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Jan 24 2018

Essential Tools for Managing Rewards Miles and Points

While earning miles and points during an airline trip or a hotel checkout, it is downright important to keep a record of all of them. There will be separate accounts for airline, hotel, car rental, and credit card program used for receiving miles or points. Managing them is important for quick access especially if a person has multiple accounts. Fortunately, […]

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Nov 14 2017

What you Need to Know about the Recent Changes in United Airlines Award Flights

United Airlines have made changes to their award flights from ‘Standard Awards’ to ‘Everyday Awards’ recently. This has set off a debate among the frequent flyers of the airline and especially the trade analysts who are mulling over the changes. One of the main concerns the change has raised is whether flyers would be able to advance book award flights […]

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Oct 26 2017

Major Benefits of Opting for a Hotel-Branded Credit Card

Hotel-branded credit cards are becoming increasingly popular among all travelers nowadays. They allow you to enjoy free stays, earn discounts while traveling, upgrades to the rooms, as well as benefit from the hotel loyalty member rewards. Hotel-branded credit cards have many other rewards too, and they allow a customer to earn by spending on hotel stays and travel. As most […]

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Aug 21 2017

Tips for Selling Frequent Flyer Miles

Many frequent flyers say that flying is no longer the best way to earn points and miles, but the most rewarding way is to sign up for the right credit card. Frequent flyer programs do not make much change in the Wall Street; many users do not understand the financial importance of these programs and just look for selling frequent […]

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Jun 6 2017

Air Miles Team Up with Reebee to Spur Shopping

A startup named Reebee and Air Miles have teamed up to launch a new way to search latest flyer deals through a mobile app. Reebee owns an app and more than three million users to back up loyalty programs. The startup would help the Air Miles’ 11 million loyalty card program holders to search offers from participant retailers. The loyalty […]

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May 30 2017

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Airline Miles and Hotel Points

Airline miles are a great boon for regular travelers in earning points that can be used for accumulating rewards. They provide numerous benefits to the traveler such as when purchasing airline tickets at a considerably lower price and for usage while staying in hotels. Some of the accumulated airline miles can also be used at stores, clubs, and for car […]

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May 18 2017

Star Alliance on a Continental Experience

Star alliance celebrated its twentieth anniversary last week by giving travelers a chance to win frequent flyer miles. “As part of our 20th anniversary, we are celebrating the strength of human and cultural connections. In order to continue building these, together with our member airlines, we are offering travelers a truly unique prize,” Jeffrey Goh, CEO of Star Alliance, quoted […]

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Apr 28 2017

Frequent Flyer Programs That Allows Sharing Miles

If you are a frequent airline user, you may probably have accumulated reward points in your account. Unfortunately, many frequent flyers with reward points fail to make the most of it. However, some of them prefer to share their accumulated miles and points with friends and family members. One of the major advantages of sharing miles with another person is […]

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Apr 10 2017

How To Earn Miles Through Dining Programs

Dining programs are one of the easiest and simplest ways to boost your miles and points. One of the major benefits of dining programs is that you can earn rewards for dining in a restaurant, together with what you will earn from the credit card that is used to pay the bill. Bonuses will be automatically added to your loyalty […]

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Jan 18 2017

When You Should Redeem Your Miles Rather Than Paying Cash

Accumulating rewards points and using them later is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make the most of your travel, plus it also helps to enjoy numerous benefits and other luxuries without making any cash payments. In certain instances, it is wiser to redeem some of your miles rather than using your credit card to make the payment or […]

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