About Using Free Miles For Various Purposes

Redeem Your Free Miles

Value Of Free Miles

The best part with the free miles available through Capital One frequent flyer programs is that they can be redeemed for multiple purposes such as travel expenses, airfares, rental cars, hotels, etc. The only requirement for redeeming these miles is an active credit card. As long as the credit card that you have associated with your Capital One account remains active, you are free to redeem your free miles or sell your miles.

How to earn free miles through Capital One Flyer Program

If you have signed up an account with Capital One Flyer program and use it frequently, you are already getting your share of free miles. You can check how many points you have collected by signing into your account. When it comes to using the free miles though, you need to be a little bit conscious, because lack of planning may result in losing the value for your points.

If you wish to use your points in near future or sell your miles, plan it out so that you can get maximum benefit. Normally, your points will be exchanged for low value when you use it in hurry.

You will hear about promotion offers to use miles throughout the year. By using these offers, you can ensure maximum benefit for your free miles. Find out more about the promotion offers or the companies that provide these offers. Subscribe to their newsletter, if you wish to stay updated on the latest offers and use them right away.

Sell Your Miles

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Value of free miles and the credit card

It is strange but true that the type of credit card you use has a high impact on the value of your free miles. While certain credit cards give more value for the free miles, others won’t. A good example for this can be found with the Venture card. It offers you about two miles for each dollar spend. On the other hand, most other Capital One cards do not give this much amount of money for your spending. The maximum you get from other cards is 1.25 miles.

The Capital One customer care can be contacted at any time if you have got any questions regarding your free miles or if you plan to sell your miles. For selling accounts, sign up with any broker and advertise your miles. This is the best way you can sell your miles, as a genuine broker always gets the finest deals for you.

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