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Frequent Flyer Miles

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It is often easier to buy stuff with a credit card than with cash. And safer, because you cannot always carry cash around and watch your pocket the whole time. Credit cards for their part are appealing to use because each time you do that, you get some sort of returns under the rewards program the credit card company is running.

Sometimes these rewards are cash back, which means you get some of the money you spent credited to your account once again. However, more commonly, companies offer returns in the form of gift cards and airline miles. Gift cards are only useful so long as you go out shopping and do not let them sit past expiry. Airline miles, meanwhile are next to useless to someone who has no plans to fly anywhere, or not enough points to book their next ticket.

If you are a small business owner

Business accounts can rack up airline miles from the purchases made out of them frequently. If you were using a corporate credit card that leaves you with American Airline miles, for instance, then you would look for a way to make get cash out of these. You can sell American Airline miles to a broker that accepts these points, or do the same for any other rewards points.

Accumulated Frequent Flyer miles

Frequent Flyer Miles

Cash Off Airline Miles

For frequent flyers that are looking to take time off the activity because they can and want to, accumulated points in their airline card can be a source of quick cash. You may even be unable to use your points due to some restriction or the other, and letting them lie for too long means they will expire. If you sell American Airline miles to a trusted broker such as YYZ Miles, you can get top dollar returns, and have the satisfaction of these points actually helping someone else to top off their own miles.

Business travelers are one breed that frequently lose sleep and put up with bad food because they are in the air. All they usually have to show for this is mile rewards in their airline cared. If you are in this category of individuals, why not sell American Airline miles online and make some money. YYZ Miles lets you sell American Airline miles and other mileage points for the highest rates you will ever find. Why hang on to them for no reason when you can just as easily cash them off for a profit? Call us now!

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