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Benefits of Medallion Status for Delta SkyMiles Frequent Flyers

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Delta SkyMiles Medallion Status

One of the best airline miles and flyer programs currently available is the Delta SkyMiles. By using a Delta SkyMiles program, the members are allowed to earn and sell delta SkyMiles via different means. Enrolling in a free basic SkyMiles membership program will provide the customers a means to earn about five miles for each of the dollar spent on any Delta, Delta Connection, or Delta Shuttle airline. However, there are many other ways that a member could earn miles.

One such way is by using any of the partner airlines of Delta such as KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, and Aeromexico. Besides, the medallion status is another way that members can use to earn flyer miles. Customers having Delta SkyMiles credit card can earn about two miles for each dollar spent on Delta flights. The medallions program is one way to get elite status and comfort during flights.

Members enrolled in Medallion program are provided the option to exchange their SkyMiles to Starpoints. Currently, the Delta Air Lines provides about four tiers in its elite membership scheme known as the Medallion status. A separate category known as the Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) is used to attain the Medallion status and not using frequent flyers. A traveler can earn MQMs depending on the distance flown, class, and the annual Delta SkyMiles spending or Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs).

Diamond Medallion Status

The Diamond Medallion status is eligible for frequent flyers who have earned about 125,000 MQMs and spent $15,000 MQDs or more. The benefits are much larger in this program and include boarding and seating propriety, free checked bags, quick security checkups, free cabin upgrades, access to the lounge, waived standby, direct ticketing fees, two welcome gifts based on their choice, and a complimentary membership in the Delta Sky Club. Diamond Medallion members can also earn about eleven miles for each dollar spent.

Platinum Medallion Status

Frequent flyers can receive the Platinum Medallion status after they earn about 75,000 MQMs and by spending about $9000 MQDs or more. The advantages for the members include free checked bags, boarding and seating priority, fast security checkups, access to lunge, direct ticketing fees, waived standby, and a welcome gift depending on their choice. The members can earn about nine dollars for each of the dollars they spent on Delta flights.

Gold Medallion Status

Frequent flyers can earn the Gold Medallion status by earning about 50,000 MQMs alongside spending $6000 MQDs or more. The many benefits received by Gold Medallion members include free checked bags, priority in boarding and spending, access to the lounge, free upgrades to the cabin, and quick security checks. Members of the Gold Medallion status can earn about eight miles for each of the dollars spent on their Delta flights.

Silver Medallion Status

The Silver Medallion status is the basic of them all and eligible for frequent flyers that have earned about 25,000 MQMs alongside spending $3000 MQDs or more. The advantages for the members include free checked bags, boarding and seating priority, and free cabin upgrades. Members can earn about seven miles for each dollar used on Delta flights.

How to Book Cheaper Air Tickets

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Book Cheaper Air Tickets

Airfare can be the biggest expense of many trips. Many a times, expensive air tickets mean that you will have to choose destination that is more affordable or cut down the expenses at the vacation spots to stay within your budget. If you are wondering how to book cheap flights, you can follow the tips that are shared below.

Book Early

Airline experts say that plane tickets can jump in price in the final three weeks of departure. Booking the flight ticket as soon as possible is the best way to bag the ticket for the lowest possible price. It will be possible for you to get the best rates if you can book the ticket before three months to thirty days prior.

Set Price Alerts

If you are not ready to buy the ticket much early, you can set a price alert, which can notify you when the ticket prices rises or drops. Tickets prices can fluctuate and even a small drop in the price can help you have large savings, if you are planning to buy a ticket for every member of your family. Travel search engines such as Google Flights can even offer you the details of different flight trends in the form of a graph. You can make use of the graphical data to understand the price trends.

Book Connection Flight

If you are not in a rush to reach your destination, you can book a connection flight, as it can be cheaper option that boarding a non-stop flight. You can search with filters like non-stop, one stop, and two plus stops in the travel search engines. Experts say that it is also a good idea to fly in mixed carriers, as it might help you save some cash.

