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Apr 22 2016

How The Marriott-Starwood Deal Will Affect SPG Customers (Probably)

Travel agents and frequent flyers are all curious to know what is next after the merger finalization between Marriott International Inc. and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. One of the things this deal will most certainly affect is their co-brand credit cards. Many seem to think this is a prelude to a credit card loss for AmEx. American Express issues […]

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Apr 20 2016

How To Use Free Reward Points For Uber Rides

Free reward points can make your life a lot simpler. By using them, you can reduce your financial burden to a great extent. Most credit card companies offer reward points these days. In order to use your credit/debit cards for the reward points, you need to enrol them with your desired program. How To Use Your American Express Points For […]

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Apr 15 2016

Earning Cash Through Selling Miles – Things To Keep In Mind

Free offers and deals have always been attracting people. Frequent flyer miles are not an exception in this case. There are people who even reschedule their trips just to get more frequent flyer miles. However, you would get no miles at all unless you have signed up for the same. In order to get frequent flyer miles while shopping via […]

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Apr 13 2016

What Can You Do With Deficient Airway Mileage?

Most travelers do not take full advantage of their reward points, despite the fact that many of them flock towards the most lucrative prom and sign up bonuses they can find. Some of the most common challenges to maximizing travel comprise the lack of smart and customized solutions as offers change, and so do the redemption value of points. It […]

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Apr 12 2016

Alaska Airlines Changes Their Mileage Plan To Block The Emirates Booking Loophole

Alaska Airlines has angered thousands of frequent flyers with sudden changes to its mileage program. The general reaction to this move is fury, considering Alaska had one of most lucrative miles programs in the country. The one way they are different from, say, American, Delta, and United, is that passengers still have a way to earn miles based on the […]

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Apr 7 2016

How To Store Free Rewards In Your PayPal Account

PayPal has become one of the most common ways of money transactions. People use it for both sending and receiving funds from different sources and bank accounts. It is possible to use your PayPal account for online transactions as well. You can link your PayPal accounts with credit cards and redeem your free miles and points via the same. Normally, […]

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Apr 6 2016

AmEx Would Be Supporting Anbang’s Acquisition Of Starwoods

Everyone in the travel industry is waiting to see how the purchase of Starwood Hotels & Resorts will go. Just a couple days back, Chinese investment group Anbang overbid Marriott International by $400 million for the proposed acquisition of Starwoods, and is now being viewed as the likely buyer. We have been over that in another post. Barclays Analyst Mark […]

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Apr 5 2016

What Makes Chase Ultimate Rewards The Best?

Chase Ultimate is one of those rewards programs which never fails to distinguish itself. With a huge number of transfer partners, and overall flexibility, and also the fact that they haven’t devalued in some time, Chase Ultimate may very well be the best that credit card rewards programs have ever been. The Credit Cards That Let You Earn Points Chase […]

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Apr 4 2016

Starwoods Gets A Better Bid From Anbang. What Does This Mean For SPG Guests?

A competing merger is likely to derail Marriott’s plans to acquire Hotel giant Starwood. Anbang group has just placed a bid of $14billion for Starwood, and the latter is already viewing this is as a ‘superior’ offer. SPG loyalists will likely benefit from that deal going through. The SPG program has some of the most devoted followers around the world, […]

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