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How to Get Cash for United Miles after Viral Video

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The video of a United Airlines passenger being pulled off an airplane after he refuses to give up the seat became viral in the internet a few days ago. The  passenger was pulled off the place to accommodate airline employees, as the flight was overbooked. This video may have made you want to avoid United Airlines for your future travel needs, but this does not mean that you will have to give up all your reward points.

You can either get cash for miles or use them on other airlines like SAS, Air Canada, and Lufthansa. Lufthansa airlines is much known for their first class accommodations, meaning that if you are rich in points, you may make use of their MileagePlus rewards program to have a luxurious journey. However, you need to check with the airline company before using the points, as the baggage fee and seating preferences will be different for different airlines.

Another option to redeem the points is via the United MileagePlus shopping portal. This is not the best redemption option, but if you do not wish to switch loyalty programs, or need to use up all the points as early as possible, you may use this option to purchase tickets, merchandise, and so on, using your rewards.

Those who have United MileagePlus points have many car rental and hotel stay options to choose from as well. Again, this is not a good redemption option, as the value of every point will decrease dramatically if you use United Airlines points for hotel accommodation or car rentals. Yet again, it is a better option than letting the hard-earned reward points to expire.

Shares of United Airlines have dropped in value after the incident made its way to numerous potential customers on the internet. We have seen companies rebound from public relation crisis like this many a times, but emotional videos like this have turned customers off always.

Fortunately, you have some other options to use the points that you may take advantage of quickly if you do not wish to fly again in United Airlines again. If you agree with the way United Airlines personnel has handled the situation, you may be in luck, as we may see some discounts and offers in the future when the airline company tries to fix their damaged reputation.

Top 3 Cash Back Credit Cards

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If you have an up to date list of cash back offers on your hand, then it is certain that you will be able to easily find a credit card that allows you to maximize your reward points or savings. You will be also able to easily get bonuses of about $100-$150 if you keep a close eye on the cash back offers.

Carefully assess and evaluate the offers made by different credit cards before choosing one, because it will help you to acquire high rebate on all your purchases. Here are a few details on some of the best cash back credit cards that are available to you.

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card offers a one-time $100 cash bonus to owners when they spend $500 on their purchases within just 3 months after their approval. In addition to that, this card also allows you to earn unlimited cash back of 1.5% on each purchase and on every single day.

You should also note that there is no need for sign ups or rotating categories for earning the cash rewards. Furthermore, the cash back never expires and you can earn as much as you can.

Discover It Cashback Match

All Discover It Cashback Match owners are eligible for receiving a dollar-for-dollar match of all the cash backs that they have earned by the end of their first year. In addition to that, they will be also able to earn cash back on 5% in rotating categories such as gas stations, online stores, wholesale clubs, restaurants, and more.

Discover It Cashback Match also offers unlimited cash back of 1% to the owners for all their purchases and the owners will also enjoy the luxury of redeeming the cash at any time and for any amount.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Credit Card

If you are a Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Credit Card owner, then you will be able to earn a cash reward bonus of $150 when you spend more than $1,000 in the first three months. Furthermore, you will be also able to acquire unlimited cash rewards of 1.5% on each purchase.

You will not have to pay any annual fee and the cash rewards do not expire as long as you keep your accounts open.

Why Cardholders Love Rewards and Cash Backs

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As per a recent survey conducted on credit card holders, many of the cardholders are not looking for new offers. According to the study, around fifty five million cardholders in the US rank cash back and rewards as the best benefits of credit cards. The popularity of these rewards has made many credit card holders to switch their cards, as forty-two percent of the people who took part in the survey switched their credit cards in the past years.

There is also a large segment of credit card users that never switch their credit cards, despite the numerous reward programs that are offered. Thirty-eight percent of the people who took part in the survey said that they had not changed their main and most used credit card in the last ten years.

“People tend to select their primary card based on features that are important to them, from travel or cash back awards to low interest rates, but that doesn’t mean those features remain stagnant,” said Jeff Sigmund, who is the spokesman for the American Bankers Association. “Competition drives innovation to increase the customer loyalty that’s so important to card issuers.”

Below is a rundown of the main findings of the survey.

