Air Miles Enhances Online Security as a Response Mechanism

Air Miles have revoked the previous ban on redeemable points in retail stores. When crooks hacked into the participating stores last month, Air Miles had promised a response mechanism, and now they have one. The response from Air Miles focuses on more stringent online safety measures. However, officials gave no hints whatsoever regarding who stole Cash Miles, nor revealed the details.

There is absolutely nothing to panic for those who sell miles now or sell airline miles online. Nonetheless, starting the first week of April, collectors will no longer be able to use credit points in participant stores. Air Miles has put a cap of $50 per account holder to tighten up the in-store purchase. Besides that, Air Miles also encourages collectors to use their Cash Miles account. They also give more importance to using the PIN number following the March incident.

“At this time when Air Miles, like so many brands, is being targeted by online criminals, we believe we must continue to make Air Miles cash account security a priority,” said Blair Cameron, head of Air Miles. Air Miles have indicated they are looking into the theft case without revealing too much. Retail partners and law enforcement are on it alongside Air Miles.

In February, a food retailer named Loblaw had also taken action following a breach in their online account. There have been speculations regarding the incident in a general sense, and the grocery store expressed regret after points were stolen from their online member’s account. Their solution revolves around suggestions on using combination password and tweaked username. Air Miles are certainly heading toward a different altitude altogether in a general sense.

There are apparently 11 million active collector accounts in the Air Miles rewards program. Participants collect miles and disperse them as the Dream Miles or the Cash Miles. Dream Miles can be used for flight ticket bookings, whereas Cash Miles can be used to buy products from participant retailers.

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