Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sep 30 2015

What To Do With Your USAA Points

Every USAA card holder gets atomically signed up for their rewards points program. Points are earned based on the purchases you make with the card. It is easy to locate the points you have already earned. These show up within 60 days after the qualifying transactions have gone through, and can be redeemed through the purchase of gift certificates, merchandise, […]

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Sep 29 2015

About Discover Card Miles, And How To Get Cash For Miles

It is fairly common these days for companies to heap rewards on customers who use their services. It is so common in fact, that they have set up functional currencies such as points and miles which can be used to buy stuff. Miles first came out as an airline offering, where if you flew with the company, they would give […]

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Sep 28 2015

Learn To Utilize Your Free Miles

All of us love visiting new places or offbeat destinations, but we don’t often get the opportunity or give up the idea thinking about the huge expenses it incurs. However, if you really wanted to travel different places, there is a way to fulfill your wish – using your free miles to book tickets. Almost all credit card companies and […]

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Sep 25 2015

Sell Airline Miles At Attractive Price

Everyone looks forward to selling airline miles these days. And that is the right option, when you don’t want to use your free miles for subscribing magazines or booking air tickets. Nevertheless, it may not be as easy as you think. The main problem is that you may not always find the right buyer for your miles. And even if […]

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Sep 23 2015

Letting Go Of Your Airline Miles

Frequent flyer miles are a widely available form of currency these days. You see people using them to pay for loads of stuff, from hotel stay to car rentals, not to mention airline tickets. But there is a significant portion of the population that will never spend these miles, because they don’t need the things it could get them. Many […]

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Sep 21 2015

Use Your Miles More Meaningfully And Sensibly

It is observed that most airline companies have restrictions on using the free miles awarded to their customers. They are allowed to use the free miles only during certain period. So if at all you plan to use airline miles, you must be prepared for the same. Well, not everyone can be so conscious about his or her airline miles. […]

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Sep 18 2015

How To Sell Reward Points For Maximum Benefit

Do you have some free airline miles in your account? If yes, then you can use them to book air tickets or sell rewards points in exchange of money. Wondering how? Read on to find out simple tricks and tips to use your free rewards points effectively. How do I get free reward points? Free reward points are offered by […]

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Sep 16 2015

What To Do With Frequent-Flier Miles

You see plenty of services these days advertising themselves as a way for buying and selling air miles. How lucrative are these deals? And what about buying someone else’s miles to top off your own? Many say trading of this sort not worth the risks, but that discounts the various ways in which you can get a great deal. Specifically, […]

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Sep 14 2015

About Using Free Miles For Various Purposes

The best part with the free miles available through Capital One frequent flyer programs is that they can be redeemed for multiple purposes such as travel expenses, airfares, rental cars, hotels, etc. The only requirement for redeeming these miles is an active credit card. As long as the credit card that you have associated with your Capital One account remains […]

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Sep 11 2015

Know The Different Ways You Can Use Your Points

When you use certain services like flyer programs, you get some free points. Once you have had enough points, you can use them to purchase services offered either by the provider of these points or by any other third parties. If you don’t want to do either of these, you can just sell points and get money in return. Well, […]

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