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When You Should Redeem Your Miles Rather Than Paying Cash

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Accumulating rewards points and using them later is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make the most of your travel, plus it also helps to enjoy numerous benefits and other luxuries without making any cash payments. In certain instances, it is wiser to redeem some of your miles rather than using your credit card to make the payment or pay in cash. Many travelers wonder when they should cash-in their miles. So, here are a few tips to help you decide whether to make cash payments or to redeem your points.

Booking a Last-Minute Domestic Flight

Domestic airlines are a lot cheaper in most cases, which means that it wiser to make cash payments for them rather than redeeming your valuable miles. However, if you are planning to book a flight for the next day or two, then redeeming your miles will help you to save a lot on last-minute added airfare. Moreover, many airlines offer award seats especially at the last minute.

Booking First Class or International Business

Many travelers prefer to save their airline miles either for a first class trip to a vacation spot, or for a business class flight to overseas. However, most of them do not realize the fact that they can redeem their miles from a US airline’s program, which will help them to take a trip on an international partner with better food, seats, and service.

When Fuel Charges are Excluded

Some airlines such as British Airways add fuel surcharges to your award tickets. This means that you will have to spend a lot more of your miles if you want to catch these flights. In certain cases, you might need to pay an extra amount, which is almost equal to the charge of a paid ticket. So spend your reward miles on an airline that does not charge huge surcharges rather than wasting them on the fuel surcharges.

When you Don’t know Whether you will Make the Trip

One of the major benefits of redeeming your miles for a trip is that you can easily cancel or change the trip at a considerably low charge. Sometimes, this service is free, but may be limited to elite frequent flyers. Anyways, this will ensure that you will get your miles back even if you cancel the trip.

Do not Let your Miles Expire – Follow These Tips

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It happens. You might have not known that you had a lot of frequent flyer miles and rewards points before they expired and became useless. We all travel, shop, and stay at hotels, at least at some point of our life, and all these things earn us reward miles and points. These rewards can be used to purchase merchandise, book a flight ticket, or even pay monthly subscription charges. However, these reward points and miles also come with an expiry date.

Not all of us realize this, and end up losing all the miles and reward points for nothing. It is a good strategy to let the points accumulate in your account, so that you can sell miles or sell rewards points for the top dollar. Yet again, if you forgot to keep track of the expiry dates of your reward points, it won’t do any good at all.

How to Keep your Miles from Expiring

The first thing, obviously, would be to keep an eye on when your frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points are going to expire. Prepare a timeline for your reward points and set reminders for 30 to 45 days before the expiration dates. When the alarm goes off, contact a miles reseller and check the value of the points you have. This way, you can use the accumulated miles in time and earn some extra money from the free points.

Another thing to note is the value of your points. Different flyer miles might account to different pricing, and keeping an eye on the value changes would definitely help you determine when to sell miles. You can also make some bargains with your miles reseller, and negotiate on the final value before selling miles and reward points.

Some miles and points provider reset the reward expiration dates on account of points earnings and spending activities. Contact your frequent flyer miles and rewards points provider, and ask if they follow any such strategies, or if they have any promotional offers going on. If yes, you can tag on the deal and keep your points from expiring for a long time.

Earn 3x United Miles While Booking Airbnb Stays

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We all know that there have been only limited chances to earn bonus points or miles on Airbnb purchases. Only a few cards like Citi ThankYou Premier or the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer 3X points on travel purchases. However, United Miles have released an app that has added Airbnb as one of their merchants. This means that users can earn at least 3X United Miles for the Airbnb purchases, other than the miles and points earned with their credit card.

For each dollar that you spend on Airbnb, you will be getting 3 United Miles. The TPG value of United Miles is 1.5 cent per mile. Users can also earn points from the credit card purchases. For instance, if you are using Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you could earn 3X Ultimate Reward points, which means that a purchase of five hundred dollars can lead to 3,000 points in total. You can buy an Airbnb gift card as well and then credit it to your Airbnb account.

Further, card holders with United Mileage Plus Explorer cards can get 25% bonus on any earnings made through the app, even though the card is not used to make the purchase. This will boost your bonus to 3.75 miles per dollar. If you do not have a United Mileage Plus Explorer card, you can earn 30,000 bonus United miles after spending thousand dollars for purchases in the first three months of sign up, if you signup now.

