Monthly Archives: March 2016

Mar 30 2016

Tips For Making Money On Free Miles Business

Selling miles is becoming one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn some extra bucks. If you are part of any credit card reward programs, you will get some free miles for traveling. You can use them for different purposes ranging from booking your flight tickets to paying the subscription charges of your favorite magazines. If you have thought […]

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Mar 29 2016

The Marriott Merger Could Affect Your SPG Rewards

Marriott and Starwood customers are eagerly waiting news about their hotel loyalty points after both of the giants agreed to merge. The former just announced that they signed a deal for the acquisition of Starwood for $13.6 billion, a move that will make it the largest hotel company in the world. The first offer was made last November for $12.2 […]

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Mar 28 2016

Convert Your Credit Card Points To Frequent Flyer Miles

These days, most of the credit card companies are offer alluring rewards points to retain their customers, and to persuade them to use their cards more often. You do benefit from these rewards, and can reap more if you don’t just spend these points for shopping but also when you convert them into money or frequent flyer miles. You can […]

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Mar 24 2016

Ways To Move Chase Points To Partner Programs

The Chase Freedom Card is one of the most popular cards allowing you to earn rewards without any annual fee. While there are other cards giving 5 points or miles for each dollar you spend on one of the applicable categories of items, Chase Freedom is the only one that lets you move rewards to airline and hotel partners, and […]

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Mar 22 2016

YYZ Miles Offer The Best Option To Sell Miles

Most people earn free airline miles these days. Some would utilize them in a more effective and profitable way while others let it expire. It is up to you to decide what to do with your miles. When it comes to selling miles for different purposes, there are a lot of websites to help you out. YYZ Miles is a […]

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Mar 21 2016

AmEx May Start Letting You Pay With Points Anywhere Online

Most of the time, credit card points don’t avail you for your favorite purchases. When you are buying things online, there is usually a debit and credit card option, but not one to pay with credit card points. But American Express is looking to change that. AmEx is planning to lay out a system that will let cardholders pay for […]

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Mar 18 2016

Delta Will Cut First Class Prices

Airline reward buffs usually have the same ultimate goal for their mileage balances. It is the prospect of sipping champagne while zipping transatlantic and paying no fare for it. Rental cars, theater tickets and magazine subscriptions are nowhere even near the real deal. But soon, it is all that will remain on the table, because airline companies are looking to […]

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Mar 16 2016

How To Get Better Value During Transactions Of Free Miles And Rewards

You may have heard many people telling about the amount of points they have managed to collect through purchases. They are quite happy about what they have got. But, are they really making use of their points? A recent study shows that less than half of the people really benefit from their free miles or reward points. Others would often […]

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Mar 14 2016

SPG AmEx Cards Give Great Sign-Up Bonuses

Getting a new credit card just for the advantages of sign-up bonuses and limited offers works well for lots of people. These things can give great value through the redemptions offered by the card company. Despite the sweet deals they offer, card issuers can outdo themselves in the regard with exceedingly lucrative promotions. American and Starwood are two of the […]

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Mar 11 2016

Know About The Online Tools To Know About Free Miles And Points

People go crazy about free reward points and miles these days. However, it is important to have a good knowledge about how to earn miles as well as how to spend them effectively. There are numerous outlets where you can spend your miles but it won’t always be worth your effort unless you spend them in the right place. Interestingly […]

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