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Jul 29 2016

Few Things you Should Know about Airline Miles

Flyer miles are a great way to save a lot of money while travelling. However, using airline miles is not that easy and it may seem complicated in the beginning. Let us unravel the mystery behind airline miles and learn how to use them. If you are a frequent flyer, this is the perfect occasion to learn more about airline […]

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Jul 1 2016

Selling and Transferring Airline Miles for Good

Most of the airlines these days offer frequent flyer bonus programs, wherein the person can make use of the miles to get rewards, especially in the form of discounted flight tickets. If you have enough miles to pay for the flight ticket, it is good. You do not have to wait for the miles to build up to book flight […]

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Jun 1 2016

Some Ways To Maximize Your Airline Miles Usage

Nowadays, airline loyalty programs are known for being annoyingly complex, and leaving many customers dissatisfied with the rewards they are able to earn from co-branded credit cards. It is not just that the miles are difficult to use, but there is also often a problem with the availability of award seats. This may also be topped off with obscure fees […]

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Apr 5 2016

What Makes Chase Ultimate Rewards The Best?

Chase Ultimate is one of those rewards programs which never fails to distinguish itself. With a huge number of transfer partners, and overall flexibility, and also the fact that they haven’t devalued in some time, Chase Ultimate may very well be the best that credit card rewards programs have ever been. The Credit Cards That Let You Earn Points Chase […]

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Feb 11 2016

Looking To Sell Miles For Cash

Free miles and reward points are great ways to cut down on your expenditures. You can use them for several purposes – from booking flights to purchasing things online or buying gifts for your loved ones. Yet again, you should have the basic understanding of using miles to make the most of your free rewards. As you know, there are […]

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Feb 3 2016

When Airline Miles Are Close To Useless

The present day is a time when it is ridiculously easy to rack up flyer miles. IT can happen courtesy of credit cards, online ticket purchases, mileage bonuses galore, and even “mileage malls.” Even your account statements bring in offers for more of these things, with every click and registration taking you closer to earning ore miles as you go. […]

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Jan 29 2016

Delta Is Stepping Down Their Frequency Program Because They Are Better

Many of us believe some airlines act as if being a ‘better’ airline qualifies them to offer a lousy FF program. Guess what – Delta admits to this. According to the airline company, it is better than its competitors, and that is why the SkyMiles plan has fallen in terms of what it offers customers. It is gotten to a […]

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Oct 26 2015

Redeeming Vs Selling Airline Miles

For a person with a busy travel schedule that involves a lot of flying, one of the things that keep adding up besides the fatigue, is airline miles. Someone fitting this description is unlikely to have immediate plans for redeeming the reward points, and more prone to view them as wasted currency, after a fashion. One attractive option for those […]

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Oct 12 2015

How To Deal With Free Airline Miles – Some Useful Tips

Air travel is the most exciting of all modes of transportation. One of the few things that make air travel different from other modes of transportation is the unique experience it offers you. A good majority of people use air travel options for necessary journeys. Each time you use an airline, you get some free airline points. These points can […]

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Oct 9 2015

What You Can Do With Airline Miles

You see a lot of people stacking up airline miles in the hopes of using them to get something good, but they rarely get there. Most give up before that happens, or spend too soon and never get to a sizeable mileage balance. It is important to many to make the best use of these rewards, but it is hard […]

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