Monthly Archives: October 2015

Oct 30 2015

Why It Is Better To Sell Your Miles For Cash

Frequent flyers have one form of effective currency that they cannot escape from – loyalty miles. Now this may not be actual cash, but in many instances, it can be almost as good. How it works is that the airline rewards you for the tickets you buy from them, with points or miles that can be used to buy free […]

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Oct 28 2015

How To Spend Your Expiring Airline Miles

Internet can be your friend in many ways, one of them being that it allows you to find best deals on many things, including air travel. One thing about getting cheap flight tickets from anywhere and everywhere, is that your accounts accrue reward miles, which can pay for a lot of stuff. But you likely wouldn’t have them in sufficient […]

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Oct 27 2015

Why Do People Want To Sell Rewards Points?

Almost all credit card companies and airline programs offer free reward points through various programs in order to encourage their customers to use their services more frequently. The free points are accumulated in the customer’s account each time he or she uses the company’s services. These points can be used to book flight tickets, for monthly magazine or newspaper subscriptions, […]

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Oct 26 2015

Redeeming Vs Selling Airline Miles

For a person with a busy travel schedule that involves a lot of flying, one of the things that keep adding up besides the fatigue, is airline miles. Someone fitting this description is unlikely to have immediate plans for redeeming the reward points, and more prone to view them as wasted currency, after a fashion. One attractive option for those […]

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Oct 22 2015

All You Need To Know About Gaining And Selling Free Points

People often give up the idea of traveling by air because of the huge cost flight tickets incurs. But not many know that it is possible to travel by airline without paying any money at all. This can be done using free mileage points. Most people believe that free miles are provided by airline companies only. It is true to […]

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Oct 20 2015

Know The Various Ways Of Selling Airline Miles

As you know, majority of the airline services offer flyer programs these days. Each time you use these programs, you get free miles accumulated in your account, which you can either used to book airline tickets with the provider itself or to pay for other utility services or subscription programs. Of late, it has been observed that there are quite […]

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Oct 19 2015

How A Broker Site Can Help You Sell AA Miles At A Profit

“Why would you sell American Airline miles online?” I have heard this dozens of times coming from friends and family, because many of them actually think this is not legal. Then what about the thousands of people doing this every day around the country? These people want to either buy or sell American Airline miles for a bargain, and they […]

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Oct 16 2015

How To Let Go Of Your Airline Miles For A Profit

Airline frequent flyer programs give rewards to users for the flight tickets they purchase. For every mile they fly, they get mileage returns that can be used to buy a variety of stuff, including another airline ticket. Many people wait for their mileage balance to stack up so that they have enough use it for whatever they had in mind. […]

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Oct 15 2015

How To Get Free Reward Points While Using Credit Card

The free points that you get through airline programs and credit card companies are great relief for people who find it really hard to make the ends meet. Nonetheless, an average Joe will have great difficulties when it comes to finding the best reward program. Airline companies and credit card providers are the two biggest providers of free reward points. […]

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Oct 14 2015

Does Selling Miles Involve Any Risk?

A common concern for people, who have thousands of flyer miles in their account, is what to do with these free miles. They seem to have no idea about utilizing their miles other than for booking another airline ticket. And the funniest thing is that most providers would only encourage their customers to use their miles for booking air tickets. […]

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