Monthly Archives: February 2016

Feb 29 2016

Making The Best Of Hotel Reward Points

The perks of using a hotel loyalty program can be far more valuable than anything the airlines can offer. People often overlook the benefits they can avail on the ground. Not only does this not drain you as often, but you actually get to enjoy yourself more. Here are some golden rules to apply to that end. Get comfortable. This […]

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Feb 26 2016

Earn Free Reward Points On Your Vacation Trips

Vacation trips are too expensive these days. But if you are really looking forward to a vacation in a new destination with lots of fun and luxury, there are a few ways you can cut short on the expenditure. These days, most people cash in on their hotel points. They find it as one of the best ways to smooth […]

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Feb 24 2016

Credit Card Reward Programs – Tips For Novices

It is hard to find one without a credit card these days. In fact, credit card has become quite essential for people just like a mobile phone or a vehicle. People use credit cards because of the obvious benefits they offer like usefulness, safety, reliability, etc. Well, some people like credit cards because of the free rewards they offer. Credit […]

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Feb 23 2016

Getting The Most Out Of Airline Credit Cards

For a smart traveler, it is always a good idea to be able to get valuable travel rewards without paying an annual fee for the source of these. Because over time, every customer comes to realize that annual fees aren’t a small expense. While for the big spender this may not bring the same cost per point, others who hold […]

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Feb 19 2016

United’s Latest Survey Has Some Weird Questions For You

If you have ever thought customer satisfaction surveys are the worst part of being a customer, you are not alone. Plenty of people have to sit through annoying questions they would rather not respond to. United Airlines seems to be upping the ante on making weird enquiries, by recently asking customers it surveyed, among other things, whether they owned a […]

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Feb 18 2016

All You Need To Know About American Airlines AAdvantage Program

For those of you who frequently use flights for traveling and are based in cities like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York, the American Airlines AAdvantage program will be of great use. This program has affiliated a number of flights servicing in these regions. They include American Eagle, American Airlines-marketed or code-share flights. If the flight that you choose […]

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Feb 17 2016

4 Free Reward Programs Worth Signing Up

These days, most people try to make sure that they get maximum reward points when they do shopping or spend money on hotel stay, dining, etc. And there are numerous programs that provide you with free reward points as well. Getting free rewards is not difficult if you are member of the right free reward point programs. Here is a […]

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Feb 16 2016

Your Reward Points Are Never Completely Useless – Earn By Selling

There is a supreme satisfaction to be gained from buying stuff with rewards, which at the end of the say is mostly about getting something for free. Few of us are pretentious enough to pass that up. And that is something credit card and airline companies normally capitalize on. Use one of their cards or buy an airline ticket online, […]

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Feb 12 2016

Earn Starwoods Points Through Starwood Preferred Guest Program

If you take a look at the most popular hotels and resorts across the world, you would realize that most of them are owned by a few groups like Aloft, Four Points, The Luxury Collection, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Meridian, Westin, W Hotels, Element Properties, and St. Regis. In fact, these groups have got more than 1,100 hotels in these […]

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Feb 11 2016

Looking To Sell Miles For Cash

Free miles and reward points are great ways to cut down on your expenditures. You can use them for several purposes – from booking flights to purchasing things online or buying gifts for your loved ones. Yet again, you should have the basic understanding of using miles to make the most of your free rewards. As you know, there are […]

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