price comparison to see if it is a good deal before using your points to buy merchandise.

Travel Rewards

Using your points on hotels and airfare is one of the best ways to redeem your reward points, as it can save you a lot of money. Nevertheless, the process can be a bit complicated and frustrating due to expiration dates, restrictions and limited award seats on airlines. You will also need lots of miles to get elite status or free travel. It would be better if you let an expert handle the task, and help you get the most lucrative deal for your reward points.

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