In another news, Airbnb has partnered with Qantas Airlines. This partnership allows you to earn Qantas miles by booking Airbnb stays making use of the carrier’s website. Under this scheme, for every dollar that you spent with Airbnb, you can get a Qantas mile. The unfortunate thing is that it is not possible to stack up these promos, so it will be a better option to make the purchases through the United Miles app.

If you were looking to make some money by selling miles that you have accumulated over the past, you can get in touch with a reliable mileage broker like YYZ Miles, and get the top deal on your reward points.

Earning Cash Through Selling Miles – Things To Keep In Mind

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Sell My Miles

Frequent Flyer Miles

Free offers and deals have always been attracting people. Frequent flyer miles are not an exception in this case. There are people who even reschedule their trips just to get more frequent flyer miles. However, you would get no miles at all unless you have signed up for the same.

In order to get frequent flyer miles while shopping via your credit card, you need to sign up for those programs. Once the sign up is over, you will get a share of reward points each time you use your card for shopping. The frequent miles are the best way to unburden your financial crises.

How To Sell Miles?

The free miles or reward points you have collected through your cards can either be sold for money or used for online shopping. Nevertheless, there are few people who know how to do it in the right way. The dark side is that there are a lot of fake websites that claim to buy your miles and provide you with big money in return.

You need to be vigilant about those sites. YYZ Miles is one of the reliable portals where you can sell miles for cash. Most of the people who have associated with YYZ Miles are happy about the services offered by the provider, and testify that YYZ Miles strives to offer more on the miles on sale.

Sell Miles

Market Value Of Miles

The value of frequent flyer miles varies from time to time. There is no fixed rate for them. Usually you will get about one cent per mile. However, if you keep an eye on the market trend, you can sell them for more value.

Is It Legal To Sell Miles?

All types of reward points and miles were introduced as custom loyalty program. When they were introduced into the market for the first time, only the customer to whom they were given out could use them. However, it has changed now. The reward programs are now considered as a commodity. Most people transact them for various purposes and there are no legal restrictions on the same. However, some of the providers of the reward programs do not entertain their customers to transact them.

Yet again, it is not necessary now that you should sell miles through their website. There are numerous dedicated websites like YYZ Miles that allow you to sell miles for good return. And it is hundred percent legal.

Alaska Airlines Changes Their Mileage Plan To Block The Emirates Booking Loophole

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Sell Miles

Sell Air Miles

Alaska Airlines has angered thousands of frequent flyers with sudden changes to its mileage program. The general reaction to this move is fury, considering Alaska had one of most lucrative miles programs in the country.

The one way they are different from, say, American, Delta, and United, is that passengers still have a way to earn miles based on the distance flown. That alone is worth its weight in gold. Let us put that in perspective: one business class roundtrip on Hainan Airlines between LA and China would get you silver status, easy as that. Domestic travelers on the other hand would have to fly for months before getting anywhere as close. Additionally, with Alaska Airlines being apart from the three major alliances, redemption too has many possibilities, owing to the wide range of partners across multiple alliances.

They have made a change to Mileage Plan (that is the name of their program) which blocks the loophole, which allows booking inexpensive first class tickets on Emirates, which is a partner. Emirates charges fewer miles than American, while being known to have some of the best first class seats in the world. The change Alaska has made, is a hike in cost of premium awards, by 67% to 100%. Trans-Atlantic first class tickets on Emirates now cost a lot more than they used to.

Sell My Miles

Sell Airline Miles

Alaska says they had to do this because customers were aggressively exploiting the loophole, and normalizing the trend among the travel hacking community. Plenty of miles gurus have been lauded publicly for saving up enough Alaska miles for a round-the-globe trip on Emirates. This is not the flyers’ fault entirely, because Alaska did price their routes too high. Emirates bookings shot up to a point that they had to change the program to divert them. It was that, or risk a run on award bookings prior to a scheduled change. So they changed the cost of first class award seats.

It is the timing that is grating at bloggers and passengers, with many frequent flyers pointing out that some advance notice would have been appreciated. If you have a sizeable mileage balance that is not worth as much, you have YYZ Miles to turn to. We can help find a fair deal to sell miles and reward points online. Sign up with us and provide details like what points or miles you have, and an email address to get back to you on.

YYZ Miles Offer The Best Option To Sell Miles

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Sell Miles

Free Reward Points

Most people earn free airline miles these days. Some would utilize them in a more effective and profitable way while others let it expire. It is up to you to decide what to do with your miles. When it comes to selling miles for different purposes, there are a lot of websites to help you out.

