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Although many people use credit cards, most of them are not convinced about it. Some think that credit cards make people spend more even if they don’t have cash in hand. After a big spending, it takes several months to pay off the debt.

Obviously, one should be careful while using the credit cards. If used carefully, credit cards are pretty useful in situations when you can’t afford to buy things.

Added Benefits

Reward points are another benefit of credit cards. Most credit cards offer reward points. And these are a smart way to add extra money to your income. You can sell these points just like you sell British airway points or other flyer points.

Every holder of credit cards is entitled to free reward points. However, some make use of it while others waste them. One has to learn the smart ways to utilize his reward points.

Using Free Rewards

On an average scale, one can earn about 3% rewards from his spending. It means, if you spend at least $500 per month, the annual reward you get would be equal to $180. A recent survey indicates that American households earn $600 every year as reward points and bonuses.

Unfortunately, only about half of these people utilize their reward points fully. Some figures indicate that 33% of the free reward points go wasted because people don’t realize them or just forget to use them.

Points To Note

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Reward points will continue to accumulate in your account. They will expire if you don’t redeem them in time. In short, if you want to use your reward points, you need to redeem them. Only a person who is aware of his/her reward points can do this.

If you haven’t yet realized your reward points, contact the customer support desk of your credit card and ask them for details. They should be able to tell you how to access your reward points account and redeem them.

There are several credit card providers out there. Each of them is meant for specific type of people: some meant for business people, some meant for travelers, some meant for people in the service sector etc. It is a good idea to choose a credit card that fits your lifestyle. This way, you can make the best of use of the reward point options.

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