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Earn More Miles and Points this Year with These Strategies

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For many of us, the favorite thing about our credit card is the rewards that the card is going to earn us. We all want to do whatever we can to increase those rewards. You can follow the expert tips that are shared below to earn more miles, cash back, or points on your new credit card.

Add Authorized User if the Card Offers Additional Bonus

Some of the popular credit cards offer additional signup bonus if you add an authorized user within a period and having him or her make a purchase with the card. If the new card that you have signed up for offers this facility and you have someone you are comfortable adding to it as an authorized user, you can use this method to gain some extra points.

Nevertheless, you should know what an authorized user is before doing this. An authorized user will have the permissions to use the credit card account, but will not have any legal obligations to make payments or changes to the card and the owner of the credit card can remove an authorized user anytime.

Use Bonus Mall While Shopping Online

Bonus mall is a shopping portal that allows users to avail rewards and discounts on their online purchases. To make use of it, you will need to go to the bonus mall website of the credit card issuer and select the retailer of your choice before making the purchase.

You may then pay with your credit card to reap the benefits. Most of the issuers have bonus malls and some of the most popular ones are Chase Ultimate Rewards, Discover Deals, and Citi Bonus Cash Center.

Couple up Cards

Some of the credit cards work well with other cards to maximize your rewards. For instance, if you use Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred Card you can use the five percent bonus categories and Chase Ultimate Rewards site to redeem rewards to maximize the points that you earn. If you are a traveler, you can transfer the points to different frequent flyer programs to avail better deals.

These are some of the tips to improve your rewards and earnings. If you wish to have major rewards, you will have to meet the necessary spending limit. In addition, you may have to opt into bonus categories and use the card whenever you can make the purchase without a fee.

Citi Credit Cards for Those who Love Night Life

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Some of the credit cards offer built-in advantages foe the nightlife fanatics out there who love to dine at great restaurants, attend live events, and night outs in town. In addition to offering rewards and exclusive access to events for spending, these cards can help you track your spending as well. Many of these cards also offer extra fraud protection, in case you leave your card behind at a bar or lose it at a nightclub.

Some credit cards go an extra mile and offer you rewards for night outs. Whether you are going for a concert or just having a bite, credit cards offer you much more than a hangover and empty wallet.

Reward credit cards work best when you pay the balances in full. Otherwise, all the advantages will be eaten away by the interest. This is why it is very important to keep your night outs within your budget. Read ahead to know about the Citi ThankYou Premier Card, and check out the rewards it offers to the social butterflies.

Citi ThankYou Premier Card

The Citi ThankYou Premier Card will earn you double points for each dollar that you spent at restaurants. This includes bars, cafes, lounges, as well as entertainment centers like theaters and movies. In addition to that, you earn triple points on each dollar that you spend on travel and for Citi cards, which also includes paying for gas, taxis, and public transportation.

All other purchases that you make with the Citi ThankYou Premier Card will earn you one point per dollar spent. What’s more, you also get 40,000 points as signup bonus when you spend 3,000 dollars in purchases within the first three months of signup.

ThankYou points from Citi credit cards can be redeemed for entertainment, dining, travel, and retail. This means that the restaurants and bar points that you earn from your nightlife will be much valuable for your vacation spending. Citi card holders also get Citi Private Pass, which offers access to tickets for many of the annual entertainment events.

Citi also offers round the clock concierge service to help users book reservations, travel, and last-minute baby-sitter. The annual percentage rate of the Citi ThankYou Premier Card is variable from 14.49% to 23.49% for purchases and the annual fee is 95 dollars.

How to Earn Cash Back Rewards without Extra Spending

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Cash back rewards is undoubtedly one of the best ways to use your credit cards in a lucrative way. However, many customers have changed their spending styles to earn more points and reports indicate that the spending style of such individuals eventually lead them into debt.

It is important to realize that you don’t have to change your spending style in order to earn more credit points. There are many simple and effective ways through which you can accumulate the points. Below are a few ways, which will help you to earn cash back rewards without spending more.

Choose the Correct Card

It may initially seem difficult to pick the ideal card, which suits your own unique lifestyle, as they are not designed to fit the individual needs of the customer. However, evaluating and assessing different cash back cards and realizing how they can benefit you can help you reach a conclusion. Having the right card with you is vital because it can help you earn more cash back rewards and bring numerous other benefits.

