Why Cardholders Love Rewards and Cash Backs

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As per a recent survey conducted on credit card holders, many of the cardholders are not looking for new offers. According to the study, around fifty five million cardholders in the US rank cash back and rewards as the best benefits of credit cards. The popularity of these rewards has made many credit card holders to switch their cards, as forty-two percent of the people who took part in the survey switched their credit cards in the past years.

There is also a large segment of credit card users that never switch their credit cards, despite the numerous reward programs that are offered. Thirty-eight percent of the people who took part in the survey said that they had not changed their main and most used credit card in the last ten years.

“People tend to select their primary card based on features that are important to them, from travel or cash back awards to low interest rates, but that doesn’t mean those features remain stagnant,” said Jeff Sigmund, who is the spokesman for the American Bankers Association. “Competition drives innovation to increase the customer loyalty that’s so important to card issuers.”

Below is a rundown of the main findings of the survey.

Rewards and Cash Backs are at the Top

Forty percent of the credit card holders who took part in the survey said that cash backs and rewards were their favorite benefits. About a quarter said that it was due to the rewards and cash backs that they signed up for their primary credit cards. Twenty-one percent said that low interest rate was their attraction while signing up for the credit card, and eighteen percent said that they signed up for the credit card for a low annual percentage rate(APR).

Middle Aged Users like Rewards

The survey showed that sixty-two percent of the cardholders who were between the ages of twenty-seven and thirty-six were more interested in reward programs, as they said that cash backs and rewards were the best thing that they like about their credit card.

Loyalty Comes with Age

The survey also showed that elderly people are more loyal to credit cards. These people stick with the same credit card for a longer period when compared to the millennials and new generation people.

Favorite Card offers Peace of Mind

Fifty-seven percent of the credit card holders who took part in the survey said that their favorite credit card offers purchase protection. Other popular benefits are extended warranties on purchases, rental car insurance, and price protection.

Act Fast To Bag 35,000 Bonus Points On Starwood AmEx Card Signup

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The Starwood American Express credit card has done it again. Both the business and consumer versions of the hotel credit card are offering great signup bonuses, giving the new cardholders chance to get up to 35,000 Starpoints. New cardholders can get this sign up bonus by hitting the spending limits within 3 months.

Experts claim that the 35,000 points are worth 805 dollars when you sell AmEx points for cash. This offer from Starwood comes more than a year after the announcement of the plans of Marriot to acquire Starwood. Read below to know the details of the new offer.

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

This offer is for the new users who are signing up for the Starwood Preferred Guest credit card. Cardholders can earn up to 25,000 bonus Starpoints, but the person should use the new card to make purchases worth 3,000 dollars within the first three months of sign up.

There is also a limited time offer that allows users to get an extra 10,000 bonus Starpoints, but to avail the offer the user need to make a purchase of 2,000 dollars in addition to the 3,000 dollars purchase and the additional purchase should be done within six months of signing up for the card.

This signup offer from Starwood ends on 04/05/2017. The annual fee for the credit card is zero dollars for the first year and then ninety-five dollars annually.

Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card from American Express

Business users can earn up to 35,000 bonus Starpoints in two stages like the Starwood Preferred Guest credit card. Users can earn 25,000 Starpoints if they make a purchase of 5,000 dollars within the first three months of sign up. They can also have an additional 10,000 bonus points when they make an extra purchase worth 3,000 dollars within six months of signup. The annual fee for this card is same as that of the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card and the offer will end on 04/05/2017.

This latest promotion from Starwood matches the biggest bonus offer that the card issuer offered on March previous year. Both of the cards will earn you 2 Starpoints on each dollar spent at Starwood properties. These points are in addition to the two or three points that user will get as a Starwood Preferred Guest member and the 2 points earned per dollar spent at the Marriott Rewards hotels.

Users can also get one point per dollar spent on all the other purchases. Users can transfer these points the airline partners or redeem the points for stays at Starwood hotels.

Discover It Miles vs. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

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Owning a great reward card can bring tons of benefits to you. An excellent rewards card helps you to gain extra money in the form of miles, points, or as cash back. If you are new to the world of reward points, then it might be a little bit hard for you to decide which rewards card is the best option for you. However, a little knowledge on these rewards cards will help you to easily decide which one is the accurate choice for you. Below are some important details on two of the most popular types of rewards cards in the US. Learn the difference between these two before setting for one.

