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How Travelers can Breakdown the Ideal Travel Rewards Card

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Cash For Miles

Ideal Travel Rewards Card

Each and every airline loyalty program offers co-branded credit cards to the loyal travelers as a travel rewards card, and so do the banks. The three types of travel rewards cards offered to the travelers of an airline carrier are as explained below.

The Airline Rewards Cards

If you sign up for the travel reward card offered by an airline, you can make purchases on participant hotels and that will earn you air miles. You can use the air miles toward booking advance flights, upgrade flight tickets to economy class, or even priority board if the airline welcomes your loyalty. Needless to say, the airline-specific travel rewards card will show the combined reward points on the airline mileage account. Such types of cards are ideally suited if you fly frequently or dine in a participant hotel.

The Fixed-Value Cards

The fix-value cards will also let you evade the hassles of blackout dates in travel rewards system, as there are banks that offer travelers fixed-value cards with no blackout dates. They are fixed because they won’t let you transfer reward points to air mileage accounts of partnering airlines or hotels participating in the same loyalty program. Fixed-value cards have a fixed redemption rate set by the bank and they are ideally suited for travelers who earn reward points by purchasing than flying.

The Convertible Point Cards

The reward points earned can be converted to airline mileage account of partnering airlines or hotel brands participating in the same loyalty program as the card issuer. That is why the convertible point cardholders have the convenience of spending and transferring the reward points to air miles. Some examples of convertible point cards are the Starwood Preferred Guest card, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, etc.

How Travelers can Breakdown the Ideal Travel Rewards Card

People tend to choose one travel reward card from the above categories in the US. Some get cash for miles by choosing the right travel reward cards and sell miles as per the spending style and travel plans. Just like fixed-value cards, the convertible points cards let travelers redeem the reward points with participant hotels or flights at a pegged redemption rate. This rate is usually 1 cent per reward point in most of the credit card companies, but there are brokers who offer more.

A New Attractive Offer for Citi AAdvantage Executive Card Holders

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Frequent flyers and reward point earners will be surprised and excited to hear the new offer from the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card. This latest offer from the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card presents an opportunity for cardholders to acquire 75,000 AA miles, along with plenty of other perks and rewards.

This new offer is exactly similar to the offer made by Citi AAdvantage Executive Card last month, which implies that they received the response that they were looking for and as a result, they decided to extend the offer. However, before you jump to any conclusions, take note of the fact that the annual fee for this card is on the costlier side.

The 75,000 AA miles deal is a great offer and what makes the offer more attractive is that it can be used on any Oneworld Alliance network of your choice such as Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, and Finnair. However, it is true that the latest bonus from Citi AAdvantage Executive Card comes with a catch just like all their previous offers.

Cardholders will have to spend $7,500 within the first three months and they will also have to pay the annual fee of $450 in the first year in order to acquire this offer. This means that the annual fee has not been waived off. So, you will be most probably spending a lot more money in the first half of the year just to earn the bonus.

This might have popped a new question on your mind “Is the new offer worth spending such a large sum of money on?” The answer to this question is Yes, because you will be able to receive the following benefits by earning the bonus from Citi AAdvantage Executive Card.

  • Gain access to Admirals Club at zero extra charges for authorized users
  • Users who spend $40,000 or more will be automatically qualified for 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles
  • Free foreign transactions
  • The first bag checked in of authorized users will not be charged

Note that the American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles will not be available to users who had previously opened or closed Citi AAdvantage in the last two years. All other users are eligible to receive the offer but it is always best to consult with other cardholders or a reliable mileage broker before making a decision.

How to Earn Air Miles and Reap Mutual Benefits Through FFP Loyalty Programs

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Exchange cash for miles or sell frequent flyer miles for cash, they both mean virtual trading your reward points online. FFP schemes have been doing the rounds since the 1970’s and the FFP notion of most airlines is straightforward – reward and retain loyal flyers, reap mutual benefits.

Flyers earn air miles also known as frequent flyer miles through booking flights and redeem the reward points to book subsequent flights as well. However, choosing airlines and reaping mutual benefits involves research and math.

For instance, a return flight from Dubai to London with Emirates would earn flyers 900 Skywards in the cheaper most economy class, 6000 Skywards in the fully flexible economy, and 11,400 in the fully flexible business class journey. As a generic rule of thumb – air miles vary for flyers depending on the distance traveled and the travel class.

