All You Need To Know About American Airlines AAdvantage Program

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American Airlines AAdvantage Program

For those of you who frequently use flights for traveling and are based in cities like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York, the American Airlines AAdvantage program will be of great use. This program has affiliated a number of flights servicing in these regions. They include American Eagle, American Airlines-marketed or code-share flights. If the flight that you choose belongs to the US Airways, then you have more benefits to bag.

As per the American Airlines AAdvantage program, every registered member will get free reward miles whenever he/she uses US Airways flights or the affiliated partner carriers. This program is part of the American Airline’s latest ‘one world’ frequent flyer network. The best part is that popular airlines companies like Qatar Airways and British Airways are also part of this program. So by being part of this program, you can earn and sell British Airway points as well.

The American Airlines AAdvantage program is also tied up with the City AAdvantage program by MasterCard. This gives ample opportunities to earn free miles while shopping. Furthermore, the American Airlines is tied up with a huge number of restaurants, retailers, car rental companies, cruise lines, hotel brands, etc. Apparently, joining this program is a good way to cut down the expenses on your travels.

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AAdvantage Benefits

There are also elite programs within the free miles program. This will help you collect points along with miles. For each mile you earn, you will receive a corresponding amount of points and eventually it will help you achieve the elite membership status.

Those who have the elite membership status can enjoy a lot of advantageous while flying on US Airways flights. This includes same-day upgrade benefits, priority security screenings, etc. Below are the specialties of American Airlines AAdvantage program.

  • It enables you to earn free miles from more than 1,000 affiliate companies.
  • The earned rewards can be used for multiple purposes such as hotel stays, air travel, etc.
  • If you are using the free miles for air travel, there is huge scope because they can be redeemed on all affiliate carriers with American Airlines AAdvantage program.

The main demerit with the AAdvantage program is that it only allows you to earn miles for one seat per flight.

The free miles you earned through American Airlines AAdvantage program can be sold through miles resale services. There are many services that enable you to sell British Airway points and US Airways miles.

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