Effective Ways to Minimize Frequent Flyer Fraud

Frequent flyer miles have earned considerable popularity among the people due to the many rewards it offers. By selling frequent flyer miles, customers can earn numerous rewards in the form of points and incentives through different activities such as shopping, hotel reservations, using credit cards, and dining programs. This increasing popularity of frequent flyer miles program has resulted in many criminals exploiting such flyer miles programs from regular customers. Most of the airline reward thieves are prompted by these incentives, destination vacations, and other rewards for targeting the flyer miles programs.

There have been increasing reports of passwords being hacked of many airline miles customers. Moreover, online criminals also make several reservations and transactions of the miles by using unauthorized access of this customer accounts. They utilize the method of obtaining the credentials of the customer accounts for gaining access to the airline frequent flyer programs.

There are many ways to reduce the risk of any such fraudulent activities in the airline rewards program. This is achieved by implementing the right systems as well as being aware of the ways in which the accounts are compromised. Below are some effective ways to reduce airline reward fraud.

Adding Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an effective way to secure the frequent flyer miles accounts of customers. Some of the airline and travel websites offer the option of keeping the flyer miles rewards secure by adding two-factor authentication to the login process. This will require the user to enter the correct answer to a security question for proceeding to the login ID and password credentials page.

Email Address Verification

Verification of the email address is another effective way to prevent unauthorized access to flyer miles accounts. The email verification solution must be utilized while signing up with a flyer miles program. It features numerous features such as intelligent risk assessment that determines the risks associated with airline miles fraud by using the email address used in the transaction.

Periodic Password Changes

The password is the most effective defense against any fraudulent practices in airline rewards program. Having a strong password will prevent any of the criminals in accessing your flyer miles account. However, it is recommended to change the password frequently in the accounts. This will aid in keeping the account information and the flyer miles secure.

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