Delta Airline Offers Compensation to Stranded Passengers

Delta Airlines is offering travel vouchers worth 200 dollars to their passengers who were affected by severe cancellation and delays recently. However, the case of travelers flying out of Europe is different. In this case, they may need to spend three times more, as customers flying out of Europe are covered by European Union consumer rules.

As per the rule, customers can claim between 250 and 600 Euros, or 374 to 665 dollars, as compensation in the event of flight delay or cancellation. For flights longer than 2,175 miles, passengers whose flights were delayed for more than 3 hours or cancelled can claim the top bracket of 665 dollars in compensation for the inconveniences.

Most of the Delta flights from EU exceed the flying distance of 2,175 miles. For instance, flying distance from Paris to Boston is about 3,400 miles and that from London to New York is about 3,500 miles.

“It is our intent obviously to comply with any rules,” said a Delta spokesperson. “We would be handling those [EU compensations] as those customers would call in,” she added.

Under the rules of EU, the compensation should be paid in cash, and not in travel vouchers. In addition, the airlines company will not have to make the payment under extraordinary conditions, such as bad weather, military or political unrest, terrorism or security issues in the airport, etc. However, there are no indications of extraordinary situations at the time of Delta disruption.

Delta is the second biggest airline in US and they cancelled about 1,775 of their 6,000 flights recently due to a technical glitch in their computer systems caused due to a power outage in their Atlanta headquarters.

“We continued today to steadily recover from the events of earlier this week that grounded our system, and are working hard to achieve a normal operation by midday tomorrow,” said Dave Holtz from Delta’s Operations and Customer Center.

Delta is now offering 200 dollars in travel vouchers to all their passengers whose flights were delayed over three hours or cancelled. They also added that these customers are also entitled for a refund for the flight ticket price.

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