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Why you Should Sell your Airline Miles

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Credit card points and travel rewards are great and they help you to get a free flight. There are many simple and effective ways to earn more reward points and slowly accumulate them. Many major airline companies also give attractive offers and deals for customers to double or significantly increase their credit points.

However, a few travelers might not have any plans to redeem the points. Carlyn is one such frequent traveler, who earned many credit card points, but wasn’t in any mood to redeem them. So, she decided to make the most of her credit card reward points by selling them through a mileage broker.

“I didn’t see a value in holding onto them hoping that I would find a flight I could use,” Carlyn said. The mileage broker helped her to claim a great profit even though she did take a bit of a gamble.

It is important to find a reliable mileage broker and thoroughly learn about the entire process before heading forward. You should also learn about how much they are offering for each of you rewards points. If you are happy with the amount they are offering, only then you should continue with the deal and sell miles.

In majority of the cases, the points sold by the individuals to the brokers are redeemed for a flight ticket, which they eventually sell to someone else. However, in some of the cases, airline companies allow you to sell reward points or credit card points to your friends and family members.

Brian Kelly, a reward points expert says that, “The airlines and credit card companies are looking for transferring of points to people in different states, different last names and different geographical regions.”

However, travel points expert, Eli Hoffman says that, “Airlines definitely do not want the client to sell their miles to a company like ours. Even if something did arise, we still guarantee payment; you would keep the payment even if your account got shut down.”

However, Carlyn admitted that she was happy and satisfied with the deal and said, “I made money selling miles that I’m no longer using and somebody else that needed a last minute flight was able to save some money.”

Earn 3x United Miles While Booking Airbnb Stays

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We all know that there have been only limited chances to earn bonus points or miles on Airbnb purchases. Only a few cards like Citi ThankYou Premier or the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer 3X points on travel purchases. However, United Miles have released an app that has added Airbnb as one of their merchants. This means that users can earn at least 3X United Miles for the Airbnb purchases, other than the miles and points earned with their credit card.

For each dollar that you spend on Airbnb, you will be getting 3 United Miles. The TPG value of United Miles is 1.5 cent per mile. Users can also earn points from the credit card purchases. For instance, if you are using Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you could earn 3X Ultimate Reward points, which means that a purchase of five hundred dollars can lead to 3,000 points in total. You can buy an Airbnb gift card as well and then credit it to your Airbnb account.

Further, card holders with United Mileage Plus Explorer cards can get 25% bonus on any earnings made through the app, even though the card is not used to make the purchase. This will boost your bonus to 3.75 miles per dollar. If you do not have a United Mileage Plus Explorer card, you can earn 30,000 bonus United miles after spending thousand dollars for purchases in the first three months of sign up, if you signup now.

In another news, Airbnb has partnered with Qantas Airlines. This partnership allows you to earn Qantas miles by booking Airbnb stays making use of the carrier’s website. Under this scheme, for every dollar that you spent with Airbnb, you can get a Qantas mile. The unfortunate thing is that it is not possible to stack up these promos, so it will be a better option to make the purchases through the United Miles app.

If you were looking to make some money by selling miles that you have accumulated over the past, you can get in touch with a reliable mileage broker like YYZ Miles, and get the top deal on your reward points.

Converting Hotel Points to Airline Miles

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Many hotel loyalty programs these days offer the option to convert their loyalty points to airline miles, but you may need to sacrifice some value in this process. For instance, both Hilton and Club Carlson offer an interesting exchange rate of 10:1 with most of the airlines, whereas IHG offers a bad deal of 5:1. In general, it is not a wise idea to swap hotel points for miles, unless you are sure that you will not use up the points for hotel stays.

If you need to swap hotel points for miles, it will be better to transfer large quantities of points, as you can have a better return with that. For example, suppose that you are planning to exchange Marriot rewards points for airline miles. If you transfer the points to American Airlines, you can have an exchange rate of 5:1 at the lowest tier, which improves when you go up the tier. At the highest tier, you can have values less than 3:1. This is why it is best to transfer large quantities of points.

