Does Selling Miles Involve Any Risk?

Miles For Cash

Sell Miles For Cash

A common concern for people, who have thousands of flyer miles in their account, is what to do with these free miles. They seem to have no idea about utilizing their miles other than for booking another airline ticket. And the funniest thing is that most providers would only encourage their customers to use their miles for booking air tickets.

Air miles providers do not encourage their customers to trade free miles for third party services or resell them in return for money. But free miles are the property of the customers, and they can use in whatever way possible. That said, selling miles for cash is not as simple as that. Though entirely legal, there are some elements of risks associated with it.

Risk associated with selling miles

First of all, selling the airline miles for cash is not recommended by the flyer programs. If you incur any lose from selling your miles, you would be the only person responsible for that. The flyer programs would not provide any assistance in any such scenario. Secondly, unless you are careful and vigilant while selling your miles online, you can be deceived by fraudulent buyers.

Another thing is that providers have all the rights to block your account or cancel all your free miles, in case they find you selling the miles for cash. In short, selling the miles involves some serious risks. Yet again, there are a few steps to sell airline miles without any risks allied. And a broker site can help in that quite well.

Tips For Selling Miles

Sign up for an account with a reputed resale website

There several resale websites through which you can sell your air miles. These websites act as mediator between you and a prospective buyer. All you need to do is to find out a reputed broker website, sign up for an account with them, and publish your offer. The broker site will make sure your offer gets the best deal.

Selling free miles for cash is one of the best ways to get some extra money when required. However, they have a validity as well, so it is better to contact the provider, check out the details of the reward miles, and then decide the price to make the most of them.

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