A lion’s share of the frequent flyer miles comes through air travel only. However, it is quite plausible to earn air miles through other means as well, such as something as outlandish as getting 20,000 Emirates Skywards miles with a 1-year subscription of Wall Street Journal. Alternatively, you can also earn 2 Etihad Guest miles for $1 spent on purchasing glass from Al Jaber Optical. There are even more pragmatic options, and to find them, you need to scout brokers participating in loyalty programs for that.

Not just earning air miles via credit cards, but cards of Starwoods and American Express Platinum card lets flyers convert the card points into air miles. In the Middle East, Etihad douches NBAD, ABID, and ADCB credit cards and Emirates, Emirates NBD credit cards. ADIB Bank’s Etihad Classic Visa will give 0.75 air miles for 4 Dhs spend in the UAE, and incurs Dh500 annual subscription fee.

Flyers should realize that air miles are not the only means to book tickets and actively participate in a loyalty program of airlines. In fact, with the higher membership status and the bonus tier points, flyers could access the private lounge of airlines, priority board, and earn more air miles each time they fly.

Remember, each loyalty programs include more than one airline and air miles can be used just like a foreign currency to advance book flights with partnering airlines as well.

Transfer Starpoints to Get Airline Mileage

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Transferring credit card points to airline miles gives value to the cardholders, as well as helps flyers book flights in United Airlines or affiliate airlines participating in a loyalty program. People can sell Starwoods points as well, but transferring Starpoints to airline miles participating in a loyalty program gives somewhat better exchange value.

Starwoods give Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Cards with an array of transfer options. To transfer Starpoints means to convert credit card points to airline miles and redeem the rewards accordingly.

If you want to fly to America, then a United Airlines ticket can be booked with the miles earned via the Starpoints transfer. If you are flying from America, say to New Zealand, you can use the points of Air New Zealand for the flight tickets, as they participate in the Star Alliance program as well. Not just airline miles but Starpoints can be transferred to Marriott rewards points also, in case you wish to dine in the famous Marriot hotel or book a stay.

American Express Platinum cardholders have no minimum limit to transfer air miles to FFP affiliate partners and that helps flyers to keep the airline mileage account from expiring. Where AmEx Platinum members can transfer even 1 Starpoint at hand, the Gold card members can transfer as fewer as 1500 Starpoints to an affiliate airline participating in the AAdvantage program.

It is noted that Singapore Airlines offers more miles and credit card points, and they are a Star Alliance Loyalty Program affiliate too. The freedom to transfer Starpoints to such affiliating airlines gives better options to flyers and cardholders.

Most of the airline affiliates of Starwoods let cardholders transfer Starpoints in a 1:1 standard exchange rate – 1 Starpoint equals 1 air mile. A few airlines in the US also give 1.5 points for each air miles transferred, whereas some international airlines offer in 1:2 or even higher ratio. Flyers can accumulate all these points, and figure out what should be done with air miles earned through the transfer.

Starwoods is not that great if you want to transfer Starpoints to United MileagePlus of United Airlines, the transfer ratio of which is 2:1. However, for Chase Sapphire Preferred card, transferring 1 card point returns 1 air miles to the cardholder.

Four Ways to Take First Class Flights with Frequent Flyer Miles

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If you fly domestically and earn more frequent flyer points by flying from point to point, you could sell frequent flyer miles someday down the line. To get on board the first class seat of an airline with upgrades means to trade FF points to someone else and enjoy the perks. Below are better ways to grab an upgraded seat in a flight with the frequent flyer points in the bag.

Use Credit Card Points

You can sell American Express points to someone else and book a first class tickets on partnering airlines. Credit cards offer a way to transfer points and gain mileage for your future flights, and it need not compulsorily be American Express points only to trade, you can use any credit card points for that.

Participate in Loyalty Programs

Every carrier has different policies so do some preliminary research to participate in the best carrier and their respective frequent flyer program. With continual participation in the loyalty program, you could get rewarded soon, given that airlines pick loyal flyers only. Some airlines have credit cards of their own, which flyers use during return journey to increase their frequent flyer points.

Trade Airline Miles and be Flexible

Take advantage of tie ups between a carrier and airline miles and get an upgraded seat with the same carrier. The airline miles denote the points you have gathered flying before, and not the miles that you can fly in the future. Do note that not all airlines tickets could be upgraded, so you need to be flexible with your FF points.

