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Sep 7 2015

How To Make The Best Use Of Your Airline Miles

The Dividend Miles program from US Airways offers rewards on the basis of flying with the main airline, or a partner. What you get is are miles on your airline credit card, and these can be spent on subsequent flights or upgrades, as long as you have sufficient points in your account. This works with partners such as Air Berlin, […]

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Aug 25 2015

Selling Your Airline Miles For Cash

Making use of your airline vouchers may not seem tricky if you are a frequent flyer. But if you are not, the first thing you start watching is when the miles will expire. Past that point they are useless, which means you have a definite time frame to benefit from the rewards you are holding, regardless how you ended up […]

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Aug 24 2015

Tips For Redeeming And Selling Free Miles

Do you often worry about meeting expenses of your travel, hotel stay, car renting, etc? If so, there is a simple way to meet these expenses without spending any money from your wallet. Wondering how? Just pay the bills from the accumulated points in your Capital One Frequent Flyer Miles. Capital One Frequent Flyer Miles Many people have used Capital […]

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Aug 6 2015

Get The Best Price On Your Airline Miles

Airline miles are a popular form of reimbursement from rewards programs these days. Credit cards from many companies come with this option, which you can avail with each expense – there is a spending threshold beyond which you are awarded a certain number of airline miles for each dollar spent. Airline cards also offer mileage returns, which are credited to […]

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Aug 3 2015

How Do I Utilize My Free Airline Miles

When you book your air tickets through a flyer program, you get a certain free airline miles. Unfortunately, many people do not often make use of this. They would leave it unused. Only a few know that they can utilize these free airline miles for various purposes, such as for travel expenses, hotel stay, car rentals, magazine subscriptions, etc. It […]

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Jul 31 2015

Tips For Selling Free Airline Miles

Air travel is becoming the first preference for people of all ages. The reason is simple. It saves a lot of time. However, there are people who avoid travelling by air because they fear that it is quite expensive. It is true that air travel fares are higher than other transport options. However, many airline companies try to attract new […]

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Jul 30 2015

More Value With Each Purchase Using Air Miles

Travel is not as cheap as it used to be a decade back. For people who absolutely rely on it, especially frequent travelers, affordable travel options are always a good find. Flyers are the ones who get to avail the most of these, owing to the rise of airline mile programs in many countries around the world. You do not […]

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