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It is fairly common these days for companies to heap rewards on customers who use their services. It is so common in fact, that they have set up functional currencies such as points and miles which can be used to buy stuff. Miles first came out as an airline offering, where if you flew with the company, they would give you rewards based on the miles flown. These rewards in sufficient number can be used to book flight tickets.

Credit card companies such as Discover offer these same mile benefits, besides rewards points. Every expense paid for with their card gains you points based on a set mile per dollar ratio. Travel and restaurant purchases let you avail more miles – two on the dollar. You can rake up as many miles as you want, and none of the mileage expires. These points can be spent on gift cards, which can be used at a popular store to buy groceries, etc. Also, these points can be used to book airline tickets.

Redeeming is a simple process, but there are people who do not actually need the things on offer. To someone who does not fly often, miles are harder to spend; meanwhile, gift cards do not cover any and all purchases. Bluntly put, nothing spends the way cash does, which is why cash for miles is a preferred option among Discover card users.

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While this does not really site well with the company that is giving you those rewards, you can actually get cash for miles. Someone somewhere needs those miles to top off for their next air ticket, and is willing to pay money for what is otherwise useless to you. Online broker sites can search out potential buyers and hitch you up for a trade. Understandably, mileage brokers are very popular and do great business.

What’s more important is that sites like YYZ Miles can help you cash off grandly. Why settle for the cash for miles offered by the airline or credit card company, likely at a loss, when you can sell to someone that appreciates the worth of these miles. Finding someone of that sort is a job for YYZ Miles, and they do that really well. All you need to do is provide details about the points you are selling, and an asking quote. There are always people willing to part with cash for miles they can use, so a good deal is always waiting to happen.

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