Use Multiple Travel Portals

Before directly booking the ticket from the carrier’s website, you need to compare the price with third party booking websites. You might be possible to find better deals in third party websites, at times. You can find many third party websites and comparing the price, and if you are lucky enough, these sites might help you bag a discount on the air ticket.

Use Airline Reward Points

If you are a frequent flyer, or prefer traveling with a specific airline only, join the airline membership plan to get reward points each time you travel. This way, you could have enough airline points one day that you could buy a flight ticket for free. However, if you wanted to make the most of air miles, you would need to keep an eye on the expiry dates.

How Travelers can Breakdown the Ideal Travel Rewards Card

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Ideal Travel Rewards Card

Each and every airline loyalty program offers co-branded credit cards to the loyal travelers as a travel rewards card, and so do the banks. The three types of travel rewards cards offered to the travelers of an airline carrier are as explained below.

The Airline Rewards Cards

If you sign up for the travel reward card offered by an airline, you can make purchases on participant hotels and that will earn you air miles. You can use the air miles toward booking advance flights, upgrade flight tickets to economy class, or even priority board if the airline welcomes your loyalty. Needless to say, the airline-specific travel rewards card will show the combined reward points on the airline mileage account. Such types of cards are ideally suited if you fly frequently or dine in a participant hotel.

The Fixed-Value Cards

The fix-value cards will also let you evade the hassles of blackout dates in travel rewards system, as there are banks that offer travelers fixed-value cards with no blackout dates. They are fixed because they won’t let you transfer reward points to air mileage accounts of partnering airlines or hotels participating in the same loyalty program. Fixed-value cards have a fixed redemption rate set by the bank and they are ideally suited for travelers who earn reward points by purchasing than flying.

The Convertible Point Cards

The reward points earned can be converted to airline mileage account of partnering airlines or hotel brands participating in the same loyalty program as the card issuer. That is why the convertible point cardholders have the convenience of spending and transferring the reward points to air miles. Some examples of convertible point cards are the Starwood Preferred Guest card, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, etc.

How Travelers can Breakdown the Ideal Travel Rewards Card

People tend to choose one travel reward card from the above categories in the US. Some get cash for miles by choosing the right travel reward cards and sell miles as per the spending style and travel plans. Just like fixed-value cards, the convertible points cards let travelers redeem the reward points with participant hotels or flights at a pegged redemption rate. This rate is usually 1 cent per reward point in most of the credit card companies, but there are brokers who offer more.

The Best Frequent Flyer Programs for Elite Flyers

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United Airlines and Alaska Airlines offer the best benefits to their frequent flyer program elite members. This is as per the findings of a new study that was released recently. Frequent flyer programs of six largest US airlines, namely American, Alaska, JetBlue, Delta, United, and Southwest airlines were analyzed in the study.

In the study, the program benefits for flyers that travel 25,000 miles and spend three thousand dollars; 50,000 miles and spend six thousand dollars; 75,000 miles and spend nine thousand dollars; and 125,000 miles and fifteen thousand dollars per year were taken into consideration.

The elite policies of Alaska Airlines were rated first, largely because the airline “still rewards its flyers with miles based on distance flown rather than dollars spent,” says an analyst Nick Ewen. “For an elite member, this can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of extra miles that can then be redeemed on various partners like Air France, Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines.”

The analyst also congratulates Alaska Airlines for their issuance of certificates to upgrade seats. All those frequent flyers who accumulate 50,000 miles and spend six thousand dollars per year will qualify to get an MVP Gold status. The MVP Gold status can offer four Gold Guest Upgrade certificates, which can be used either by the member or transferred to a family member or a friend.

“No other carrier offers this type of flexible perk to mid-tier elites (those who fly 50,000 miles and spend $6,000 per year),” Ewen says. “Finally, Alaska waives all change and cancellation fees for members of MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K (those who fly 75,000 miles and spend $9,000), providing these elite flyers with incredible flexibility on their tickets.”