Discover It Miles

Discover It Miles credit card offers unlimited 1.5x rewards to customers on their every purchase and on every day. You will be able to earn 1.5x miles by spending just $1. The rewards earned by the new card members will be matched at the end of the first year. Besides, you do not have to worry about the annual fee for Discover It Miles credit card either.

There will be no minimums or purchase caps, no limit, and no signing for the new card members. You will be also able to redeem your rewards for travel credit or for cash. This reward card offers $1 for every 100 miles that you have earned. Furthermore, you will also receive free FICO Credit Score on monthly statements, online and on mobile.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

If you are able to spend an amount of $3000 on purchases in the first three months of approval, then Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card allows you to enjoy a one-time bonus of 40,000 miles. This is equal to $400 in travel. In addition to that, this credit card also let you earn 2x miles per each dollar on every day and for every purchase.

Owning this credit card will also give you the opportunity to stay at any hotel of your choice and to fly on any airline you wish. You will be also able to travel whenever you want with no blackout dates. Another advantage of settling for this credit card is that there is no limit on how much you can earn and the miles never expire.

Earn More Miles and Points this Year with These Strategies

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For many of us, the favorite thing about our credit card is the rewards that the card is going to earn us. We all want to do whatever we can to increase those rewards. You can follow the expert tips that are shared below to earn more miles, cash back, or points on your new credit card.

Add Authorized User if the Card Offers Additional Bonus

Some of the popular credit cards offer additional signup bonus if you add an authorized user within a period and having him or her make a purchase with the card. If the new card that you have signed up for offers this facility and you have someone you are comfortable adding to it as an authorized user, you can use this method to gain some extra points.

Nevertheless, you should know what an authorized user is before doing this. An authorized user will have the permissions to use the credit card account, but will not have any legal obligations to make payments or changes to the card and the owner of the credit card can remove an authorized user anytime.

Use Bonus Mall While Shopping Online

Bonus mall is a shopping portal that allows users to avail rewards and discounts on their online purchases. To make use of it, you will need to go to the bonus mall website of the credit card issuer and select the retailer of your choice before making the purchase.

You may then pay with your credit card to reap the benefits. Most of the issuers have bonus malls and some of the most popular ones are Chase Ultimate Rewards, Discover Deals, and Citi Bonus Cash Center.

Couple up Cards

Some of the credit cards work well with other cards to maximize your rewards. For instance, if you use Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred Card you can use the five percent bonus categories and Chase Ultimate Rewards site to redeem rewards to maximize the points that you earn. If you are a traveler, you can transfer the points to different frequent flyer programs to avail better deals.

These are some of the tips to improve your rewards and earnings. If you wish to have major rewards, you will have to meet the necessary spending limit. In addition, you may have to opt into bonus categories and use the card whenever you can make the purchase without a fee.

When You Should Redeem Your Miles Rather Than Paying Cash

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Accumulating rewards points and using them later is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make the most of your travel, plus it also helps to enjoy numerous benefits and other luxuries without making any cash payments. In certain instances, it is wiser to redeem some of your miles rather than using your credit card to make the payment or pay in cash. Many travelers wonder when they should cash-in their miles. So, here are a few tips to help you decide whether to make cash payments or to redeem your points.

Booking a Last-Minute Domestic Flight

Domestic airlines are a lot cheaper in most cases, which means that it wiser to make cash payments for them rather than redeeming your valuable miles. However, if you are planning to book a flight for the next day or two, then redeeming your miles will help you to save a lot on last-minute added airfare. Moreover, many airlines offer award seats especially at the last minute.

Booking First Class or International Business

Many travelers prefer to save their airline miles either for a first class trip to a vacation spot, or for a business class flight to overseas. However, most of them do not realize the fact that they can redeem their miles from a US airline’s program, which will help them to take a trip on an international partner with better food, seats, and service.

When Fuel Charges are Excluded

Some airlines such as British Airways add fuel surcharges to your award tickets. This means that you will have to spend a lot more of your miles if you want to catch these flights. In certain cases, you might need to pay an extra amount, which is almost equal to the charge of a paid ticket. So spend your reward miles on an airline that does not charge huge surcharges rather than wasting them on the fuel surcharges.

When you Don’t know Whether you will Make the Trip

One of the major benefits of redeeming your miles for a trip is that you can easily cancel or change the trip at a considerably low charge. Sometimes, this service is free, but may be limited to elite frequent flyers. Anyways, this will ensure that you will get your miles back even if you cancel the trip.