YYZ Miles is a leading and reliable website where you can sell miles for the top dollar. Here, you can sell AmEx points, Delta Miles, Chase points, or any other reward points you have in your account. The entire transaction process is quite simple and transparent.

About YYZ Miles

If you want to sell your free miles through YYZ Miles, the first step is to create an account with us. Once the account is created, you would get receive a verification email or call from our representatives. This is to verify your account and all the information you have furnished on the sign up page.

Normally, the verification is done during the business hours. After the account is verified and the miles are calculated against the price, the payment will be sent to your PayPal account. It will take less than 15 minutes in normal cases. However, if the transaction is done overnight, it will take some time for the payment to be processed. Overnight checks are usually processed next day between 6 am EST and 6 pm EST.

Sell AmEx Points

Book Tickets With Miles

After the customer is paid, we will use up the exchanged miles. Normally, the free miles are used for booking domestic or international tickets in various classes: first class, business class, and economy class. The tickets are issued directly from your mileage account. Once the ticket is issued, the airline will also send a confirmation email to you.

Note that the free miles or reward points are not used immediately. Sometimes it can take even up to 12 weeks. And there is no legal restriction on selling miles, although some providers of free miles may warn you or tell you that it is not legal to sell your miles. With a reliable miles resale website like YYZ Miles, you will always get what you deserve for your free reward miles and points.

Know About The Online Tools To Know About Free Miles And Points

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Sell Starwoods Points

Free Reward Program

People go crazy about free reward points and miles these days. However, it is important to have a good knowledge about how to earn miles as well as how to spend them effectively. There are numerous outlets where you can spend your miles but it won’t always be worth your effort unless you spend them in the right place. Interestingly there are a lot of online tools you can use to find out the best places where you can get most value for your miles.

Experts list down three different ways to earn free reward points and miles cheaply. They are: signing up for credit card based bonuses, doubling up credit card category rewards, and earning points through online portals. All these methods, if used mindfully, would help you get unexpected number of free miles and points.

The Best Free Miles Deals

It is not possible to keep visiting different websites that offer free miles. Instead, just sign up for the ‘Free Trips & Tricks Newsletter’. Once you signed up for the newsletter, you would receive email alerts and notifications when any free reward points/miles offers are announced.

Another way to be updated on the latest free miles is through ‘Best Offers’. This page will alert you about the best publicly available signup offers. Once you have signed up with ‘Best Offers’, all you need to do is to just check your inbox once in a while. When any new signup offers are introduced, you will receive email alerts and then you can sign up an account with them and earn the promised points/miles.

Sell Miles

Sell Airline Miles

Frequent Miler’s Quick Deals is one more website that alerts you about free gift cards, hotel deals, flight deals, portals, etc. Frequent Miler Laboratory webpage, on the other hand, helps you make right decision about buying or spending gift cards.

Usually, when you buy gift cards, you would get some portal points. Using up the gift cards would also offer portal points. Websites like Frequent Miler Laboratory tell you what gives more points – whether it is through using up the gift card or buying new gift cards.

Whatever be the quantity of free points you have, you can sell them in return for money. You can make use of the reward points resale websites for the same. YYZ Miles helps you sell Starwoods points, Chase reward points, AA flyer points, Delta miles, or sell miles from any other provider for attractive prices. Check out our sell miles page for more info.

Credit Card Reward Programs – Tips For Novices

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Sell My Miles

Credit Card Rewards

It is hard to find one without a credit card these days. In fact, credit card has become quite essential for people just like a mobile phone or a vehicle. People use credit cards because of the obvious benefits they offer like usefulness, safety, reliability, etc. Well, some people like credit cards because of the free rewards they offer.

Credit card based reward programs are becoming more popular and acceptable these days. It is easier to sell miles or points you get through credit card spending. There are plenty of websites to help you sell your points and rewards.

Free Benefits Offered By Credit Card Services

Credit card based services offer numerous deals like free products, cash backs, travel deals, etc. You will get these benefits based on your spending activities. The more you spend, the more rewards await you.

As credit card rewards and miles are given out to the customers as they spend, you need to be quite careful while choosing a credit card. Although most credit cards offer free rewards, any of them won’t suit your actual needs. By choosing a credit card that is more suitable for your spending activities, you can multiply on the benefits.

