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Free Reward Points Programs

How To Sell Points

More and more people are attracted to towards free reward points programs these days. Multiple companies advertise free reward programs; which includes credit card companies, online shopping sites, airline booking companies, and the list goes on. People who use these reward programs get some points. They are allowed to use them when needed. Nevertheless, reports indicate that the number of people who utilize their free rewards is not proportionate as compared to the number of people who get them. The truth is that many simply waste their reward points.

How Do People Waste Free Rewards

Reports indicate that most people do not deliberately waste their points. In fact, they don’t get a chance to use their points or don’t really know what the different ways of using the points are. Although reward points are not liquid cash, they are worth some amount of money, and you deserve it.

The free reward points can be converted into cash by selling them to interested buyers. The reward points from reputed credit card companies like American Express are exchanged at attractive rates; for instance, one hundred reward points is equal to one dollar.

How To Sell AmEx Points

Sell AmEx Points

Value Of Points

The free reward points from some companies like American Express have huge demand in the market. You can sell AmEx points through any of the resale websites. For this, all you need to do is to find a reliable resale website and then advertise about it. You must include details such as how many points you have for sale, how much you are expecting, etc. Seeing the ads, interested parties will ring you up and may sometimes even try to bargain. If you think your points are reasonably priced, you do not have to reduce the price. Instead, just wait until other buyers turn up.

When the free reward points are sold through resale websites, the seller gets the money instantly. The money is transferred to your account registered in the website. So there is nothing to be worried about.

If you do not want to sell AmEx points though, you can use them for various other purposes such as subscribing to magazines, booking hotels, renting cars, purchasing a flight ticket, and many more. Reputed broker sites will also help you find out all the different options for utilizing the free reward points.

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