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Sep 5 2017

U.S. News & World Report Ranks the Best Travel Rewards Programs of 2017

As per the annual rankings published by U.S. News & World Report for the period 2017-18, Marriot Rewards retains the No. 1 spot among the “Best Hotel Rewards Programs”. The hotel chain in the US offers participants in Marriot Rewards the ease of earning reward points through co-branded credit cards. U.S. News & World Report is a nationwide “publisher of […]

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Feb 10 2016

Gifting Or Transferring Free Reward Points – Some Useful Tips

It is not always easy to use up all your free reward points. Occasionally, you would forget about them or don’t have any good chance to use them in the most rewarding way. In such scenario, you can transfer your points to someone whom you trust, say, your family members or friends. Transferring miles is not same as to selling […]

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Sep 25 2015

Sell Airline Miles At Attractive Price

Everyone looks forward to selling airline miles these days. And that is the right option, when you don’t want to use your free miles for subscribing magazines or booking air tickets. Nevertheless, it may not be as easy as you think. The main problem is that you may not always find the right buyer for your miles. And even if […]

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Sep 21 2015

Use Your Miles More Meaningfully And Sensibly

It is observed that most airline companies have restrictions on using the free miles awarded to their customers. They are allowed to use the free miles only during certain period. So if at all you plan to use airline miles, you must be prepared for the same. Well, not everyone can be so conscious about his or her airline miles. […]

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Sep 16 2015

What To Do With Frequent-Flier Miles

You see plenty of services these days advertising themselves as a way for buying and selling air miles. How lucrative are these deals? And what about buying someone else’s miles to top off your own? Many say trading of this sort not worth the risks, but that discounts the various ways in which you can get a great deal. Specifically, […]

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