If you are transferring to MileagePlus, you can have even better returns, as Marriot has partnership with United Airlines. Here, you can get returns of nearly 2:1 at the highest tier, and it would be a fair trade. If you were able to take advantage of any transfer promotions, you might even claim better returns on transfer.

United Airlines is also one of the most rewarding programs when you book Marriot hotel and air packages bundled, as you can have a 10% return as mileage bonus with that. This means that in this package, you can redeem 200,000 points for 55,000 miles together with a seven-night stay in category 1-5 hotel.

You may also consider transferring your points to Southwest, as these points can make you qualify for the companion pass. Do not expect the same rate that you got with United, but still, it is a good redemption option.

Marriott International Loyalty Program Members will Receive Reciprocal Benefits

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The first major decision from Marriott International after their merger with Starwood Hotels and Resorts was to provide reciprocal benefits to each of their loyalty program members.

Marriott International purchased Starwood in an estimated $13 billion deal. This deal allowed Marriott International to become the largest hotel company in the world. Marriott launched 30 new brands and expanded their business to over 5,700 hotels.

Reports indicate that Marriott owns approximately 1.1 million rooms in over 100 countries. This major decision enabled the members of the Marriott Rewards program and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) to link their accounts at the official site of Marriott, so that they could earn and redeem their reward points.

In an interview, Marriott CEO, Arne Sorenson said, “We did want to deliver real benefits to our customers immediately.” She also added that the two programs will continue as separate and Marriott will focus on product and technology enhancements.

Sorenson also confirmed that their merger with Starwood Hotels and Resorts will approximately double the presence of their company in lucrative regions such as Africa, Middle East, and Asia. This is one of the biggest hotel mergers in the recent years. Prior to this merger, IHG and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants also entered into a merger last year.

Even though many individuals have showed their likeness towards this recent merger, executive director of the Master’s of Hospitality Management Program at Georgetown University, Gray Shealy, feels that the merger will be less rocky. “They’ve had tons and tons of time to prepare for it,” Shealy said. “If anyone is going to do it as smoothly as possible it would be Marriott. Airline operations are so wildly different than hotel operations.”

Senior hotel research analyst at Baird, David Loeb stated that a lot more options would be available to the Marriott customers because of this merger. Loeb said that the options might not be available over the entire industry. “It will be tougher and tougher for smaller companies to compete. Consumers do like choice,” he added.

Sorenson has also confirmed that they are planning to retain the existing brands of the company. “We think we’re advantaged and our customers are advantaged by having more choice, not less,” Sorenson said. He also added that Marriott plans to “provide as clear a distinction as we can between the brands in terms of product and service so that our customers can have a sense of what each brand stands for.”

AmEx Offers Big Savings on Airlines

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AmEx offers run for a limited time and are usually targeted at American Express cardholders. Among the average offers, there are many compelling deals that you should not miss. If you have ever looked through the list of the offers, you will know how overwhelming it can be. The best travel related AmEx offers are discussed below.

Aerolineas Argentinas

You can spend just five hundred dollars and get cash back of a hundred dollars via this airline. In addition, multiple purchases made with the card will count towards the five hundred dollars spending requirement. The offer can be found on Business Gold Rewards card from American Express OPEN, Starwood Preferred Guest Business credit card from American Express, and Hilton HHonors Surpass credit card.

This offer is only valid for purchases of air tickets and add-ons that are bought at the same time. Moreover, you should purchase directly from Aerolineas Argentinas and the transaction should be done in US dollars. The offer is running now and is valid until November 15, 2016.


Spend just thousand dollars to get cash back of two hundred dollars. The offer is applicable for American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, as well as for AmEx EveryDay and AmEx Green cards. The different purchases made with the card count towards the thousand dollars spending requirement. However, the purchases like in-flight wireless internet access, charitable contributions, shows, games and movies accessed through a personal electronic device and SkyMiles Cruises do not qualify for the offer.

Virgin Atlantic

This offer lets you have cash back of two hundred dollars per thousand dollars spent. The purchased limit is not yet clear but it is recommended to make a purchase of thousand or more dollars to avail this offer. Also, the purchases should be made on the US website of Virgin Atlantic or from the mobile app of the airline company. The offer is valid until November 6, 2016.

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