Citi Credit Cards for Those who Love Night Life

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Some of the credit cards offer built-in advantages foe the nightlife fanatics out there who love to dine at great restaurants, attend live events, and night outs in town. In addition to offering rewards and exclusive access to events for spending, these cards can help you track your spending as well. Many of these cards also offer extra fraud protection, in case you leave your card behind at a bar or lose it at a nightclub.

Some credit cards go an extra mile and offer you rewards for night outs. Whether you are going for a concert or just having a bite, credit cards offer you much more than a hangover and empty wallet.

Reward credit cards work best when you pay the balances in full. Otherwise, all the advantages will be eaten away by the interest. This is why it is very important to keep your night outs within your budget. Read ahead to know about the Citi ThankYou Premier Card, and check out the rewards it offers to the social butterflies.

Citi ThankYou Premier Card

The Citi ThankYou Premier Card will earn you double points for each dollar that you spent at restaurants. This includes bars, cafes, lounges, as well as entertainment centers like theaters and movies. In addition to that, you earn triple points on each dollar that you spend on travel and for Citi cards, which also includes paying for gas, taxis, and public transportation.

All other purchases that you make with the Citi ThankYou Premier Card will earn you one point per dollar spent. What’s more, you also get 40,000 points as signup bonus when you spend 3,000 dollars in purchases within the first three months of signup.

ThankYou points from Citi credit cards can be redeemed for entertainment, dining, travel, and retail. This means that the restaurants and bar points that you earn from your nightlife will be much valuable for your vacation spending. Citi card holders also get Citi Private Pass, which offers access to tickets for many of the annual entertainment events.

Citi also offers round the clock concierge service to help users book reservations, travel, and last-minute baby-sitter. The annual percentage rate of the Citi ThankYou Premier Card is variable from 14.49% to 23.49% for purchases and the annual fee is 95 dollars.

Smart Travel Credit Card Hacks for 2017

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You might be looking for a loyalty credit card that gives you generous perks. Obviously, you would value elite status benefits like airport lounge access, free checked bags, chance to collect free flight tickets and hotel stays, and you may wish to be rewarded for your spending habits. However, you may not be willing to pay huge annual or risk decreasing your credit score for the redemptions and loyalty privileges.

It is true that there is no ideal credit card suitable for every traveler, but there are many ways in which carrying the proper card can pay off. The expert approved strategies shared below can help you get the most out of your travel credit card.

Give Importance to Flexibility over Fidelity

Experts say that that most lucrative among the credit cards are those that let users to transfer the points to different programs. For instance, with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you can earn Chase Ultimate Rewards Points that can be redeemed with partners like Marriot, United, and Southwest. When redeeming the points with partners, you can earn great value.

On the other hand, with the American Express Platinum Card, you can earn American Express Membership Reward points that can be easily transferred to various programs like Hilton HHonors and Delta Sky Miles without the need to lock to the program or devaluing the points.

Consider Preferences, Travel Patterns, and Spending Habits

It is much important to evaluate three factors before committing to a travel credit card: the benefits that are offered by the card; ease of earning and transferring points to various programs; and sign up bonus. The co-branded airline credit cards with carriers like Delta, United, and American Airlines do not let users reap rewards fast, but these cards may be worth having for the privileges that they offer like priority boarding.

If you do not travel frequently, you can go for cash back cards like Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature card. This card allows users to earn two percent cash back on all the purchases made with the card.

Go for Double or Triple Points

While looking for cards, consider those cards that offer you greater number of points per dollar spent. For instance, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card will offer you 100,000 points for spending 4,000 dollars in the first three months of signup, an airfare credit of three hundred dollars, and three points per dollar spent on dining and travel expenses.

Do not Let your Miles Expire – Follow These Tips

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It happens. You might have not known that you had a lot of frequent flyer miles and rewards points before they expired and became useless. We all travel, shop, and stay at hotels, at least at some point of our life, and all these things earn us reward miles and points. These rewards can be used to purchase merchandise, book a flight ticket, or even pay monthly subscription charges. However, these reward points and miles also come with an expiry date.

Not all of us realize this, and end up losing all the miles and reward points for nothing. It is a good strategy to let the points accumulate in your account, so that you can sell miles or sell rewards points for the top dollar. Yet again, if you forgot to keep track of the expiry dates of your reward points, it won’t do any good at all.

