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Nov 8 2017

Why Become an Elite Member of SkyMiles Loyalty Program

A SkyMiles member can accrue 5 miles for each dollar spent on a Delta Airline, Delta Shuttle, or Delta Connection flights. Delta Airlines is a part of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance loyalty program. Besides the free basic membership to SkyMiles, Delta Airlines gives up to four-tier elite membership status to its loyal patrons. Members having the Medallion status may come […]

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Oct 13 2017

How to Book Cheaper Air Tickets

Airfare can be the biggest expense of many trips. Many a times, expensive air tickets mean that you will have to choose destination that is more affordable or cut down the expenses at the vacation spots to stay within your budget. If you are wondering how to book cheap flights, you can follow the tips that are shared below. Book […]

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Sep 26 2017

The Best Frequent Flyer Programs for Elite Flyers

United Airlines and Alaska Airlines offer the best benefits to their frequent flyer program elite members. This is as per the findings of a new study that was released recently. Frequent flyer programs of six largest US airlines, namely American, Alaska, JetBlue, Delta, United, and Southwest airlines were analyzed in the study. In the study, the program benefits for flyers […]

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Aug 11 2017

What Flyers Should Know About Airline Mileage Account and Buy Back of Reward Points

For many of the airline loyalty programs, airline mileage account expires if flyers don’t use the reward points or keep the account active for a time period by booking flights, making purchases in participant stores, etc. For instance, in the American Airlines AAAdvantage program, the airline mileage account will expire if flyers keep the account idle for 18 months. However, […]

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Aug 8 2017

Do Airlines Make More Money Selling Miles Than Seats?

This may sound crazy, but if you are a person who carries an airline branded credit card in your wallet, your daily visit to Starbucks or iTunes selections plays an important role in keeping the airline industry in the United States happy and fat. For many carriers such as American Airlines or Delta Air Lines, the credit card programs are […]

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Jul 19 2017

Effective Ways to Minimize Frequent Flyer Fraud

Frequent flyer miles have earned considerable popularity among the people due to the many rewards it offers. By selling frequent flyer miles, customers can earn numerous rewards in the form of points and incentives through different activities such as shopping, hotel reservations, using credit cards, and dining programs. This increasing popularity of frequent flyer miles program has resulted in many […]

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May 4 2017

Air Miles Enhances Online Security as a Response Mechanism

Air Miles have revoked the previous ban on redeemable points in retail stores. When crooks hacked into the participating stores last month, Air Miles had promised a response mechanism, and now they have one. The response from Air Miles focuses on more stringent online safety measures. However, officials gave no hints whatsoever regarding who stole Cash Miles, nor revealed the […]

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Mar 28 2017

Tips for Getting the Best Value from your Air Miles

Frequent flyer mileage programs are so popular in the country that many American citizens have signed up for at least one of them. The increased usage of flights for leisure and business related travel purposes undertaken by many people have contributed to the accumulation of billions of miles in their frequent flyer accounts. What’s more, the array of flyer programs […]

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Oct 4 2016

AmEx Offers Big Savings on Airlines

AmEx offers run for a limited time and are usually targeted at American Express cardholders. Among the average offers, there are many compelling deals that you should not miss. If you have ever looked through the list of the offers, you will know how overwhelming it can be. The best travel related AmEx offers are discussed below. Aerolineas Argentinas You […]

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Aug 24 2016

Few Tips to Effectively Redeem your Reward Points

We all love to earn miles and we know many ways through which we can accumulate the miles and earn a free trip. However, after accumulating enough miles, you may be wondering how to make the most of these rewards. Below are a few effective and expert techniques, which will help you to redeem miles for free travel. International First […]

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