Select A Credit Card That Offers More Benefits

Sell Miles

Reward Points And Miles

With every credit card, you will get some benefits. Some offer free gas while others give gift vouchers, air miles, or hotel rewards. Hence, before choosing a particular card, ask the provider about the benefits they are offering and evaluate whether you are able to make use of the rewards.

For instance, some credit cards would offer free hotel reward points. You will get more benefits from those points only if you stay in any of the affiliate hotels. If you rarely go out or stay in hotels, these rewards may not be useful for you.

The Market Value Of The Rewards

You can sell your points or miles for cash through online portals. However, the rate of rewards depends on the provider. Choose a credit card provider whose reward points have got more resale value so when you sell your points, you get what you really deserve.

Learn About The Usability Of Airline Miles

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Sell My Miles

Get Air Miles

Airlines around the world have created a lot of business for themselves by awarding frequent customers with points or airline miles. This works by letting a person save up miles, which he or she can someday use to purchase a ticket or redeem gifts, hotel stay, car rentals, etc. The common way is to award miles based on the distance of a given flight.

Earning points is a useful thing, but only if you can exchange it for the travel that you want. Many of the big carriers have zone-based redemption rules. This means the region you are flying to or from, will decide the number of miles you need to book a ward ticket.

New York to London would cost the same as San Diego to Istanbul although it is only half as far. This is because the origins and destinations are in the same respective zones. Cost-based redemption is the other option, so the ticket price will decide how many miles you need for an award ticket.

When redeeming for an expensive flight in business or first class, the zone-based option works in your favor. If you are in coach and cannot be too flexible, or want more than one ticket on the same flight, then revenue-based award programs are better.

Also important is which airline network the airline is part of. There are three: OneWorld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance. Each network has coverage gaps you should know of, at least in your own route of travel. American Airlines for instance, is part of OneWorld Alliance, which means customers can get Qatar Airways awards. Extensive travel through the Middle East may be a good reason to consider flying American.

Some Programs Have Strange Rules

Sell Delta Miles

Frequent Flyer Miles

Delta does not let you change award tickets in the 72 hours before departure, not without losing all the miles you used for it in the first place. This is just one example where you need to know exactly what the carrier program lets you have.

Delta bans first class international redemption if you try doing them on a partner airline. American does not let you freely change award ticket dates, unless you keep the destination and origin the same. Also, no stopovers allowed.

United lets you have free stopovers, but the miles charged are charges when you are getting an award ticket on a partner airline.

If you are at an impasse because a rule like this is topping you from flying to your favorite spot for a vacation, why not trade in those airline miles and make a tidy profit? YYZ Miles helps you do this easily.

How To Spend Your Expiring Airline Miles

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Expiring Airline Miles

Trade Airline Miles

Internet can be your friend in many ways, one of them being that it allows you to find best deals on many things, including air travel. One thing about getting cheap flight tickets from anywhere and everywhere, is that your accounts accrue reward miles, which can pay for a lot of stuff. But you likely wouldn’t have them in sufficient numbers to count for a free flight.

The first thought to pop into your head would be, ‘should I sell my airline miles or redeem them?’ There is a veritable slew of options open in the latter regard, but which deal is good enough? It is imperative to pick one before your miles expire. Unless you are okay with them going to waste, much as the time spent reading this post if that is the case. Assuming neither is, here is a rundown of how to spend expiring airline miles.

Get A Magazine Subscription

Personally, I would sell my airline miles for cash instead. But in fairness to the subhead, your airline miles can be used to subscribe to your favorite magazine. Around 400 to 500 miles can get a decent national magazine for a year, and rates can fall above or below that range. It is a good way to use a low mileage balance if you are not looking to cash in with a broker site such as YYZ Miles.

Get Hotel Points

Sell My Airline Miles

Sell Air Miles

Some people care more about hotel stay than free flights, and for them there are loyalty programs, which allow swapping airline miles. Hilton’s HH program, for instance, takes 5,000 AA miles for about twice the number of HH rewards points, although the rates have changed. Point is, you can have mileage converted and pay for hotel stay with their loyalty points, which may hold other benefits.

Donate Them

Many charities accept airline miles as donations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This would serve as a constructive contribution to society while making sure you are not letting your rewards go to waste. With some airlines, it is as easy as picking the donation option they have in their menu.

Still, barring the option to donate, there is no better way to benefit from your air miles than selling them. If you are still wondering, ‘how do I Sell my airline miles?’, head to the YYZ Miles seller page, and follow simple instructions to get started.

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