Four Ways to Take First Class Flights with Frequent Flyer Miles

If you fly domestically and earn more frequent flyer points by flying from point to point, you could sell frequent flyer miles someday down the line. To get on board the first class seat of an airline with upgrades means to trade FF points to someone else and enjoy the perks. Below are better ways to grab an upgraded seat in a flight with the frequent flyer points in the bag.

Use Credit Card Points

You can sell American Express points to someone else and book a first class tickets on partnering airlines. Credit cards offer a way to transfer points and gain mileage for your future flights, and it need not compulsorily be American Express points only to trade, you can use any credit card points for that.

Participate in Loyalty Programs

Every carrier has different policies so do some preliminary research to participate in the best carrier and their respective frequent flyer program. With continual participation in the loyalty program, you could get rewarded soon, given that airlines pick loyal flyers only. Some airlines have credit cards of their own, which flyers use during return journey to increase their frequent flyer points.

Trade Airline Miles and be Flexible

Take advantage of tie ups between a carrier and airline miles and get an upgraded seat with the same carrier. The airline miles denote the points you have gathered flying before, and not the miles that you can fly in the future. Do note that not all airlines tickets could be upgraded, so you need to be flexible with your FF points.

Be Choosy and Advance Book Flight Tickets

Some airlines offer the reward program for free, whereas with paid programs, you select the ways to increase airline miles and redeem cash to advance book first class ticket. Be choosy like booking airline specific dining programs, filling out surveys online, indulging in shopping on participant stores, or even opening an investment account in a bank to get bonus airline miles.

Stick with a given airline to increase the frequent flyer points, sell frequent flyer miles through a reliable broker, and grab the deal you are after. Airline carriers are most likely to pick loyal customers as their first class traveler, as frequent flyers travel in the economy class too.

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