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YYZ Miles provides its valued and esteemed customers highly reliable and affordable luxury travel services that serve to facilitate both your extensive and short term travel plans. Traveling was never this easy and cheap before! We aim to offer our travel arrangement services to travelers of all nature, whether it is a family vacation or business trip in the future or an unexpected situation which requires immediate booking, the discounted prices will be the same.

Our services are aimed at providing you with highly affordable flights without compromising your traveling style and comfort. With YYZ Miles, you can avail some jaw dropping discounts that will ensure that you have to pay even less than half of the amount you would otherwise have to spend! At YYZ Miles, we understand all your last minute and urgent travelling needs and requirements, and we provide convenient, reliable and courteous services that are aimed at enhancing your comfort and improving your travel experience Our travel consultants are highly efficient, and well experienced to provide you all your expected travel comfort, benefits and much more even at the last minute notice!

Our services are available all year round, even in the busiest times of the calendar, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s. You can truly rely on our professional travel consultants and travel agents to find you the best deals in the least possible duration of time. Our sole goal and aim is to ensure the maximum satisfaction, comfort and utility of our esteemed clients. With YYZ Miles, travelling with style at highly affordable rates is what we are famous for.

“I needed to book a flight to Asia for a last minute business trip which I only got two days notice on. I checked Expedia and got a quote for $9,600.00 USD. Gave YYZ Travel a call and they got me the same business class flight for $3,450.00. Simply a No Brainer!"

- Dylan Cohen

“YYZ Miles is incredible! They are the only travel agency i trust to book my flights. They helped me with all my requests and made sure i was satisfied with everything regarding my flight details. Thank you YYZ, you guys are awesome!“

- Lisa Clemens

“I travel frequently for many years now and have used many different travel agents along the way and no other agency has provided me the level of service YYZ Miles has. YYZ is very responsive and are always finding me flights and airlines that will take me to where i need to go in a timely manner. Thank you so much guys! “

- Marc Goyal



YYZ Miles work with major airlines online to provide savings of up-to 70% Off International First & Business Class Travel - regardless of origin or destination. Our Mission is to get you the best price possible every time!

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