Use the Card for All your Recurring and Routine Expenses

Customers need to realize and accept the fact that spending more money is not the key to earn rewards. Try to make all your purchases through cash back cards rather than using money or credit card. These simple purchases will certainly boost your spending total without disturbing your finances or leading you into debt. Almost all purchases you spent your money on, such as rent payment, buying groceries and other utilities, can be paid through credit cards.

Use Credit Cards for Big Purchases

If you are planning to purchase something big like a new TV, smartphone, or a computer, then it would be wiser to use your credit cards. This is because theses large purchases will instantly add hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars to the spending total, which eventually increases your reward points. In addition to that, there are numerous other benefits of using your credit cards on such purchases, such as extended warranty service and superior fraud protection.

Use the Card to Repay Existing Debts

Another responsible and convenient way to obtain cash back points is to settle your debts with your credit card. Many individuals have some kind of debts such as vehicle financing loan, student loan, professional training courses loan, renter’s insurance mortgages, or HOA fees. Pay them off with your card even if you have cash in hand. This will allow you to settle you debts with the rebate you have earned.

Top 3 Airline Credit Cards of 2016

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We all know that the best airline credit cards offers rewards and travel offers like free flights, priority boarding, and seat upgrades. These airline credit cards can be much useful if you make use of the same airline for your travel, as they will offer you the rewards of frequent flyer programs.

It is true that the best airline credit card for you depends on your travel habits, but some of the credit cards offer broad options for using the reward miles that you accumulate than the others. Read on to know about some of the best airline credit cards of 2016.

Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Card

This card earns high marks in the race, as it offer generous sign up bonuses and outstanding rewards program to the users. Another advantage is that the card offers many airport and in-flight benefits. This card offers 2 airline miles per dollar spend on American Airline purchases and offer 1 mile per dollar that is spent on the general purchases. The card offers 30,000 American Airline AAdvantage miles for spending three thousand dollars in the first three months of opening the account.

British Airways Visa Signature Card

This card also offers substantial rewards, convenient travel benefits, and awesome signup bonuses. The card offer 3 miles per dollar spent on British Airways purchases and 1 mile per dollar spent on the general purchases. If you spend 3,000 dollars on purchases that are done within the first three months of opening the account, you can earn 50,000 bonus Avios (bonus miles).

United MileagePlus Explorer Card

This card ranks close to British Airways Visa Signature and the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select in the airline credit card competition. The card offers big rewards and generous bonus opportunities and is a good choice for United Airlines loyal customers. This card offers 2 miles per dollar spent on United Airlines purchases and 1 mile per dollar spent on all the other general purchases. In addition, if you spend thousand dollars in the first three months of account opening, you can earn 30,000 bonus miles.

Maximize your Miles through Travel Rewards Credit Cards

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One of the best and proven ways to earn and maximize miles is via travel reward credit cards. Travel reward cards usually offer new cardholders with great signup bonuses, and users can get up to 30,000 miles and more, depending on the provider and the sign up bonus offer.

You will also have to meet a specific spending requirement to be eligible for these bonuses; but it is worth, considering the bonuses that sometimes equals to hundreds of dollars in cash or airfare, if you sell or transfer the miles. In any event, if you have planned to make a large purchase, it will be worthy enough to ensure that you get the best sign up bonus available for your credit card.

How to Find Outstanding Credit Card Offers

You will need to do good research to find the credit card offer that is best for you. It is better to invest some time and look for the best deals. You will need to be patient to find competitive deals, as banks promote their best deals repeatedly as limited time offers. This means that if you are unable to find a good deal for you, just wait for a few days, and strike while the iron is hot.

Advantages of Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Travel rewards credit cards allow users to earn more miles when they use credit cards to make some specific purchases. For instance, co-branded credit cards offer their users more than double miles for a dollar spent with a particular hotel stay or airline company. There are also some other travel reward credit cards that offer bonus miles for everyday purchases that the users make. The everyday purchases can be anything from groceries, gas, or dining out and this can be used as an easy way to stack up miles. You would buy these items on a regular basis anyway, what if you get some bonus miles on these purchases.

Why you Should Sell your Airline Miles

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Credit card points and travel rewards are great and they help you to get a free flight. There are many simple and effective ways to earn more reward points and slowly accumulate them. Many major airline companies also give attractive offers and deals for customers to double or significantly increase their credit points.

