Feb 9 2018

What you Need to Know about Having a Frequent Flyer Status

Airlines give frequent flyer status to loyalty program members provided the loyal flyers earn air miles as stipulated by the airlines they participate in. In most of the airline loyalty programs, flyers are given a twelve-month period to earn the required air miles and get the frequent flyer status. Sometimes, miles should be earned in a calendar year for that […]

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Jan 24 2018

Essential Tools for Managing Rewards Miles and Points

While earning miles and points during an airline trip or a hotel checkout, it is downright important to keep a record of all of them. There will be separate accounts for airline, hotel, car rental, and credit card program used for receiving miles or points. Managing them is important for quick access especially if a person has multiple accounts. Fortunately, […]

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Jan 18 2018

American Airlines Takes Initiatives to Win Back the Trust of Passengers

American Airlines now offers software to airhosts as a means of compensating some of the inconveniences that passengers often face. The software, known as iSolve, would allow the flight attendants to offer their loyal passengers frequent flyer points and air miles, which is done in a bid to address minor in-flight complaints before landing. This compensation will be given to […]

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Nov 23 2017

Advantages of Having a No Annual Fee Credit Card

Choosing a credit card can be a difficult task, as you will have to do much research to find the one that is best for you. Many of us believe that all the credit cards are made equal and do not know much about the things that need to be considered whole making a choice of credit card. However, there […]

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Nov 14 2017

What you Need to Know about the Recent Changes in United Airlines Award Flights

United Airlines have made changes to their award flights from ‘Standard Awards’ to ‘Everyday Awards’ recently. This has set off a debate among the frequent flyers of the airline and especially the trade analysts who are mulling over the changes. One of the main concerns the change has raised is whether flyers would be able to advance book award flights […]

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Nov 8 2017

Why Become an Elite Member of SkyMiles Loyalty Program

A SkyMiles member can accrue 5 miles for each dollar spent on a Delta Airline, Delta Shuttle, or Delta Connection flights. Delta Airlines is a part of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance loyalty program. Besides the free basic membership to SkyMiles, Delta Airlines gives up to four-tier elite membership status to its loyal patrons. Members having the Medallion status may come […]

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Nov 1 2017

Starwoods and Uber End Their Partnership

The ridesharing giant of the country, Uber is planning to wind down their partnership with Starwood Preferred Guest program, which allows hotel guests to bag loyalty points for booking Uber rides. Uber announced this via an email sent to users, and Marriot followed up with their statement. However, they did not comment on the party that terminated the deals. The […]

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Oct 26 2017

Major Benefits of Opting for a Hotel-Branded Credit Card

Hotel-branded credit cards are becoming increasingly popular among all travelers nowadays. They allow you to enjoy free stays, earn discounts while traveling, upgrades to the rooms, as well as benefit from the hotel loyalty member rewards. Hotel-branded credit cards have many other rewards too, and they allow a customer to earn by spending on hotel stays and travel. As most […]

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Oct 23 2017

Can I Transfer Flyer Miles from a Deceased Family Member’s Account

If any of your family members have passed away, leaving behind a large sum of airline or flyer miles, then you might probably wonder whether you will be able to make use of these miles or not. Even though it might seem a little bit morbid to think about, you will need to consider the fact that your deceased loved […]

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Oct 18 2017

Benefits of Medallion Status for Delta SkyMiles Frequent Flyers

One of the best airline miles and flyer programs currently available is the Delta SkyMiles. By using a Delta SkyMiles program, the members are allowed to earn and sell delta SkyMiles via different means. Enrolling in a free basic SkyMiles membership program will provide the customers a means to earn about five miles for each of the dollar spent on […]

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Oct 13 2017

How to Book Cheaper Air Tickets

Airfare can be the biggest expense of many trips. Many a times, expensive air tickets mean that you will have to choose destination that is more affordable or cut down the expenses at the vacation spots to stay within your budget. If you are wondering how to book cheap flights, you can follow the tips that are shared below. Book […]

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Oct 5 2017

How Travelers can Breakdown the Ideal Travel Rewards Card

Each and every airline loyalty program offers co-branded credit cards to the loyal travelers as a travel rewards card, and so do the banks. The three types of travel rewards cards offered to the travelers of an airline carrier are as explained below. The Airline Rewards Cards If you sign up for the travel reward card offered by an airline, […]

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