How to Keep your Miles from Expiring

The first thing, obviously, would be to keep an eye on when your frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points are going to expire. Prepare a timeline for your reward points and set reminders for 30 to 45 days before the expiration dates. When the alarm goes off, contact a miles reseller and check the value of the points you have. This way, you can use the accumulated miles in time and earn some extra money from the free points.

Another thing to note is the value of your points. Different flyer miles might account to different pricing, and keeping an eye on the value changes would definitely help you determine when to sell miles. You can also make some bargains with your miles reseller, and negotiate on the final value before selling miles and reward points.

Some miles and points provider reset the reward expiration dates on account of points earnings and spending activities. Contact your frequent flyer miles and rewards points provider, and ask if they follow any such strategies, or if they have any promotional offers going on. If yes, you can tag on the deal and keep your points from expiring for a long time.

Earn up to Ten Dollars with MileagePlus X App

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MileagePlus X app from United is running a Cyber Monday promotion, which is very appealing. As per the promotion, users can get up to ten miles per dollar that is spent at select retailers. This is actually double of the normal best offer from the app.

When a user shops through the MileagePlus X app, the user is essentially buying a gift card to the retailer. These gift cards do not expire, so the deal can be much attractive even if the user is not planning to shop at any of the retailers any time soon. The new offers for Cyber Monday through the United MileagePlus X app are listed below.

  • Earn 4 miles per dollar spent at JCPenney, Dell.com, and Romano’s Macaroni Grill.
  • Earn 5 miles per dollar spent at Bath & Body Works, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Lowe’s, and Xbox.com.
  • Earn 6 miles per dollar spent at Staples, Sears, and Toys R Us.
  • Earn 8 miles per dollar spent at Columbia Sportswear and Chili’s.
  • Earn 10 miles per dollar spent at BedandBreakfast.com, GAP, Banana Republic, Buca di Beppo, Nike, On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, and Old Navy. Users can also avail a 25% bonus if they are making the purchase with United MileagePlus Explorer credit card.

Users can also stack the deal to earn even more United miles when shopping via the MileagePlus shopping portal. For instance, if you buy a 100 dollar Nike gift card via the MileagePlus X app, you can earn 1000 United miles, together with a 250 mile bonus if you have a United co-branded card like the United MileagePlus Explorer Card.

You could then buy items from Nike making use of the MileagePlus shopping portal. This would help you earn an additional 400 miles for hundred dollars purchase, and you will earn 1400 miles (or 1650 miles if you used United-branded credit card) in the end. This means that it is time to do some shopping with the MileagePlus shopping app.

How to Earn Cash Back Rewards without Extra Spending

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Cash back rewards is undoubtedly one of the best ways to use your credit cards in a lucrative way. However, many customers have changed their spending styles to earn more points and reports indicate that the spending style of such individuals eventually lead them into debt.

It is important to realize that you don’t have to change your spending style in order to earn more credit points. There are many simple and effective ways through which you can accumulate the points. Below are a few ways, which will help you to earn cash back rewards without spending more.

Choose the Correct Card

It may initially seem difficult to pick the ideal card, which suits your own unique lifestyle, as they are not designed to fit the individual needs of the customer. However, evaluating and assessing different cash back cards and realizing how they can benefit you can help you reach a conclusion. Having the right card with you is vital because it can help you earn more cash back rewards and bring numerous other benefits.

Use the Card for All your Recurring and Routine Expenses

Customers need to realize and accept the fact that spending more money is not the key to earn rewards. Try to make all your purchases through cash back cards rather than using money or credit card. These simple purchases will certainly boost your spending total without disturbing your finances or leading you into debt. Almost all purchases you spent your money on, such as rent payment, buying groceries and other utilities, can be paid through credit cards.

Use Credit Cards for Big Purchases

If you are planning to purchase something big like a new TV, smartphone, or a computer, then it would be wiser to use your credit cards. This is because theses large purchases will instantly add hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars to the spending total, which eventually increases your reward points. In addition to that, there are numerous other benefits of using your credit cards on such purchases, such as extended warranty service and superior fraud protection.

Use the Card to Repay Existing Debts

Another responsible and convenient way to obtain cash back points is to settle your debts with your credit card. Many individuals have some kind of debts such as vehicle financing loan, student loan, professional training courses loan, renter’s insurance mortgages, or HOA fees. Pay them off with your card even if you have cash in hand. This will allow you to settle you debts with the rebate you have earned.

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