However, a few travelers might not have any plans to redeem the points. Carlyn is one such frequent traveler, who earned many credit card points, but wasn’t in any mood to redeem them. So, she decided to make the most of her credit card reward points by selling them through a mileage broker.

“I didn’t see a value in holding onto them hoping that I would find a flight I could use,” Carlyn said. The mileage broker helped her to claim a great profit even though she did take a bit of a gamble.

It is important to find a reliable mileage broker and thoroughly learn about the entire process before heading forward. You should also learn about how much they are offering for each of you rewards points. If you are happy with the amount they are offering, only then you should continue with the deal and sell miles.

In majority of the cases, the points sold by the individuals to the brokers are redeemed for a flight ticket, which they eventually sell to someone else. However, in some of the cases, airline companies allow you to sell reward points or credit card points to your friends and family members.

Brian Kelly, a reward points expert says that, “The airlines and credit card companies are looking for transferring of points to people in different states, different last names and different geographical regions.”

However, travel points expert, Eli Hoffman says that, “Airlines definitely do not want the client to sell their miles to a company like ours. Even if something did arise, we still guarantee payment; you would keep the payment even if your account got shut down.”

However, Carlyn admitted that she was happy and satisfied with the deal and said, “I made money selling miles that I’m no longer using and somebody else that needed a last minute flight was able to save some money.”

Sell Airline Miles Without Violating User Agreement

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Many individuals, who own plenty of reward points, doubt how to sell their reward points without violating the user agreement. However, if you are interested in selling your reward points, there are numerous options available to you. You can easily find an agency or a broker online and sell your miles effectively.

Michael, a TPG reader, who owns million of reward points said, “I have over a million points (a mixture of United miles, American miles, Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, British Airways Avios, Southwest points, StarPoints, US Airways miles, ANA and Delta SkyMiles). How can I sell the points without violating airlines’ user agreements? If I can sell them, how much can I get? How does the IRS look at the sale of points?”

Yes, you can easily sell your reward miles by finding a reputed agency online like YYZ Miles. We provide you with the complete details of the process and the price bidders are offering for your reward points. If the amount they offer seems reasonable to you, then you can proceed with the deal. If the amount seems unreasonable, then you can wait for a couple of days for a better deal.

There are a few other ways to sell miles as well. The programs offered by major airlines allow you to gift your points to your family and friends. However, you won’t be rewarded with a profit in majority of these programs.

The US Airways recently organized a 100% share miles bonus to their customers. The promo of this program stated that “Members may receive a maximum of​ ​50,000 bonus miles during the offer period.” An advantage of this program was that it allowed the customers to send their miles to other accounts. The customers were granted the wish to send as much as they like but each account was only eligible to earn up to 50,000 bonus miles.

A similar miles bonus program was also held by American Airlines. In this program, the customers were rewarded with a bonus of 20% bonus, when they share 5,000-25,000 miles. Whereas, the customers who shared 26,000-40,000 miles and 41,000-50,000 miles were rewarded with a bonus of 25 and 30 percent respectively.

However, the airline charged a fee of $20 for 1000 shared miles up to the first 5000 miles. JetBlue also launched an exciting offer Family Pooling, which allowed 5 children and 2 adults to share a single account. Yet the best of all such deals is to sell your miles through a reliable broker.

How to Redeem Citi ThankYou Points for Maximum Value

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In the latest monthly evaluation of TPG, Citi ThankYou points are listed at 1.6 cents per point. Citi has introduced many offers to improve the program, but it is still behind Chase Ultimate Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, and American Express Membership Rewards. However, there are many ways to sell Citi Thank You points, and some of the most efficient redemption options are explained below.


Citi allow users to redeem their points through many retail merchandise, but like the case of many of the merchandise redemption options, this is the worst one among the options. Nevertheless, Citi offers a unique ability to order things from Best Buy and collect them instantly at a local Best Buy store. This is very convenient, but you will get only less than a cent for each point you use this way.

You can also sell Citi Thank You points for Best Buy gift cards at one cent per point, and it is a relatively good option. Shopping at Live Nation or Amazon is also not efficient, as they offer only a poor 0.8 cents per point.