Rewards and Cash Backs are at the Top

Forty percent of the credit card holders who took part in the survey said that cash backs and rewards were their favorite benefits. About a quarter said that it was due to the rewards and cash backs that they signed up for their primary credit cards. Twenty-one percent said that low interest rate was their attraction while signing up for the credit card, and eighteen percent said that they signed up for the credit card for a low annual percentage rate(APR).

Middle Aged Users like Rewards

The survey showed that sixty-two percent of the cardholders who were between the ages of twenty-seven and thirty-six were more interested in reward programs, as they said that cash backs and rewards were the best thing that they like about their credit card.

Loyalty Comes with Age

The survey also showed that elderly people are more loyal to credit cards. These people stick with the same credit card for a longer period when compared to the millennials and new generation people.

Favorite Card offers Peace of Mind

Fifty-seven percent of the credit card holders who took part in the survey said that their favorite credit card offers purchase protection. Other popular benefits are extended warranties on purchases, rental car insurance, and price protection.

Earn up to Ten Dollars with MileagePlus X App

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MileagePlus X app from United is running a Cyber Monday promotion, which is very appealing. As per the promotion, users can get up to ten miles per dollar that is spent at select retailers. This is actually double of the normal best offer from the app.

When a user shops through the MileagePlus X app, the user is essentially buying a gift card to the retailer. These gift cards do not expire, so the deal can be much attractive even if the user is not planning to shop at any of the retailers any time soon. The new offers for Cyber Monday through the United MileagePlus X app are listed below.

  • Earn 4 miles per dollar spent at JCPenney,, and Romano’s Macaroni Grill.
  • Earn 5 miles per dollar spent at Bath & Body Works, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Lowe’s, and
  • Earn 6 miles per dollar spent at Staples, Sears, and Toys R Us.
  • Earn 8 miles per dollar spent at Columbia Sportswear and Chili’s.
  • Earn 10 miles per dollar spent at, GAP, Banana Republic, Buca di Beppo, Nike, On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, and Old Navy. Users can also avail a 25% bonus if they are making the purchase with United MileagePlus Explorer credit card.

Users can also stack the deal to earn even more United miles when shopping via the MileagePlus shopping portal. For instance, if you buy a 100 dollar Nike gift card via the MileagePlus X app, you can earn 1000 United miles, together with a 250 mile bonus if you have a United co-branded card like the United MileagePlus Explorer Card.

You could then buy items from Nike making use of the MileagePlus shopping portal. This would help you earn an additional 400 miles for hundred dollars purchase, and you will earn 1400 miles (or 1650 miles if you used United-branded credit card) in the end. This means that it is time to do some shopping with the MileagePlus shopping app.

8 Ways to Become a Points and Miles Millionaire

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Many travel hackers from all around the world take advantage of travel rewards and use them to book free flights. And yes, there are numerous simple ways to accumulate points and miles even without frequent traveling.

Majority of travel hackers have successfully earned thousands of miles and points, even without stepping into a flight. Here are a few tips and simple ways, which will help you to accumulate miles and points.

Co-Branded Credit Card

Signing up for a new co-branded credit card is the best and fastest way to earn miles. Almost all co-branded cards offer a minimum of 30,000-mile joining bonus. Sign up for multiple credit cards to accumulate more points.

Points-Earning Credit Card

Point cards also offer huge sign up bonus to their customers. The bonus offered by points-earning credit card can be later redeemed or transferred with awarding flights.

Online Shopping Portals

Online shopping portals allow you to claim numerous points and miles. Whenever you are shopping online, such portals would help you to earn miles on every dollar you are spending.

Hotel Stays

Hotel loyalty programs allow us to earn free nights at hotels. If you are interested in earning flyer miles, then the best way would be to spend your night at a hotel. Many hotels offer approximately thousands of flyer miles for every night.

Eating and Drinking

Another easy and effective way to earn more points is by dining at the airlines restaurants. You will be rewarded for each dollar, which you will spend there. Use your credit cards to pay the bill, as the miles will then be automatically transferred to your account.

Transferring Miles

Transferring miles is another effective way to win more points and book a free flight in your favorite airline. In many cases, you will have to spend your money in order to earn miles. However, the value and quality of your flight will definitely be worth your money.

Car Rentals

Many major airlines are in partnership with a number of companies and this includes car rental companies like Hertz. Delta Airlines offer rewards up to 3,400 miles when you rent a car from Hertz.


