Best Ways to Make Maximum Use of Your Credit Card Points

Credit card points are great ways to get free stuff, cashback, and even vacations. However, figuring out exactly how to make use of these points can be difficult. You could get confused whether to transfer them into other loyalty programs, convert the points into cash, book a vacation, buy gift cards, or get an actual item. So to help you out, here are some ways make maximum use of your reward points and find out which one is better for you.


Using your points for cashback is one of the simplest and flexible ways. Most credit card points offer 1 point = 1 cent conversion, so it is easy to know about the true value of each of your point. If you have a lot of miles and you don’t plan to travel any time soon, then turn your flier miles to gift card or cash. One drawback of turning miles to cash however is that you will have to reach a threshold value in case of some programs to draw your rewards for cash.

Gift Cards

Using your points on gift cards are a good option, if you are planning to give them as gifts or if you want to buy something. Gift cards are also of great value if you obtain them on your credit card company’s rewards sale. However, gift cards can make you spend more money than you intend to. Yet again, you can sell your gift card on a second-hand gift card site to get more returns on your rewards.

Merchandise Awards

You can use your rewards to buy goods and products, but it is not a very good option always, as you might be able to get same goods at discounted rates at some other website. Therefore, you better do price comparison to see if it is a good deal before using your points to buy merchandise.

Travel Rewards

Using your points on hotels and airfare is one of the best ways to redeem your reward points, as it can save you a lot of money. Nevertheless, the process can be a bit complicated and frustrating due to expiration dates, restrictions and limited award seats on airlines. You will also need lots of miles to get elite status or free travel. It would be better if you let an expert handle the task, and help you get the most lucrative deal for your reward points.

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