ThankYou Travel Center

Prestige and non-Premier cardholders have the option to redeem points for travel from the ThankYou Travel Center at an economic rate of one cent per point. The flight tickets booked with Citi ThankYou points are treated as revenue fares, which means that you can also earn miles for flying.

Premier cardholders have the option to redeem points for travel at 1.25 cents per point, where Prestige card holders are allowed to redeem points at 1.6 cents per point for American Airlines, or at 1.33 cents for other hotel, air, car, or cruise bookings.

Gift Cards

Users who do not have Prestige or Premier cards can get 1 cent per point maximum value by redeeming for travel and store gift cards. Many restaurants, travel companies, and retail stores also offer gift cards for Citi ThankYou points that start at 2,500 points.

Best Ways to Make Maximum Use of Your Credit Card Points

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Credit card points are great ways to get free stuff, cashback, and even vacations. However, figuring out exactly how to make use of these points can be difficult. You could get confused whether to transfer them into other loyalty programs, convert the points into cash, book a vacation, buy gift cards, or get an actual item. So to help you out, here are some ways make maximum use of your reward points and find out which one is better for you.


Using your points for cashback is one of the simplest and flexible ways. Most credit card points offer 1 point = 1 cent conversion, so it is easy to know about the true value of each of your point. If you have a lot of miles and you don’t plan to travel any time soon, then turn your flier miles to gift card or cash. One drawback of turning miles to cash however is that you will have to reach a threshold value in case of some programs to draw your rewards for cash.

Gift Cards

Using your points on gift cards are a good option, if you are planning to give them as gifts or if you want to buy something. Gift cards are also of great value if you obtain them on your credit card company’s rewards sale. However, gift cards can make you spend more money than you intend to. Yet again, you can sell your gift card on a second-hand gift card site to get more returns on your rewards.

Merchandise Awards

You can use your rewards to buy goods and products, but it is not a very good option always, as you might be able to get same goods at discounted rates at some other website. Therefore, you better do price comparison to see if it is a good deal before using your points to buy merchandise.

Travel Rewards

Using your points on hotels and airfare is one of the best ways to redeem your reward points, as it can save you a lot of money. Nevertheless, the process can be a bit complicated and frustrating due to expiration dates, restrictions and limited award seats on airlines. You will also need lots of miles to get elite status or free travel. It would be better if you let an expert handle the task, and help you get the most lucrative deal for your reward points.

Retail Stores That Offer Attractive Reward Points

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Sell Miles

Rewards Program

Reward points are one of the factors that drive people into the purchasing things these days. Realizing this, most retailers offer free reward or royalty programs. Well, if you are expecting any reward or loyalty points through your purchases, you must sign up for the best program that offers them.

Retailers are also looking forward to convincing people into joining a reward program because it is one of the best marketing techniques there. Usually, when you join a reward program, you are required to provide them with your personal details such as email ID, mobile number, and street address. Sometimes you are required to fill in a form that contains questions about your spending and shopping habits, etc. These details are enough for the retailers to drive you into future shopping.

There are hundreds of reward programs out there. You must be careful in choosing the right program. Here is a list of some leading reward programs and the extent of benefits you can receive from them. Perhaps this will be helpful for you to decide on the right provider.

Starbucks Reward Program

Starbucks offers ‘My Starbuck Rewards’ program. It will be useful for you if you are a Starbucks coffee lover. Like any reward program, you will get more Starbucks rewards when you order more of this caffeine fix. Once you join this reward program, you can get free rewards from popular coffee chains. When you have enough Starbucks rewards, you can use them to have coffee from their outlets. You can also sell them through any leading sell miles websites.

Amazon Reward Program

Sell Starwoods Points

Sell Reward Points

Amazon is the biggest online shopping site in the world. Amazon rewards are accepted in different places like drugstores, gas stations, restaurants, etc. You can also use the accumulated rewards while checking out at the When you join the Amazon reward program club, you will get an Amazon rewards card. It requires credit card sign up and approval to get started with the program. The rewards card will make you eligible for 3% cashback on all Amazon purchases. You will get 2% discount at restaurants, drugstores, and gas stations where Amazon cards are accepted.


Members of CVS ExtraCare Reward program are eligible for special discounts at checkouts. In addition to that, the members will get quarterly rewards with extra bucks worth 2% of the quarterly purchases. These extra bucks can be sold through sell miles websites if you want.

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