Even though the elite policies of Alaska Airlines ranked number one, overall, the carrier dropped to the fourth position. United Airlines was ranked first for the elite flyers that fly 125,000 miles and spend fifteen thousand dollars per year. Ewen says that the primary reason for the top billing of United Airlines is the upgrade certificates that they offer.

The Premier 1K program of United Airlines that frequent flyers qualify by flying a minimum of 100,000 miles and spending twelve thousand dollars a year offers six Regional Upgrade certificates that are valid on short-haul international and domestic flights. Moreover, these flyers earn additional upgrade for every 25,000 miles flown.

Useful Tips to Increase Avios Reward Points

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Frequent flyers that carry out many holidays and business trips are the main recipients of airline reward schemes. Among the various airline reward schemes available, Avios is the most prominent one. It allows frequent flyers to collect points and sell British Airway points that can be used for getting free flights or for any upgrades to the existing schemes. Frequent flyers can earn reward points using the scheme by flying with either British Airways or any of its partners such as Flybe, Iberia, and Aer Lingus.

Compared to other flights, British Airways offers 125 points per flight. The top-up balance points are up to 100,000 Avios for each year. These points will expire after a period of three years if they are not collected, spent, or transferred. However, these reward points are also available to others who do not fly regularly.

There are several ways that to increase the Avios reward points for occasional flyers. Below are some useful tips to increase Avios reward points.

Collect Points when Spending

When you access Avios E-store, you can stack up points when purchasing anything online. The presence of numerous retailer offers is a way to increase your rewards point earnings. Brands such as John Lewis allow earning about two points for every one pound that a user spends. These points increase in other reputed brands, allowing a flyer to accumulate many points during their spending when purchasing online.

Swapping Loyalty Points from Other Schemes

There is also the option to exchange your current loyalty points from other airline schemes with that of Avios points. Users can exchange their points by spending 2.50 pounds for Clubcard vouchers that allow them to earn an additional 600 Avios points. In supermarkets, it allows you to earn one point for one pound spent.

These rates are increased with five points for one pound and about eight points for a pound when shopping elsewhere. These swapping of points are one of the most rewarding aspects of the Avios scheme.

Using Survey Sites

This is one of the easiest ways to rack up the airline points for both frequent and occasional flyers. By providing an opinion onto survey sites that are signed up with Avios scheme, one can actually earn Avios points for free. Sites such as e-Rewards pay the user with opinion points each time a user completes a survey. This can be easily exchanged for Avios reward points and a user can earn about 800 points just by signing up for an account and completing the survey.

American Express and Delta Air Lines Unveil New Travel Rewards Card

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The one-way economy reward flights in most of the airline loyalty programs across the US start at 7500 bonus miles. You may know that airline carriers often focus on giving bonus reward points to co-branded travel rewards cards for an annual subscription fee as a customary practice. However, this year has seen two exceptions to that practice – first with the unveiling of the Chase United TravelBank Card of United Airlines and now with Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.

The co-branded travel reward card of Blue Delta AmEx and American Express is launched in association with Delta Air Lines, and it carries “no annual subscription fees”. The Delta credit card owners have a chance to earn 10000 bonus miles provided they spend $500 three months into owning the card – except for the current owners of Delta SkyMiles options card and other fee-based cards from Delta.

In fact, the Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card is the first co-branded travel rewards card to award the bonus reward points for restaurant purchases. Cardholders can earn two Delta SkyMiles on each dollar they may choose to spend in any of the participating restaurants, including Marriot Hotels.

The Blue Delta AmEx Bank will charge a charge a 2.7 percent “foreign transaction fee” and the cardholder may have to pay an annual percentage rate (APR) as well from 16.75 to 25.74 percent based on the creditworthiness. If you can earn 10000 Bonus SkyMiles, you can either fly one-way in the economy class or keep the balance and earn a round-trip award ticket or upgrade to a first-class ticket.