Be Choosy and Advance Book Flight Tickets

Some airlines offer the reward program for free, whereas with paid programs, you select the ways to increase airline miles and redeem cash to advance book first class ticket. Be choosy like booking airline specific dining programs, filling out surveys online, indulging in shopping on participant stores, or even opening an investment account in a bank to get bonus airline miles.

Stick with a given airline to increase the frequent flyer points, sell frequent flyer miles through a reliable broker, and grab the deal you are after. Airline carriers are most likely to pick loyal customers as their first class traveler, as frequent flyers travel in the economy class too.

Do you Need to Pay Taxes for Credit Card Rewards

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The payment of taxes on the earned rewards is a common question that arises in many of the credit card reward programs. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a customer needs to report about the credit card rewards if they fall under the type of taxable income. However, this is not applicable for most of the cards, as the IRS views the various cash-back programs and rewards as discounts. Yet again, huge sign-on bonuses for a card will need to be reported as extra income.

For customers using their credit cards for business, the keeping of the records is mandatory. This requires accurately subtracting all of the rebates from the paid amount to minimize the amount that is deduced from the taxes. Failing to pay the full price can cause the increasing of the burden than the taxable income.

Note that some of the available types of credit cards never fall into the category of income. This includes travel points, cash back programs, sign-on bonuses, and purchases made using the points that are obtained only after spending money. However, customers need to use the 1099-MISC tax form if they intend to use any amount of money. This form is made available to the customers from the credit card company along with the intended bonus.

The customer is also responsible for reporting the same income to the IRS since the state would not carry it out all the time. Moreover, every state law in the country is different and the tax law is subjected change accordingly as well.

The customers must take special note that no amount of money must be received for reporting on the taxes. Taxable income falls under anything provided to the customer without the need to carry out a purchase such as gift cards, points, etc. Consulting with the credit card company is the best way to clear any doubt regarding whether to pay the taxes or not.

Relying on a tax professional is also a recommended way to get clarification regarding the various norms related to tax. The 1099-MISC form is highly important in this segment and should be well considered even with an income scale that does not qualify.

The IRS maintains strict monitoring in tracking all of the income obtained from any of the sources. Remember, ignoring the regulations pertaining to the income can result in tax penalty.

How to Get Cash for United Miles after Viral Video

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The video of a United Airlines passenger being pulled off an airplane after he refuses to give up the seat became viral in the internet a few days ago. The  passenger was pulled off the place to accommodate airline employees, as the flight was overbooked. This video may have made you want to avoid United Airlines for your future travel needs, but this does not mean that you will have to give up all your reward points.

You can either get cash for miles or use them on other airlines like SAS, Air Canada, and Lufthansa. Lufthansa airlines is much known for their first class accommodations, meaning that if you are rich in points, you may make use of their MileagePlus rewards program to have a luxurious journey. However, you need to check with the airline company before using the points, as the baggage fee and seating preferences will be different for different airlines.

Another option to redeem the points is via the United MileagePlus shopping portal. This is not the best redemption option, but if you do not wish to switch loyalty programs, or need to use up all the points as early as possible, you may use this option to purchase tickets, merchandise, and so on, using your rewards.

Those who have United MileagePlus points have many car rental and hotel stay options to choose from as well. Again, this is not a good redemption option, as the value of every point will decrease dramatically if you use United Airlines points for hotel accommodation or car rentals. Yet again, it is a better option than letting the hard-earned reward points to expire.

Shares of United Airlines have dropped in value after the incident made its way to numerous potential customers on the internet. We have seen companies rebound from public relation crisis like this many a times, but emotional videos like this have turned customers off always.

Fortunately, you have some other options to use the points that you may take advantage of quickly if you do not wish to fly again in United Airlines again. If you agree with the way United Airlines personnel has handled the situation, you may be in luck, as we may see some discounts and offers in the future when the airline company tries to fix their damaged reputation.

Top 3 Cash Back Credit Cards

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If you have an up to date list of cash back offers on your hand, then it is certain that you will be able to easily find a credit card that allows you to maximize your reward points or savings. You will be also able to easily get bonuses of about $100-$150 if you keep a close eye on the cash back offers.

Carefully assess and evaluate the offers made by different credit cards before choosing one, because it will help you to acquire high rebate on all your purchases. Here are a few details on some of the best cash back credit cards that are available to you.

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card offers a one-time $100 cash bonus to owners when they spend $500 on their purchases within just 3 months after their approval. In addition to that, this card also allows you to earn unlimited cash back of 1.5% on each purchase and on every single day.

