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May 25 2016

Some New Credit Cards You May Want To Try Out

The credit card business is a competitive one, and you have issuers releasing new products all the time so they can get new customers. With every new card, your old account stops being the best in terms of features and terms. These don’t get offered to new customers, but if you still have one, it makes sense to add newer […]

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May 23 2016

Earn More Rewards With American Express Hilton HHonors Card

American Express’s Hilton HHonors card is the best choice among all the Hilton credit cards available. It stands out from other cards in a lot of different ways. Besides, if you love to stay in Hilton hotels, this card would the best option. Key Features For each dollar you spend, the card gives you seven Hilton HHonors points on participating […]

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May 20 2016

British Airways Will Offer In-Flight Internet From 2017

Passengers flying British Airways (BA) will get to use internet-based services like Skype, FaceTime, and Netflix starting 2017. Parent company IAG recently signed with Chicago-based Gogo, which will help the airline add Wi-Fi to its long haul flights. Gogo is famous as one of the leading broadband internet services providers on flights. The company will set up its own next-gen […]

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May 18 2016

How To Earn Maximum Chase Rewards Points

People just love Chase Ultimate Rewards Points and there are a lot of reasons for it. These reward points can be easily transferred to hotel or flyer programs, such as Marriot, Hyatt, IHG, Amtrak, Ritz Carlton, Korean Air, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, etc., that give the best deal to you. Besides that, Chase points are very easy to […]

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May 11 2016

How Good Is The Chase Freedom Unlimited SM

Chase Freedom Unlimited SM is making changes to flat-rate cash back rules for redemption. Right now, it lets you get flat 1.5% cash back for every purchase, and redeem through travel for the same value, or move your rewards to other similar cards that offer more valuable redemptions. When it comes to versatility, Chase Freedom Unlimited SM ranks at the […]

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May 9 2016

Difference Between The American Express Gold Card And The Premier Rewards Gold Card

American Express is offering two similar looking cards for its customers: American Express Gold Card and Premier Rewards Gold Card. However, there is a huge difference between the two and you should choose one of the either based on what your actual needs are. The most evident difference is the annual fee. It is slightly higher for the Premier Rewards […]

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May 4 2016

Using British Airways Reward Miles To Best Effect

The ways airlines do business don’t usually make sense right off the bat. Carriers sometimes charge you more for a one-way ticket than a round-trip, which usually doesn’t make any sense. Most airline companies also charge a lot less by way of FF miles as well as lower fees for their award tickets on partner airlines, than on their own […]

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