On the flipside to that, the Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card won’t qualify for free checked baggage clearance, bonus miles, and priority boarding on American Express or Delta Air Lines. Keep the balance and sell American Express points if some liquid cash is what you are looking for. Else, you could also transfer the points to Starwood Preferred Guest card and sell Starwood points for cash.

Regarding point redemption, cardholders can use the reward points in the Blue Delta SkyMiles credit card to redeem the Delta award flights. The same goes for SkyMiles earned from any co-branded fee-based credit cards or even the full Delta flights including roundtrips in the economy class.

3 Tips to Earn Holiday Flight Deals with your Airline Miles

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Redeeming your hard-earned airlines miles to earn a free holiday flight can be one of the most tricky things to do. This is because most people usually end up paying a lot more than what they actually need to pay, while others compromise on the flight. In short, airline travelers fail to make the most of their valuable miles in either cases.

Usually when this happens, most of us feel that our airline miles are not worth at all. However, you will be easily able to make the most of your airline miles, if you know when and how to use them. Below are a few simple tips that will enable you to earn delightful holiday flight deals with your airline miles.

Check Out Partner Airlines

Many airline travelers fail to realize the fact that they can redeem air travel points on one or multiple airlines but it will depend on the partners of the airline. In fact, with some airlines, you will be able to gain more airline miles. So, linking up with other airlines can help you to get better deals or seats on a holiday flight.

Call an Agent

If you are planning to book a holiday flight on a busy travel season, it is best to get in touch with an agent and ask them to do the job for you. This will allow you to get through the system a lot more quickly. However, it is significant to note that some airlines charge advance reservation fees from customers. So, you should consider whether it is a good deal or not before you make a decision.

Select the Best Seat

Many of us fail to realize the fact that business class seats are a far better choice than coach seats when it comes to holiday flights. This is because the number of business people traveling in the flight will be comparatively a lot less. It is true that choosing business class seats may cost you a bit more but you can put good use of you airline miles and acquire a far better deal for business class flight tickets.

In addition to these three things, you should also be ready to spare a little amount of time to research on airline miles. Some cards prevent users from using their miles on holiday travel. If you are such a cardholder, get in touch with a reliable mileage broker to know what you can do in such a situation.

U.S. News & World Report Ranks the Best Travel Rewards Programs of 2017

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As per the annual rankings published by U.S. News & World Report for the period 2017-18, Marriot Rewards retains the No. 1 spot among the “Best Hotel Rewards Programs”. The hotel chain in the US offers participants in Marriot Rewards the ease of earning reward points through co-branded credit cards.

U.S. News & World Report is a nationwide “publisher of Best Hotels, Best Cruise Lines and Best Vacations”. Their annual rankings also single out up to 26 hotel loyalty programs as well as loyalty programs of airlines offering reward points for “everyday travelers”. U.S. News & World Report categorizes the “Best Travel Rewards Programs” into two, namely “Best Hotel Rewards Programs” and Best “Airline Rewards Programs”.

Amongst the “Best Airline Rewards Programs,” Alaska Mileage Plan retained the No. 1 position for the third year running. Flyers earn points on Alaska Airlines based on the distance flew as well as the travel class. The more distance traveled and the better travel class, the more frequent flyer points members can earn.

Commenting on Alaska Mileage Plan, U.S. News & World Report said that the “earning structure makes it easier for travelers to earn miles at a faster pace than with revenue-based earning programs.”

Bagging the No. 2 spot in the “Best Airline Rewards Programs” category is Delta SkyMiles, and they won the position thanks to the competent redemption rates for award tickets as well as other benefits, like air miles for hotel stays, flight cabin upgrades, and freebie flights.

Wyndham Rewards, Choice Privileges, World of Hyatt, and Best Western Rewards also featured in the top five and loyalty programs JetBlue TrueBlue, Southwest Rapid Rewards, and United MileagePlus also featured in the annual rankings by U.S. News & World Report.

