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Jan 29 2016

Delta Is Stepping Down Their Frequency Program Because They Are Better

Many of us believe some airlines act as if being a ‘better’ airline qualifies them to offer a lousy FF program. Guess what – Delta admits to this. According to the airline company, it is better than its competitors, and that is why the SkyMiles plan has fallen in terms of what it offers customers. It is gotten to a […]

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Jan 25 2016

Learn About The Usability Of Airline Miles

Airlines around the world have created a lot of business for themselves by awarding frequent customers with points or airline miles. This works by letting a person save up miles, which he or she can someday use to purchase a ticket or redeem gifts, hotel stay, car rentals, etc. The common way is to award miles based on the distance of […]

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Jan 22 2016

Google Introduces Android Pay Feature – Users Can Earn Reward Points Till 29th February

If you are someone who really cares about free reward points, you must know about earning points through Android Pay. Android Pay is an NFC (Near Field Communication) payment option. Although it is handy and more easy to use than credit cards, it is still not used by many. Owing to this, Google is offering attractive rewards to customers who […]

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Jan 21 2016

Cash Back Rewards And Reward Points

There are hundreds of different types of reward points/miles programs. Some would let you earn points through shopping while others would when you travel. The benefits you get may vary depending on the provider of the reward points program. Normally, the rewards are given out to the customers in four different forms: cash back rewards, travel rewards, shopping rewards, and […]

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Jan 20 2016

A Brief Look At The Citi Thank You Points Programs

Almost all credit card companies offer free reward points these days. However, if you take a look at the value of the points offered by many of them, you would soon realize that Citi Thank You points have got higher value in the resale market. Citi Thank You points earned through the user of most Citi Cards have a value […]

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Jan 18 2016

The New Freedom App Allows Easier Points Earning And Redemption

Chase just made it easier for customers to earn and redeem points, with the launch of their Chase Freedom® mobile app. Customers now have added convenience when it comes to store purchases, and can also more easily choose bonus categories in the program. In-Store Redemption Most rewards still need to be redeemed on the company’s website; unless you have a […]

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Jan 15 2016

Determining And Selling Stock Sell Points

There are numerous types of points that can be sold for higher prices. British airway points, stock sell points, airline mines, etc., are some of the good examples of this. Nevertheless, how is it possible for one to determine how many points he has for sale their market value? In fact, this is one of the toughest questions that people […]

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Jan 14 2016

5 Best Ways To Use Your AmEx Points

You hear plenty of people talking about the benefits of the AmEx card. One of the things the Premier Rewards Gold Card has is the embedded microchip, and no foreign transaction fees. Some people also get a mailed offer of 50,000 Membership Rewards Points for spending $1,000 inside the first three months. AmEx MRP is pretty versatile when you are […]

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Jan 13 2016

Chase Announces Their Bonus Categories For 2016

Lots of people swear by the Chase Freedom card these days, and not without good reason. It brings a 5% cash back on certain kinds of ordinary spending categories. These rotate every three months, and members can get returns on up to $1,500 of spending. Chase just announced its new bonus categories for the New Year. Bonus Categories In 2016 […]

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Jan 11 2016

Starwood Preferred Guest Members Have Been Earning Big

You think you fly a lot? Then maybe you should check out the SPG infographic that shows the travel patterns of members in the past year. There was this one guy that the scored 30 million points! While a lot of it is probably from hotel stays, there had to9 be a significant amount of the credit card spending that […]

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