Monthly Archives: August 2015

Aug 31 2015

Trade In Your Reward Points For Cash

These days you have many companies, which go an inordinately long way to promote products. One of the ways they do this is by offering credit card rewards. Even the credit card company offers the same; as long as you use the card they have issued you. This way they get to boost their own business, because the customer has […]

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Aug 26 2015

Things You Need To Know Before Selling Free Airline Miles

If you were booking your air tickets through American Express credit card, you would have accumulated certain points in the process. You can use the same for a variety of purposes; like booking air tickets, movies, or for paying hotel rents, or subscription charges of magazines, newspaper, etc. If you prefer selling these miles to using them for any of […]

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Aug 25 2015

Selling Your Airline Miles For Cash

Making use of your airline vouchers may not seem tricky if you are a frequent flyer. But if you are not, the first thing you start watching is when the miles will expire. Past that point they are useless, which means you have a definite time frame to benefit from the rewards you are holding, regardless how you ended up […]

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Aug 24 2015

Tips For Redeeming And Selling Free Miles

Do you often worry about meeting expenses of your travel, hotel stay, car renting, etc? If so, there is a simple way to meet these expenses without spending any money from your wallet. Wondering how? Just pay the bills from the accumulated points in your Capital One Frequent Flyer Miles. Capital One Frequent Flyer Miles Many people have used Capital […]

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Aug 21 2015

How To Trade In Your Airline Miles For Cash

One thing that makes people feel good is earning cash from selling their rewards online. While there are plenty of instances where it is easier and more appealing to spend these on flights, gift cards, rentals, hotel accommodation, etc. many people simply cannot find the energy or need for that kind of stuff. And if you have been there, no […]

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Aug 19 2015

How To Capitalize On A Gift Card If You Are Not Going To Use

Gift cards are a form of reward offered for making use of a company’s credit card. But many people have neither the chance nor inclination to make use of the gift cards they get. For instance, you could get a card to a theme park that is miles away from where you. What do you do when it starts to […]

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Aug 18 2015

Transactions With American Express Gift Cards – Guidelines For Beginners

When you use the American Express credit card, you get some points or gift cards. The best part is that they are accepted anywhere in the world where American Express is accepted, which means you can use them to pay at the restaurants, specialty shops, grocery shops, or wherever you like. These days, the American Express points and gift cards […]

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Aug 13 2015

Cashing Off Your Airline Miles

It is often easier to buy stuff with a credit card than with cash. And safer, because you cannot always carry cash around and watch your pocket the whole time. Credit cards for their part are appealing to use because each time you do that, you get some sort of returns under the rewards program the credit card company is […]

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Aug 11 2015

Using Your AmEx Rewards

An AmEx card is a great way to carry and spend your cash securely. Few credit card companies outdo this in terms of features and provisions placed before the customer, which is why it is a highly popular option these days. But sometimes the returns can be hard to keep track of, such as if you opt for airline miles, […]

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Aug 6 2015

Get The Best Price On Your Airline Miles

Airline miles are a popular form of reimbursement from rewards programs these days. Credit cards from many companies come with this option, which you can avail with each expense – there is a spending threshold beyond which you are awarded a certain number of airline miles for each dollar spent. Airline cards also offer mileage returns, which are credited to […]

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