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If any of your family members have passed away, leaving behind a large sum of airline or flyer miles, then you might probably wonder whether you will be able to make use of these miles or not. Even though it might seem a little bit morbid to think about, you will need to consider the fact that your deceased loved ones spent their valuable money and time to earn these air miles. So, you should not waste them. However, if you wish to make use of the miles of your deceased family members, then the most important thing you should note is that it is not a simple process.

Transferring miles from deceased family members takes time, effort, and patience, and the procedures may vary from one airline to another. In most cases, you will need to fill a special form and sent it to the airline along with the death certificate of the deceased one to transfer the miles. Yet sometimes, airlines allow you to submit the forms online and separately send the death certificate.

It is significant to note that no airline will do this automatically for you, which means that you will need to spend a quality amount of your time on research to know about the procedure. Below are some of the policies of top airline companies that will help you to get started.

American Airlines

Customers will not be able to American Airlines transfer AAdvantage mileage credit, as the airline doesn’t support such a practice. Even though American Airlines does makes a few exceptions in certain cases, it requires quite a bit of work and some extra fees.

United Airlines

Accrued certificate and mileage cannot be transferred from a deceased family member to another member in the most cases. Nevertheless, just like American Airlines, this airline also makes exceptions to some customers who have a valid certificate, but they will also have to pay a fee of $75.


Transferring points or miles from a deceased family member to your account is not possible. The points of the deceased member will automatically disappear within 2 years of the last active date of the customer. Still, give it shot and ask your airline service whether anyone has access to these points or not.

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