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There are numerous types of points that can be sold for higher prices. British airway points, stock sell points, airline mines, etc., are some of the good examples of this. Nevertheless, how is it possible for one to determine how many points he has for sale their market value? In fact, this is one of the toughest questions that people in the points/miles business face every day.

In the case of stock selling, the price can go up and down at any time. If you see that the price is coming down, you must be ready to sell your points immediately. The basic principle here is – sell and sell fast. For those who have been in point resale industry for years, they know that it is a real challenge. Unlike other reward points and miles, the value of stock points is quite unfixed. Some people go to a step further. They would ensure that their stock capital is protected through insurance policy.

In the stock market, the value of stock and stock based points are relative. They may have a very tight pattern at some point of time and an entirely different pattern at other times. For instance, Accuride (ACW) had a tight pattern of value in the market, which was similar to CANSLIM and O’Neil. When people started to invest in more Accuride points, the price came down steady.

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Initially, the value stayed at the top level – $15.00 and the variation was about a few cents. But after the steady pattern for some time, the price came down to $13.79 and thousands of customers who secured the points at higher rate had to sell it for a lower rate.

Nevertheless, there are some ways you can sell your points without much loss. A good way is sell your points in scenarios where your stock looks down and the market environment is adverse. In such situations, it is good to sell your points even if the value is a few percent down. The point to remember is; it is not good to take chances in bad market environment.

Selling Points Into Strength

The selling the points into strength means selling them before the stock points turn to very in value. The variation can be either upward or downward. You sell them without taking chances.

Whether you want to retain or sell points, it is highly recommended to do the transaction of them through a reliable broker website.

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