Airline newsletter helps you to know about latest mileage earning opportunities. Newsletters provide you constant updates from the world of miles and points and allow you to earn more travel points and rewards.

Different Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Travel Credit Card

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Travel miles are great and they are an excellent way to earn free airline tickets. Numerous simple and effective tips are there to earn more travel miles and we can easily accumulate our travel miles through these ways and enjoy a free flight every once in a while. However, a travel credit card could offer you a lot more.

Adding a travel credit card to your wallet can bring numerous benefits. Nevertheless, there are a few basic things, which you should consider before signing up for a travel credit card. Below are a few basic facts to be considered before selecting a travel credit card.

Good Credit

Almost all reward credit cards require new cardholders to have excellent credit scores. Travel credit card is no exception. Therefore, before applying for a travel credit card, make sure you have a good credit score. If you don’t, it is wiser not to apply now.

Try to accumulate the points and then apply for your travel credit card, once you achieve a good credit score. The chances of getting your dream credit card increases when you have an excellent credit score.


There are more than a few reward credit cards available in the market. This means you will have to compare between different credit cards before making a choice. Another important factor to consider while selecting a reward credit card is how you travel.

Many individuals are loyal to a particular airline and they prefer to travel only via these airlines. If you are one among those individuals, then it is wiser to go for their branded airline credit card. However, if you do not prefer to travel in a single airline, then a generic card that offers plenty of rewards for travel purchases is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.

Reward Points

The reward offerings by each travel credit cards will be different. Hence, you will have to review each of the travel credit cards carefully before settling for a specific one. If you spend a certain sum of money within a few months after the purchase of your new credit card, you might even get a sign-up bonus.

The reward points offered by credit cards often vary on where you are spending your money. Hence, it is important to know the places that will maximize your reward points. So, examine and compare different travel credit cards before selecting one.

Delta Airline Offers Compensation to Stranded Passengers

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Delta Airlines is offering travel vouchers worth 200 dollars to their passengers who were affected by severe cancellation and delays recently. However, the case of travelers flying out of Europe is different. In this case, they may need to spend three times more, as customers flying out of Europe are covered by European Union consumer rules.

As per the rule, customers can claim between 250 and 600 Euros, or 374 to 665 dollars, as compensation in the event of flight delay or cancellation. For flights longer than 2,175 miles, passengers whose flights were delayed for more than 3 hours or cancelled can claim the top bracket of 665 dollars in compensation for the inconveniences.

Most of the Delta flights from EU exceed the flying distance of 2,175 miles. For instance, flying distance from Paris to Boston is about 3,400 miles and that from London to New York is about 3,500 miles.

“It is our intent obviously to comply with any rules,” said a Delta spokesperson. “We would be handling those [EU compensations] as those customers would call in,” she added.

Under the rules of EU, the compensation should be paid in cash, and not in travel vouchers. In addition, the airlines company will not have to make the payment under extraordinary conditions, such as bad weather, military or political unrest, terrorism or security issues in the airport, etc. However, there are no indications of extraordinary situations at the time of Delta disruption.

Delta is the second biggest airline in US and they cancelled about 1,775 of their 6,000 flights recently due to a technical glitch in their computer systems caused due to a power outage in their Atlanta headquarters.

“We continued today to steadily recover from the events of earlier this week that grounded our system, and are working hard to achieve a normal operation by midday tomorrow,” said Dave Holtz from Delta’s Operations and Customer Center.

Delta is now offering 200 dollars in travel vouchers to all their passengers whose flights were delayed over three hours or cancelled. They also added that these customers are also entitled for a refund for the flight ticket price.

4 Easy Ways To Earn Airline Miles

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Many individuals have a misconception that travel rewards can be acquired only through traveling. However, credit card sign up bonuses and spending through credit cards is also a common technique used by points and miles enthusiasts to earn travel rewards.

Actually, you can earn travel rewards through a few simple and innovative techniques. With a little time and effort, you can get travel rewards even without applying for credit cards or leaving your home. Here are a few ways through which you can easily acquire travel rewards.

Buy Web Services

Networks Solutions is a big name in internet domain name registration and most of us might be indulged in business with these web services. American Airlines offers 1000 miles for the individuals who purchase web services from Network Solutions and the offer starts at just $20. However, a similar offer is available with US Airways also.

