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Jun 28 2017

Top Airline Miles Credit Cards Offering the Best Sign up Bonuses

It is seen that most of the issuers have started offering bonuses in their travel rewards credit card as a measure to gain new cardholders. No matter what, these credit cards bonuses are some of the best ways for cardholders to earn free or reduced rates in traveling. Yet again, availing such bonuses often requires a considerable amount of spending […]

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Oct 19 2016

Converting Hotel Points to Airline Miles

Many hotel loyalty programs these days offer the option to convert their loyalty points to airline miles, but you may need to sacrifice some value in this process. For instance, both Hilton and Club Carlson offer an interesting exchange rate of 10:1 with most of the airlines, whereas IHG offers a bad deal of 5:1. In general, it is not […]

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Mar 4 2016

Why Credit Card Rewards Are Usually Not All They Are Trumped Up To Be

The main appeal of getting a credit card these days is the fact that it brings you plenty of generous offers from the card company. But a lot of the times, a closer inspection of these rewards shows that you are better off not chasing after them, at least on the financial front. This isn’t to say that many people […]

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Sep 4 2015

Making The Best Of Your Credit Card Rewards

There are many ways to redeem your credit card points. One of the favored options these days is online, which can be managed by logging into your account and then choosing a reward. What you can get out of this is based on the rate per point offered by the program. It is also only possible to do this if […]

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Sep 1 2015

Liquidize Free Miles Into Cash

Though free airline points and miles are not considered to be liquid assets, they in fact are. A recent survey indicates that almost 70 percent of the people book their air tickets through flyer programs. However, only less than half of the people are aware of their airline miles. You can use these free miles for a number of purposes […]

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Aug 31 2015

Trade In Your Reward Points For Cash

These days you have many companies, which go an inordinately long way to promote products. One of the ways they do this is by offering credit card rewards. Even the credit card company offers the same; as long as you use the card they have issued you. This way they get to boost their own business, because the customer has […]

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Aug 21 2015

How To Trade In Your Airline Miles For Cash

One thing that makes people feel good is earning cash from selling their rewards online. While there are plenty of instances where it is easier and more appealing to spend these on flights, gift cards, rentals, hotel accommodation, etc. many people simply cannot find the energy or need for that kind of stuff. And if you have been there, no […]

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