Monthly Archives: December 2015

Dec 31 2015

You Can Now Transfer Thank You Points To Citi Partners

Citi is letting user move their ThankYou points to any of their partners, although with certain limitations. This has been on since March, and customers holding Citi ThankYou® Premier Card, Citi Prestige, and Citi Chairman have been eligible to transfer their points to airline partners. Also, it is possible to combine points between different accounts. As it stands, you can […]

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Dec 28 2015

Know The Leading Providers Of Reward Programs

You can see tough competition in any business these days. There are numerous players and there is nothing like monopoly in the economy. So the businesses are trying out all their tricks to win new customers. For a business, both winning new customers and retaining existing customers are real challenges. Reward programs are one of the methods they use to […]

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Dec 21 2015

Tips For Evaluating Credit Cards For Getting More Benefits

Everyone uses credit cards today. It has become a necessary utility. In addition to safer transactions, the use of credit cards provides you with some free reward points as well. The credit card provider offers these free points as gifts. They do it to retain customers and it helps them attract new customers as well. Obviously, those who use credit […]

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Dec 18 2015

Tips To Spend Less On Holiday Purchase And Earn Reward Points

Everyone is busy shopping these days. And holiday season is all about shopping and gifting, right? Well, if you haven’t managed to save enough money to spend on this holiday season though, do not worry. There are some quick ways to earn some free money. Make Use Of Free Reward Points Do you use any flyer program or credit card? […]

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