Buy, Sell, or Refinance a Property

Earlier, this offer was much more common, but now American Airlines has them all. The referrals for moving and refinancing were awarded with miles, which gradually add up to hundreds of thousands of reward miles. Individuals, who buy or sell houses through an agent referred by a relocation services company, will be rewarded with American Airlines miles. AA also provides the same offer with both Home Realty Services and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.


Investing is another innovative way to earn frequent flyer miles. American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air, are three of the major airline companies who have established an agreement with Fidelity. The individuals who open a non-retirement Fidelity brokerage account are eligible for approximately 50,000 miles.

Signing up for Satellite Television

Many of the major domestic airlines offer free miles to individuals for subscribing to satellite television providers such as DirecTV and Dish Network. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to earn travel rewards. American Airlines offers around 25,000 AAdvantage miles to the subscribers who sign up for new DirecTV packages. However, subscribers can receive the same offer with United Airlines too.

Individuals, who sign up for Dish Network, are rewarded with miles by the US Airways; whereas rapid reward points are offered by Southwest Airways for individuals, who sign up for Dish Network packages.

Tips For Making Money On Free Miles Business

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Sell Miles

Reward Miles Programs

Selling miles is becoming one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn some extra bucks. If you are part of any credit card reward programs, you will get some free miles for traveling. You can use them for different purposes ranging from booking your flight tickets to paying the subscription charges of your favorite magazines.

If you have thought that you need to be part of a free reward program in order to create benefits through miles business, let me tell you that it is no like that. You can buy and sell United miles and make money. There are many reliable websites that allow you to buy and sell miles. You just have to sign up with any of those websites and trade your miles through them. YYZ Miles is a leading name among the different websites that offer air miles and reward points trading services.

As you know, most of the airline services offer frequent flyer programs nowadays. With the help of these programs, you can accumulate your miles and then use them to redeem rewards later on. You can use these miles for any of your varying purposes ranging from booking airline tickets to paying subscription charges.

Tips For Buying Free Reward Miles

Buying miles is quite easy as well. There are numerous miles programs such as American Airlines, AAdvantage, Delta, Sky Miles, British Airways, etc. that have this option for you. If you want to buy miles from these programs, all you need to do is visit their website and click on the ‘Buy Miles’ option.

Sell United Miles

Sell Reward Miles

When you buy miles through their official website and sell them to other people, the amount of benefit you can receive is limited. In this scenario, the better option is to buy miles through broker sites.

Tips For Selling Miles

Unlike buying miles, selling miles is a bit tricky, and challenging at times. You need to do a few things before trying to sell your miles. First, you need to know the current value of the miles at hand. Secondly, you need to be patient in waiting for the right time to sell your miles.

Remember that you won’t always get desired amount of profit when you sell United miles or any other free miles you have. It depends on the type of miles you have and the time you sell them.

Does Selling Miles Involve Any Risk?

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Miles For Cash

Sell Miles For Cash

A common concern for people, who have thousands of flyer miles in their account, is what to do with these free miles. They seem to have no idea about utilizing their miles other than for booking another airline ticket. And the funniest thing is that most providers would only encourage their customers to use their miles for booking air tickets.

Air miles providers do not encourage their customers to trade free miles for third party services or resell them in return for money. But free miles are the property of the customers, and they can use in whatever way possible. That said, selling miles for cash is not as simple as that. Though entirely legal, there are some elements of risks associated with it.

Risk associated with selling miles

First of all, selling the airline miles for cash is not recommended by the flyer programs. If you incur any lose from selling your miles, you would be the only person responsible for that. The flyer programs would not provide any assistance in any such scenario. Secondly, unless you are careful and vigilant while selling your miles online, you can be deceived by fraudulent buyers.

Another thing is that providers have all the rights to block your account or cancel all your free miles, in case they find you selling the miles for cash. In short, selling the miles involves some serious risks. Yet again, there are a few steps to sell airline miles without any risks allied. And a broker site can help in that quite well.

Tips For Selling Miles

Sign up for an account with a reputed resale website

There several resale websites through which you can sell your air miles. These websites act as mediator between you and a prospective buyer. All you need to do is to find out a reputed broker website, sign up for an account with them, and publish your offer. The broker site will make sure your offer gets the best deal.

Selling free miles for cash is one of the best ways to get some extra money when required. However, they have a validity as well, so it is better to contact the provider, check out the details of the reward miles, and then decide the price to make the most of them.

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