“Today’s travelers have so many rewards programs to choose from, comparing and contrasting them based on your specific needs can be a challenge,” said Christine Smith, associate travel editor at the U.S. News. “Our Best Travel Rewards Programs rankings emphasize the ease of earning points and miles, and redeeming them for free nights and flights, which everyday travelers identify as a top reason to join a loyalty program.”

Analyzing Connect and Collect Through Marriott Rewards

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Marriot has a history of giving the participants a chance to earn reward points through the social media platforms. Hash tags are now trending on Twitter and Marriot has recently used that strategy for getting more traction and to widen their brand appeal. Marriot is making a wave to brand via social media connections and offering reward points in lots and “Connect and Collect Through Marriott Rewards” is a case in point.

If flyers combine the Marriott & Starwood Preferred Guest accounts and transfer Marriot points to SPG points, they can sell Starwoods points for many benefits. By connecting with Marriot account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, flyers can earn reward points by as many as 750.

To transfer Marriot points to Chase Ultimate Rewards points, the flyers should have a co-branded Marriott credit card. By participating in Connect and Collect Through Marriott Rewards campaign, earning more reward points, and maintaining account balance, flyers can transfer them to air miles efficiently.

As Marriot acquired Starwood recently, the latter has over 30 airline partners participating in their loyalty program. Flyers now transfer the Starpoints in over 30 airline partners at a 1:1 ratio mostly – for 1 Starpoint, 1 air mile that is. In addition to that, flyers can earn 5,000 bonus Starpoints by transferring 20,000 Starpoints.

Try linking Twitter and Instagram accounts with Marriot Rewards account, and you could get as many as 250 reward points. However, to get a maximum of 45,000 points a year would take some social networking skills and frequent participating from the flyers’ part. Apparently, some participant hotels in the Marriot Rewards program will cost precisely 45,000 points for a one-night stay.

To get 45,000 Marriot points, flyers will have to keep participating in the Connect and Collect Through Marriott Rewards campaign for a year or so, which will make them wait longer. One minor drawback with the campaign is that the points earned via the program will not set straight the existing Marriot Rewards account if the points expire from the account.

Earning points is the best way to keep an airline mileage accounts from expiring, but that is not true in this case.

How Frequent Flyer Programs can Benefit you

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Selling or exchanging frequent flyer miles for cash can be easily referred as the process of virtually trading reward points online. The airline loyalty programs or Frequent Flyer Programs have been around since the year 1970. The FFP concept of most airlines is pretty much straightforward – to preserve the loyal passengers of an airline company and reward them

Frequent Flyer Programs have always helped the airlines and travelers to reap mutual benefits. However, it is true that most frequent flyers and even casual travelers in the country have no clue on how to reap mutual benefits through these FFP loyalty programs.

Airline travelers acquire air miles through ticket bookings and they normally exchange the accumulated reward points for booking flights later. The first and foremost thing you should do is to find an airline that offers exciting reward programs to their customers.

Several airlines have collaborated themselves with one another, which means that their customers will be able to use the accumulated airline miles on all the airlines that are under the same umbrella. Another simple way to acquire frequent flyer miles is through credit cards.

Several credit cards provide a large number of reward points to cardholders in the initial sign up process and the cardholders can also earn bonus reward points later by simply using the credit card for a said sum in the first few months. However, it is wiser to do a little bit of research before choosing a certain credit card, as it will help you earn more rewards in the long run.

A passenger who is traveling from London to Dubai with a cheap economy class airline ticket will earn lesser reward points when compared to a person who is traveling the same distance in a business class. This implies that air miles will vary for travelers on the basis of the distance they travel as well as the flight class they choose.

You might be already aware of the fact that you will not be able to earn a huge sum of frequent flyer miles just be buying airline tickets and traveling. This is where the Frequent Flyers Programs offered by airlines come into play. These programs will help you acquire thousands of reward points without much effort. If you are a frequent flyer, you must consider about becoming a FFP member because it will significantly increase your chances of acquiring a bigger reward.

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