Convert Your Credit Card Points To Frequent Flyer Miles

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Convert Credit Card Miles

These days, most of the credit card companies are offer alluring rewards points to retain their customers, and to persuade them to use their cards more often. You do benefit from these rewards, and can reap more if you don’t just spend these points for shopping but also when you convert them into money or frequent flyer miles.

You can gain more benefits with the help of a reliable agent. YYZ miles would walk you through this process. Here are some tips for converting credit card points into frequent flyer miles.

Ask Your Credit Card Company For A Copy Of Your Reward Program

Most of the credit card points are transferrable or convertible into frequent flyer miles. However, in order to do that, you may be required to produce the copy of your credit card reward program. Hence, as a first step, ask your credit card provider for the copy of your reward program.

Remember that the reward programs offered by credit card companies vary from one another. You may realize that there are entirely different terms and conditions for each program. Therefore it is very important to understand the terms and conditions of your credit card reward program in advance.

Get In Touch With The Customer Support Representative Of Your Credit Card Provider

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Reward Points To Flyer Miles

It is quite natural to have questions about your credit card reward program when you try to sell it. So feel free to clarify all the questions you have about your credit card reward program. Go ahead with converting the credit card points into flyer miles only after you are certain about it.

Find Out How Many Flyer Miles You Can Earn Against Your Credit Card Reward Point

Find out the value of your credit card points. Don’t sell them before finding out how much you owe against your credit card reward points. The amount of flyer miles you can get against your credit card rewards depend on the type of credit card you have. In most cases, one credit card reward point is equivalent to one frequent flyer mile.

Exchange Your Reward Points At Least A Couple Of Weeks Prior To The Expiry Date

As you know, credit card reward points are subject to expiration. You can’t sell or exchange them for desired value if they are closer to expiration. So try to sell them at least a few weeks prior to the expiration date.

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