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8 Ways to Become a Points and Miles Millionaire

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Many travel hackers from all around the world take advantage of travel rewards and use them to book free flights. And yes, there are numerous simple ways to accumulate points and miles even without frequent traveling.

Majority of travel hackers have successfully earned thousands of miles and points, even without stepping into a flight. Here are a few tips and simple ways, which will help you to accumulate miles and points.

Co-Branded Credit Card

Signing up for a new co-branded credit card is the best and fastest way to earn miles. Almost all co-branded cards offer a minimum of 30,000-mile joining bonus. Sign up for multiple credit cards to accumulate more points.

Points-Earning Credit Card

Point cards also offer huge sign up bonus to their customers. The bonus offered by points-earning credit card can be later redeemed or transferred with awarding flights.

Online Shopping Portals

Online shopping portals allow you to claim numerous points and miles. Whenever you are shopping online, such portals would help you to earn miles on every dollar you are spending.

Hotel Stays

Hotel loyalty programs allow us to earn free nights at hotels. If you are interested in earning flyer miles, then the best way would be to spend your night at a hotel. Many hotels offer approximately thousands of flyer miles for every night.

Eating and Drinking

Another easy and effective way to earn more points is by dining at the airlines restaurants. You will be rewarded for each dollar, which you will spend there. Use your credit cards to pay the bill, as the miles will then be automatically transferred to your account.

Transferring Miles

Transferring miles is another effective way to win more points and book a free flight in your favorite airline. In many cases, you will have to spend your money in order to earn miles. However, the value and quality of your flight will definitely be worth your money.

Car Rentals

Many major airlines are in partnership with a number of companies and this includes car rental companies like Hertz. Delta Airlines offer rewards up to 3,400 miles when you rent a car from Hertz.


Airline newsletter helps you to know about latest mileage earning opportunities. Newsletters provide you constant updates from the world of miles and points and allow you to earn more travel points and rewards.

Different Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Travel Credit Card

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Travel miles are great and they are an excellent way to earn free airline tickets. Numerous simple and effective tips are there to earn more travel miles and we can easily accumulate our travel miles through these ways and enjoy a free flight every once in a while. However, a travel credit card could offer you a lot more.

Adding a travel credit card to your wallet can bring numerous benefits. Nevertheless, there are a few basic things, which you should consider before signing up for a travel credit card. Below are a few basic facts to be considered before selecting a travel credit card.

Good Credit

Almost all reward credit cards require new cardholders to have excellent credit scores. Travel credit card is no exception. Therefore, before applying for a travel credit card, make sure you have a good credit score. If you don’t, it is wiser not to apply now.

Try to accumulate the points and then apply for your travel credit card, once you achieve a good credit score. The chances of getting your dream credit card increases when you have an excellent credit score.


There are more than a few reward credit cards available in the market. This means you will have to compare between different credit cards before making a choice. Another important factor to consider while selecting a reward credit card is how you travel.

Many individuals are loyal to a particular airline and they prefer to travel only via these airlines. If you are one among those individuals, then it is wiser to go for their branded airline credit card. However, if you do not prefer to travel in a single airline, then a generic card that offers plenty of rewards for travel purchases is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.

Reward Points

The reward offerings by each travel credit cards will be different. Hence, you will have to review each of the travel credit cards carefully before settling for a specific one. If you spend a certain sum of money within a few months after the purchase of your new credit card, you might even get a sign-up bonus.

The reward points offered by credit cards often vary on where you are spending your money. Hence, it is important to know the places that will maximize your reward points. So, examine and compare different travel credit cards before selecting one.

Sell Airline Miles Without Violating User Agreement

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Many individuals, who own plenty of reward points, doubt how to sell their reward points without violating the user agreement. However, if you are interested in selling your reward points, there are numerous options available to you. You can easily find an agency or a broker online and sell your miles effectively.

Michael, a TPG reader, who owns million of reward points said, “I have over a million points (a mixture of United miles, American miles, Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, British Airways Avios, Southwest points, StarPoints, US Airways miles, ANA and Delta SkyMiles). How can I sell the points without violating airlines’ user agreements? If I can sell them, how much can I get? How does the IRS look at the sale of points?”

Yes, you can easily sell your reward miles by finding a reputed agency online like YYZ Miles. We provide you with the complete details of the process and the price bidders are offering for your reward points. If the amount they offer seems reasonable to you, then you can proceed with the deal. If the amount seems unreasonable, then you can wait for a couple of days for a better deal.

There are a few other ways to sell miles as well. The programs offered by major airlines allow you to gift your points to your family and friends. However, you won’t be rewarded with a profit in majority of these programs.

