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Feb 19 2016

United’s Latest Survey Has Some Weird Questions For You

If you have ever thought customer satisfaction surveys are the worst part of being a customer, you are not alone. Plenty of people have to sit through annoying questions they would rather not respond to. United Airlines seems to be upping the ante on making weird enquiries, by recently asking customers it surveyed, among other things, whether they owned a […]

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Dec 28 2015

Know The Leading Providers Of Reward Programs

You can see tough competition in any business these days. There are numerous players and there is nothing like monopoly in the economy. So the businesses are trying out all their tricks to win new customers. For a business, both winning new customers and retaining existing customers are real challenges. Reward programs are one of the methods they use to […]

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Sep 3 2015

How To Get The Best Deal On Your Miles

United Airlines gives ticket vouchers to customers who have their seats cancelled on an overbooked flight. This is to compensate them for the inconvenience, allowing the customer to acquire benefits to make up for missing time, and of course, the intended flight. Calling up a representative that works with the airline program can easily get you a free or discounted […]

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