You should also note that there is no need for sign ups or rotating categories for earning the cash rewards. Furthermore, the cash back never expires and you can earn as much as you can.

Discover It Cashback Match

All Discover It Cashback Match owners are eligible for receiving a dollar-for-dollar match of all the cash backs that they have earned by the end of their first year. In addition to that, they will be also able to earn cash back on 5% in rotating categories such as gas stations, online stores, wholesale clubs, restaurants, and more.

Discover It Cashback Match also offers unlimited cash back of 1% to the owners for all their purchases and the owners will also enjoy the luxury of redeeming the cash at any time and for any amount.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Credit Card

If you are a Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Credit Card owner, then you will be able to earn a cash reward bonus of $150 when you spend more than $1,000 in the first three months. Furthermore, you will be also able to acquire unlimited cash rewards of 1.5% on each purchase.

You will not have to pay any annual fee and the cash rewards do not expire as long as you keep your accounts open.

Why Cardholders Love Rewards and Cash Backs

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As per a recent survey conducted on credit card holders, many of the cardholders are not looking for new offers. According to the study, around fifty five million cardholders in the US rank cash back and rewards as the best benefits of credit cards. The popularity of these rewards has made many credit card holders to switch their cards, as forty-two percent of the people who took part in the survey switched their credit cards in the past years.

There is also a large segment of credit card users that never switch their credit cards, despite the numerous reward programs that are offered. Thirty-eight percent of the people who took part in the survey said that they had not changed their main and most used credit card in the last ten years.

“People tend to select their primary card based on features that are important to them, from travel or cash back awards to low interest rates, but that doesn’t mean those features remain stagnant,” said Jeff Sigmund, who is the spokesman for the American Bankers Association. “Competition drives innovation to increase the customer loyalty that’s so important to card issuers.”

Below is a rundown of the main findings of the survey.

Rewards and Cash Backs are at the Top

Forty percent of the credit card holders who took part in the survey said that cash backs and rewards were their favorite benefits. About a quarter said that it was due to the rewards and cash backs that they signed up for their primary credit cards. Twenty-one percent said that low interest rate was their attraction while signing up for the credit card, and eighteen percent said that they signed up for the credit card for a low annual percentage rate(APR).

Middle Aged Users like Rewards

The survey showed that sixty-two percent of the cardholders who were between the ages of twenty-seven and thirty-six were more interested in reward programs, as they said that cash backs and rewards were the best thing that they like about their credit card.

Loyalty Comes with Age

The survey also showed that elderly people are more loyal to credit cards. These people stick with the same credit card for a longer period when compared to the millennials and new generation people.

Favorite Card offers Peace of Mind

Fifty-seven percent of the credit card holders who took part in the survey said that their favorite credit card offers purchase protection. Other popular benefits are extended warranties on purchases, rental car insurance, and price protection.

Earn up to Ten Dollars with MileagePlus X App

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MileagePlus X app from United is running a Cyber Monday promotion, which is very appealing. As per the promotion, users can get up to ten miles per dollar that is spent at select retailers. This is actually double of the normal best offer from the app.

When a user shops through the MileagePlus X app, the user is essentially buying a gift card to the retailer. These gift cards do not expire, so the deal can be much attractive even if the user is not planning to shop at any of the retailers any time soon. The new offers for Cyber Monday through the United MileagePlus X app are listed below.

  • Earn 4 miles per dollar spent at JCPenney,, and Romano’s Macaroni Grill.
  • Earn 5 miles per dollar spent at Bath & Body Works, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Lowe’s, and
  • Earn 6 miles per dollar spent at Staples, Sears, and Toys R Us.
  • Earn 8 miles per dollar spent at Columbia Sportswear and Chili’s.
  • Earn 10 miles per dollar spent at, GAP, Banana Republic, Buca di Beppo, Nike, On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, and Old Navy. Users can also avail a 25% bonus if they are making the purchase with United MileagePlus Explorer credit card.

Users can also stack the deal to earn even more United miles when shopping via the MileagePlus shopping portal. For instance, if you buy a 100 dollar Nike gift card via the MileagePlus X app, you can earn 1000 United miles, together with a 250 mile bonus if you have a United co-branded card like the United MileagePlus Explorer Card.

You could then buy items from Nike making use of the MileagePlus shopping portal. This would help you earn an additional 400 miles for hundred dollars purchase, and you will earn 1400 miles (or 1650 miles if you used United-branded credit card) in the end. This means that it is time to do some shopping with the MileagePlus shopping app.

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