The US Airways recently organized a 100% share miles bonus to their customers. The promo of this program stated that “Members may receive a maximum of​ ​50,000 bonus miles during the offer period.” An advantage of this program was that it allowed the customers to send their miles to other accounts. The customers were granted the wish to send as much as they like but each account was only eligible to earn up to 50,000 bonus miles.

A similar miles bonus program was also held by American Airlines. In this program, the customers were rewarded with a bonus of 20% bonus, when they share 5,000-25,000 miles. Whereas, the customers who shared 26,000-40,000 miles and 41,000-50,000 miles were rewarded with a bonus of 25 and 30 percent respectively.

However, the airline charged a fee of $20 for 1000 shared miles up to the first 5000 miles. JetBlue also launched an exciting offer Family Pooling, which allowed 5 children and 2 adults to share a single account. Yet the best of all such deals is to sell your miles through a reliable broker.

Some Air Miles Secrets Only Frequent Flyers Know

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Frequent flyers are often experts in redeeming and collecting miles for free travel. They know the best ways to squeeze out more value for each point, how to acquire more miles faster, where to find more awarding seats, and so. Below are some simple hacks used by frequent flyers for acquiring more miles that you can use for a free vacation trip.

Earning More Miles on Ground is Easier When Compared to Air

Even for the frequent flyers, a good portion of the miles acquired is from ground, and not from air. It is because most airline credit cards offer award miles through spending, not based on how far you fly. However, gaining points includes non-flying purchases as well. Use your card to for paying for all your expenses and watch your miles get added up.

There is no Need for an Airline Credit Card

A portion of the best travel rewards credit cards are not airline branded cards, though their points could be transferred to airline miles of your preference. It is in fact a good thing; this gives you the flexibility of choosing a credit card which offers the best rewards for your category of purchase. Say if you were a frequent visitor of restaurants, choose a credit card which offers extra bonus points for dinning.

Each Redemption Option does not Offer Same Value

When redeeming miles, frequent travelers know exactly how to look for the best deal. They plan ahead of time in order to grab the top award price, as well as compare different routes making higher value for their reward points.

Award Flights by Partner Airlines

If you are looking for an award seat on a specific airline, look for one that accepts your airline miles and search through their offered flights. Airline partner sites sometimes award seats only on it rather than the particular airline site and might even offer lower rates for the same trip.

First Class International and Business Flights

First class and business seats cost 2 to 3 fold compared to a normal ticket. However, if you were using miles to pay for your ticket, it would cost only 50% more to the normal rates. Therefore, it is better to use your accumulated miles for booking first class international flights instead of going for coach.

Check out the Citi Cards That Get you More Points

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Citi ThankYou points can be used for a wide range of rewards including gift cards, debt payment, merchandise, travel, and cash back. Below are some Citi cards that get you extra points.

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card – You get one point for every dollar spent on anything. For entertainment and dining at restaurants, you get 2X points.

Citi Prestige Card – Apart from one point for every dollar spent and 2X points on entertainment and restaurant dining, you also get 3X points on hotels, airfare, and travel spends.

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card for College Students – It is similar to the Citi ThankYou Preferred Card, and you get one point for every dollar spent on anything. Also, you get 2X points for entertainment and dining.

AT&T Access Card from Citi – You get one point for every dollar spent on anything. In addition to that, you get 2X points on travel websites, online purchases, and for services and products that you directly purchase from AT&T.

Get More Points

Customers of Citibank can get extra points by enrolling their checking accounts, setting up any qualifying bill payment, and by directly depositing money for each statement cycle. Rewards also depend on the monthly activities and account type.

Redeeming Citi Points

You can redeem Citi ThankYou points at the rate of 1 cent each or less. So you should try to get the maximum (that is 1 cent) for each point. You can use ThankYou points for student loans, mortgage, gift cards, rental certificates for Avis or SIXT, and charitable contributions, starting from 2,500 points to 10,000 points that amounts to $25 and $1000 respectively.

Choose gift cards and rental certificates carefully, as some may have lower redemption value; it would be better if you select one that gives 1 cent per point. Merchandise, cash, and statement credits get you value less than 1 cent for a point.

Transferring Citi Points

If you are not interested in any of the above option and if you have a lot of points then you can transfer them into different flier programs at a rate of 1:1. Airlines Asia Miles, Etihad Guest, EVA Air Infinity MileageLands, Flying Blue, Malaysia Airlines Enrich, Garuda Indonesia Frequent Flier, Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Virgin America Elevate, Qatar Airways Privilege Club, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer have programs in partnership with Citi.

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