Air Miles Team Up with Reebee to Spur Shopping

A startup named Reebee and Air Miles have teamed up to launch a new way to search latest flyer deals through a mobile app. Reebee owns an app and more than three million users to back up loyalty programs. The startup would help the Air Miles’ 11 million loyalty card program holders to search offers from participant retailers.

The loyalty pact took off when a mutual client of both suggested that they should join hands in this venture. “Loyalty programs are a big part of how people shop,” said Michal Martyniak, the co-founder of Reebee alongside Tobiasz Dankiewicz. “Air Miles is the most popular in Canada, and with Reebee we’re trying to make that whole shopping experience as seamless and as easy as possible.”

The Reebee app spots the geo-location and uses the postal data to enhance virtual shopping experience. The info collected via the app would allow users to search Air miles coupons and promos in the US and Canada. Additionally, the participant retailers would show up on the app-search and so would the virtual shopping carts with bonus points tied.

The application allows shoppers to plan, shop, and maximize their points that can be used for other purchases, flight tickets, hotel bookings, rentals, etc. Users can also sell miles for cash through reliable brokers.

“It’s about getting the most out of the money you’re already spending,” Martyniak quoted. As of now, the Air Miles participants on Reebee include IGA, Foodland, Metro, Rexall, Rona, and Sobeys to name some.

“We were already working with a lot of the retail partners working with Air Miles and digitizing their flyers,” said Dankiewicz. “What we’ve done is really resurface the additional value that Air Miles brings to those offers.”

The relationship also provides retailers a bargain highlighting the special offers that might add to the points tally. “They get the best price in addition to the Air Miles,” said Dankiewicz. “Those points are very valuable to collectors and have an associated cash value.”

Rachel MacQueen, VP of Air Miles marketing said, “We’re thrilled to be working with them and think they are a great example of the innovation that’s happening in Canada, and in (the K-W) area in particular. We’re looking at ways to continue to give our collectors more access to offers and make it easier for them to do their shopping while getting bonus miles along the way.”

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